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Easy Sudoku for 29/November/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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this is so easy its not funny
I'm new to this chatting thing - what does 'good maen' mean? Not in the English language I was taught at school. But then again - that was a long time ago....
my children had a pony like that what fun
Deb in Australia: MAEN: m - morning; a - afternoon; e - evening; n - night. You capililize the time of day in your country when your posting your comment. Any clarification required, ask our expert, Baz!
2:49 One of my better times. Was out of town for the holiday and missed logging in for several days. Hope all who celebrate it had a great holiday.

How do you get to these pages/pictures everyone keeps mentioning??
A satire from a hundred years ago, on what America should do with the Philippines once it had finished invading them:

We can't sell thim, we can't ate thim, an' we can't throw thim into th' alley whin no wan is lookin'. An' 'twud be a disgrace f'r to lave befure we've pounded these More...
pee From pee
pee From pee
pee From pee
pee From pee
i pee a lot
Canuk Greg From Ottawa, Canada Supporting Member Check out my page
Deb in Australia: MAEN: m - morning; a - afternoon; e - evening; n - night. You capililize the time of day in your country when your posting your comment. Any clarification required, ask our expert, Baz!
1.51 - Love all the personal pages.

27 sleeps to Xmas.
Good to hear from you, HUGH! You have been ''away'' so long, I just emailed Ed to ask if you were OK! Geez ... don't make us worry like that! You'll give me gray hairs ... like yours!
Good Maen Canuk Greg. Thank you for you help!
Where you been hiding, Hugh?
For those of you out there who have a god, or something to whom you can send your force:
Please think today about my good friends, Guy & Vania. They went to Morocco on Saturday to celebrate their 20 years of marriage. Their minibus skidded on ice on Sunday and fell into a 100 M. chasm.. He is More...
Hello Everyone! It's good to be back. That's the fastest time, i've ever had, in catching up on archives/posts...
I played the last few days puzzles'. Great pictures on them :). (Really liked the Aquarium pic, the feild, and the Howdy girl on today's, also the lightning show).
So from the More...
all. Snowing here.
That's terrible, LIZ! We will be praying especially for Guy and the three children, but also for you and the others affected by her death. And my ''force'' is directed to the same place as yours ... God bless.
Hello to those in Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois~ I've been in your states over the last few days.
Also seen some very interesting things:
Including- The Worlds' Largest Truck Stop, called Iowa 80! Pretty cool...
Also had some adventures while flying~ AS ALWAYS!
Our return flight home on More...
ANEW - you probably missed my apology to you. Please go back to your old ways; you were more fun that way. Please don't make me think I have stopped you. We need distinctiveness on this site You really stood out and I'm sorry to have offended you. My only excuse is grouchiness.
Oh Liz, I'm so sorry for your loss. They are in my thoughts, as you are too.
Liz, My prayers are with you and your friends and their family. Unbelievable how things can change in a heartbeat.
Hugh is back, CP, but he ain't talkin' ... he musta been in the Clink! :)
Liz ~ I will pray for you and for your loved ones.
My husband and I, have been on a rollercoaster of emotions on our recent trip, with laughs and tears, as we spent time w/ his Grandmother who is dying a very painful death.
I feel some what, of what you're going through, and I recall the More...
anew, when I joined, it was $15 Australian for 6 months, between $11-12 American. Are you snowed in today?
To Dan and others from snowy WA.
maEn Hope you didn't get stuck in the snow, or worse, had to abandon your car on roads or highways. It's been 27 all day in Hoquiam. Kids loved it,6 inches of snow and no school. Nice since we only get this much every 2 or 3 years, or more. They spent most of More...
To Liz from So. France
My prayers are with your friends and others who were in the van, their families and friends for healing and emotional support.
This was my fastest time, too, although slow compared to many of you. How do those of you who do these in 2 or 3 minutes do it? Is there a special way to do it this fast?
Thankyou, Judy, CP, Sarah Beth and especially Anew. Tears are pouring down my face as I write this! But your kindness will bear me up when I go to bed in a few minutes. My brother had a fear of turning 50, in April 1993. However, against his will, we celebrated it as a family. In the early hours of More...
Sarah Beth~ Thank you for your info!
As for the SNOW, when I flew into SLC today, it was sunny, with snow on the ground. From family, I hear that it was BAD last night.
After I got my husband off to work, it started in with another storm, and since then, for a few hours~ I've been BOXED up More...
Who posted those beautiful one-liners that someone (dying?) wrote about if they had their time again? I requested this, last night...!
Thank you. It wasn't necessary. I understand grouchiness, perhaps, better than I should. I didn't take offense on that one. Though, if I had, surely I'd say you are forgiven. AND~ Apology accepted.
I get cranky/crusty/crotchidy/onery, ect; in my own special ways.
I More...
Great to see a cowgirl!
Liz, I think it was Warren speaking of his friend who recently passed. What a time for the system to crash!
anew, the snow has started. You know the old joke...you never know how many inches you are going to get! I LOVE being snowed in!!!! It hasn't happened in a while! It is so More...
anew, one of my favorite Tshirts says 'I may be moody, but that doesn't mean you're not irritating!'
Have a wonderful day, what ever part of you have left to enjoy
I'm still around - have just been busy, thats all!

Liz - what an awful thing to happen..whatever its worth, my condolences to you and your friends.
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