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Easy Sudoku for 29/February/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good evening one and all!
29/Feb/16 12:37 AM
Somewhere.... over the rainbow.
29/Feb/16 1:45 AM
Grain and rain
29/Feb/16 2:43 AM
What a lovely picture!
29/Feb/16 3:09 AM
29/Feb/16 3:25 AM
Good morning to all! I'm going to look for the pot of gold!
29/Feb/16 3:40 AM
Good morning.
29/Feb/16 3:50 AM
Went to bed really late and really tired - and yet I'm still awake early!
29/Feb/16 3:53 AM
Good morning. Your usual very early morning drop in CP.
29/Feb/16 3:54 AM
Oh well.
29/Feb/16 3:55 AM
And one for you, June, Got your hot milk?
29/Feb/16 3:57 AM
Could be that I'm still recovering from dessert at my daughter's yesterday.
29/Feb/16 3:59 AM
She made a magnificent chocolate meringue layer cake with raspberries and cream between the layers and chocolate sauce poured over the top. It was divine and very rich and I loved it!!
29/Feb/16 4:08 AM
After all the great food this weekend, I think I'm not eating anything but salad the next 3 or so days.
29/Feb/16 4:11 AM

All the snow has melted thanks to the sun and warmth. We might hit 60F today!
29/Feb/16 4:11 AM
CP - How nice of your daughter to make an extra special dessert! Does she live in Sydney or between Sydney and Canberra?
29/Feb/16 4:12 AM

Daughter lives in Sydney, Dottie.
29/Feb/16 4:44 AM
Dessert was both for her hubby's birthday and our visit, we all enjoyed it - maybe too much!
29/Feb/16 4:47 AM
Morning all, I like your comment Rayray.
Up early watching the golf, got my fingers crossed for Adam Scott though I like Sergio Garcia too.
29/Feb/16 5:46 AM
What a gorgeous photo ! Love the field in front, with the rainbow against a beautiful sky.
29/Feb/16 6:31 AM
Back at the right time.
29/Feb/16 6:31 AM
29/Feb/16 6:31 AM
29/Feb/16 6:37 AM

Not many visitors to Sudokuland today. I just noticed Serena's puzzle from Friday and I've been wracking my brain for an embarrassingly long time. It did not go well.
29/Feb/16 6:42 AM
... mainly in Spain.
29/Feb/16 6:45 AM
We have been clearing out the attic in preparation for new insulation. Hubby kept handing down pieces of wood. LOTS of pieces of wood. Big, small, short, long....when he was finished, I told him we needed to get busy building the new house. He was not amused.
29/Feb/16 6:48 AM
I was a tad concerned about you until I went back and read Ray's comment, Keith.
29/Feb/16 6:52 AM
I wonder who took that gorgeous photo?
29/Feb/16 6:58 AM
Good morning all. We're having a great time in Sydney. We spent yesterday exploring The Rocks and Martin Place. Mr June is taking us all sight seeing down the coast and will meet up with Suzy and youkidme
29/Feb/16 8:35 AM
On the plain.
29/Feb/16 8:57 AM
Sounds like our tourists will have another really nice day since they get to have a chauffeur and tour guide for the ride down to see Suzy and YKM. Have a great time, everyone.
29/Feb/16 9:16 AM
Morning everybody..
CP... I am drooling in envy... my GP is happy I don't have a daughter like you but to hell with my BSL
It is good to see Rayray drop in with a comment.. I miss his prose
I hope he gets to read the following comments..
29/Feb/16 11:49 AM
Have a great day everybody.
Thanks for keeping us in the loop Sacky... enjoy
29/Feb/16 11:51 AM
Let's see if I can break the site............
29/Feb/16 1:51 PM
Wondering if you succeeded, Peter!
29/Feb/16 2:49 PM
Nope! It still works!
29/Feb/16 2:49 PM
No, less than an hour doesn't count!

So, it wasn't me who broke it, OK!
29/Feb/16 2:53 PM
Probably a few page turners about.......
29/Feb/16 2:53 PM
Nothing like coming late to the party after all the fun has run its course... hello & good night all!
29/Feb/16 3:34 PM
But can't leave it here..... BOPT
29/Feb/16 3:35 PM
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