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Easy Sudoku for 29/November/2012


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29/Nov/12 3:00 AM
Now I will go back and read the comments.
29/Nov/12 3:00 AM
Warmer today than yesterday, but still chilly. I think I am on the get well side of my cold, but still coughing and other unpleasant things.
29/Nov/12 3:07 AM
I have a second interview today, for a temporary job doing alterations in a bridal shop.
29/Nov/12 3:08 AM
Much to my surprise, the last time I renewed my license, the 'photo' person actually showed me the picture and gave me the option to re-do it. I told her that it really didn't matter, since a second one would look like me, also!
29/Nov/12 3:08 AM
Serena! Enjoy your two day birthday.
29/Nov/12 3:08 AM
TM up early today. It is the first day of deer season. Before you get excited, they have yet to come home with a deer.
29/Nov/12 3:09 AM
also to Jan from BC, if she is still lurking.
29/Nov/12 3:11 AM
Where did everyone go?
29/Nov/12 3:12 AM
Double CP, and I'm gone!
29/Nov/12 3:13 AM

29/Nov/12 3:13 AM
Kathy.... the first picture was probably flattering to you. That's why they had to re=take it. They didn't want a reputation for good DVM pictures.
29/Nov/12 3:20 AM
29/Nov/12 3:21 AM
Lovely picture of a multi flowering cactus. I can't keep these alive for even a short time. The only plant I can keep alive and blooming inside is a Bougainvillea.
29/Nov/12 3:24 AM
Serena, at the Ethyl M plant in Las Vegas, there is a huge cacti garden, with hundreds of varieties of cactus. At the end, the chocolate gift shop!
29/Nov/12 3:36 AM
Off to figure out what to wear to my interview. It is chilly out, something with a sweater?
29/Nov/12 3:37 AM
with your interview, Sarah Beth.

We finished our 1000 piece puzzle already. It's gray & gloomy here today. Hope it clears up so we can see the full moon tonight. Full moons look so pretty out over the ocean.
29/Nov/12 4:17 AM
Not just full moon, but a lunar eclipse, however it won't be visible on the east coast because it won't start happening there until after moonset. Out west, it will be about half over at moonset. Fully visible in Alaska, Asia, and Australia.
29/Nov/12 4:40 AM
Heidi, go back to the Kids 4x4 Hard for more about the funky fungus.
29/Nov/12 4:48 AM
What gorgeous red flowers on that cactus. So amazing for such a prickly plant.
29/Nov/12 6:04 AM
Morning all, will try to post again.
29/Nov/12 6:44 AM
to Serena and Jan!!!
29/Nov/12 6:45 AM
I had to sign in as usual then when I posted my first comment it said I had to sign in again. grrrr!
29/Nov/12 6:46 AM
Hello everyone! I've been gone for quite a long time, but I've never forgotten you.
Jim is doing great! all the subsequent tests (after the surgery for esophageal cancer) have come back clear of all cancer! It is indeed a miracle.
I just uploaded a new photo to my page and More...
29/Nov/12 6:54 AM
29/Nov/12 7:02 AM
nal - It looks like an American Goldfinch. Could be a female, but I think it's a male in its winter colors.
29/Nov/12 7:05 AM
Yes. On the way back from a day trip to France & Belgium, I noticed a wonderful clear full moon this evening - very silvery - but no eclipse here.
Survived my first significant car journey for months without pain or mishap.
29/Nov/12 7:12 AM
American Goldfinch! Never thought to check!!! I thought I had looked at every single warbler/gnatcatcher BUT goldfinch! Thank you HalT!
29/Nov/12 7:32 AM
Should let you know how little I know about birds

29/Nov/12 7:57 AM
2.47 good morning all
29/Nov/12 8:02 AM
29/Nov/12 8:21 AM
I bet they deliberately set the camera/s so they get you looking sad or cross, because that would be a more accurate photo if you ever got pulled over by the police!!!!!!!!!!
Our car license photos are dreadful, too!!
29/Nov/12 8:27 AM
Had a great lunch with bluey & June yesterday!!
29/Nov/12 8:42 AM
For info on goldfinches try this!

29/Nov/12 8:53 AM
Hope Anne's okay - they've had a bad night in Perth & south from Perth!
Things are bad in England & Wales, too!!
29/Nov/12 8:58 AM
The last time we renewed our passports, we were specifically told NOT to smile for the picture. We both look quite grumpy on our passports.

Hi Nal. Beautiful photo.
29/Nov/12 9:16 AM
Gee whiz Keith, you look pretty grumpy when you smile. I'm trying to imagine you not smiling.
29/Nov/12 9:49 AM
About time...
29/Nov/12 9:50 AM
for a...
29/Nov/12 9:51 AM
page change.
29/Nov/12 9:52 AM
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