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Easy Sudoku for 29/December/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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YS:3074_ys_4.jpg] I’m Sitting On Top Of The World ~

29/Dec/09 3:57 AM

Hohoho its GannieMo, I've got my , too.
29/Dec/09 4:03 AM
Good afternoon to all! Mushroom omelette anyone?
29/Dec/09 4:12 AM
Mo, for you, Steve and Sammi.
29/Dec/09 4:13 AM

When I was talking on the phone with my sister Rosemary on Christmas day, she mentioned that she had run into a fellow she dated just prior to meeting my BIL over 40 years ago. It made me think of this song. Enjoy Dan Fogelberg performing "Same Old Lang Syne."
29/Dec/09 4:19 AM
Greg... I'll be right over!
29/Dec/09 4:20 AM
Marge, Tina, and Cindy had made plans to attend the premiere of Madonna's film Evita.

All three looked forward to the event, but at the last minute, an unforeseen emergency at work prevented Cindy from going with them. Feeling bad for Cindy's sake, the other two sniffled and wept. But Cindy consoled them: "Don't cry for me, Marge and Tina."
29/Dec/09 4:22 AM
You had better hurry Shelia. I'm putting in the pan in about ten minutes.
29/Dec/09 4:27 AM
Barest dusting of snow on the ground here, after a wet, green Christmas (but a great one just the same!)
Mo, all digits crossed for Sammi's safe return.
29/Dec/09 4:51 AM
Happy Monday!
Mo: Hope Sammi comes home safe and sound...
29/Dec/09 5:37 AM
Positive thoughts for Sammi's safety, GMo.
29/Dec/09 6:11 AM
Quick hello on my way to work - bye!!
29/Dec/09 6:26 AM
Maen, all. Looks like we'll have a hot New Year's Eve. Gotta take Merlin to the beach before 9.00 am these days, but he doesn't mind. There are so many other dogs for him to play with.
Hope Sammi turns up GMo
29/Dec/09 6:33 AM
Very Special this time of year:

29/Dec/09 6:37 AM
Oh, and I have updated my page. You can get to meet Spoggy, the famous sparrow via the video. A heart-warming story. You can also get to meet the littlest grandchild, Will.
29/Dec/09 6:37 AM
Enjoyed your video of Spoggy, dino. Great story.
29/Dec/09 7:14 AM
Good school answering machine Down Under..!

29/Dec/09 7:40 AM
Me thinks I will do my first sudoku in over a year...

Good Maen everyone *8 )
29/Dec/09 8:27 AM
Well Madby, are you the voice of Christmas past? Welcome back!
29/Dec/09 8:52 AM
Dammit now i'm craving mushroom omelette!!! Thanks! lol.
So happy to be back at work after 4 days off. NOT. Its soooooo quiet here. Bored. But on the bright side i'm training a temp girl so I can go on holidays. Wooohoooo. 3 more days and i get a month off!
29/Dec/09 9:07 AM
No snow here. I planted some small baldcypress trees I got in the mail from Arbor Day. They send members ten tiny trees each year that we pay the twenty-five bucks in dues. You can have the trees sent to anyone you choose, or let them give them to forestry programs. They also let you choose trees More...
29/Dec/09 9:25 AM
No word on Sammi yet...everything's crossed Mo.
29/Dec/09 9:40 AM
Feeling very down as it is now almost midnight and still no Sammi. He has an electronic chip so if taken to a vet or rescue centre I will be informed. I will do the rounds again in the morning.
29/Dec/09 9:42 AM
Colo Jim... That's a scream, but not actually helpful.

Jim.... I have some Tulip Trees that I got from them some 8 years ago that are nearly 30 ft. tall already. That is, the survivors are that tall. My idiot husband's goats ate most of them.
29/Dec/09 9:42 AM
Heidi, that was a great 'gotcha' gag.
29/Dec/09 10:00 AM
Good morning all.
Mo - fingers crossed that Sammi turns up soon.
Colo Jim - I liked that YouTube - should be more of it!
to Rena, Linda and Janie. Enjoy your day!
29/Dec/09 11:21 AM
Have got a little time here to say hello once again. Ready to go home soon!
29/Dec/09 12:56 PM
Hello everyone, Mo hope Sammi turns up soon.
We were going to the movies to see Avatar today except we couldn't get a parking space anywhere so have put it off till the weather clears and the tourist all go to the beach.
29/Dec/09 1:01 PM
Colo Jim great Utube thanks for the link, would love to try it on my machine.LOL
29/Dec/09 1:33 PM
No one around so will go do some jigsaws....
29/Dec/09 2:40 PM
2.11 Not me, I don't fancy mushrooms from the garden, especially not the ones that sprout up around our yard!
29/Dec/09 2:48 PM
Warming up Big Ben to ring in the new year (and also hoping it might bring andré back).
29/Dec/09 2:52 PM
Greetings to all. I didn't realise that I would be so busy for the last week or so and failed to extend my very best Christmas wishes to everyone. I hope that it has been a happy time for you all. I won't make the same mistake about New Year greetings. everyone. Here's hoping that 2010 will be a good year for the world and its people.
29/Dec/09 5:03 PM
42 degress C and bushfires in Perth today *sigh* hope evrybody else is faring a little better! :)
29/Dec/09 6:44 PM
Have a great day.....
29/Dec/09 6:46 PM

Christmas and Boxing Day were satisfactorily celebrated here despite a number of friends and acquaintances passing away just before and at Christmas-time. The next target for me is New Year dinner; as my own major contribution to the cooking.
These days I find it hard to obtain More...
29/Dec/09 10:01 PM
Hello Ray - did you say that you had reserved a seat at the table for me? Especially as Sussex was my birthplace!
29/Dec/09 10:46 PM
Have spent the morning following up possible sightings of Sammi following my putting notices in Post office, village shop etc.No joy so far.
29/Dec/09 10:49 PM
We live in hope Mo.

29/Dec/09 10:54 PM
Ray, sorry to hear of the passing of your friends. Never a good time, but always that little sadder at this time of year.
29/Dec/09 10:55 PM
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