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Easy Sudoku for 29/March/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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I don't have enough words of praise for what you are doing. Not many people have the stamina or desire to even attempt teaching 7th graders. Just listening to you, I know you are making a difference in those children's lives no matter how hopeless it may seem sometimes. Please keep trying. Thank you from everyone!
While it is quite trite, practice is the only way to learn anything whether it is driving a car, cooking, or math. I do each assignment I give my students before it is assigned to them. If I can't complete the entire assignment in 10 minutes without a caculator, I reduce the assignment. I assume More...
Thank you for your kind words. I am doing my best and so are my co-workers. Sometimes my best is absolutely awesome.........sometimes it isn't so good (just like any other career).
msmthtchr, You miss understood. Believe it or not, I wasn't taking a pot-shot at you at all. Not personally anyway. I just get annoyed at the teachers who go on about how hard done by they are, how hard they work and how parents don't take responsibility. The teaching profession (in Australia) has More...
And the system of education. What a joke! There is no corporal punishment in schools in Australia anymore. The teacher would be chargd with assault! They can't even put an arm around a child for fear of some sort of retributive justice coming their way, the kids are taught at school that their More...
Think i will get off the soap-box now
THANKS BAZ!!!!!! It would be nice if the parents were intelligent enough or cared enough to blame the teachers. I taught 6 th grade for 22 years and at parent/teacher conferences, wouldn't see the parents whose kids were having trouble, but usually just the ones who were actually passing and More...
A Japanese company and an American company decided to have a canoe race on the Mississippii River. Both teams practiced long and hard t o reach their peak performance before the race.

On the big day, the Japanese won by a mile. The Americans, very discouraged and depressed, decided to More...
Maybe we need to shorten the comment space again! But I'm grateful for the good jokes. Some I forward to friends, some to my grandsons.

(Both the political and education scenes are overwhelmingly grim. )
It's our gorgeous Liam, how wonderful Lisa thank you! Love his vest also but don't think he'll get much cricket practice in Canada Maybe curling??

Question for all those in other Commonwealth countries - do you also have 'Governors More...
Cute baby!! Fun, easy puzzle
I wonder if Liam is a Clash fan? He is a most handsome lad.

Read what you like ignore what you don't. It's that easy.

Baz, Did you include spelling in your comments. Isn't that like the pot calling the kettle black?
2:13 Just have to add my two cents to this discussion on education. Keith from CA: Making schooling voluntary is a great idea, but think about which parents would insist that their children attend. They don't want to have to deal with them at home either. At least we get them out of their More...
Regarding education and many other ills in our society: You will probably think I'm old fashioned and/or crazy, but I blame everything on the media, including tv & movies. Plus I think drugs also play a big part in what's wrong today. It's that simple.
ok too many things to comment on that i can't resist...

first and foremost, LIAM!!! hello, darling!! iam glad you are growwing and happy, and obviously the joy of both MUM and DAD!!

LISA - thank you muchly for sharing your child with us, he IS and always will remian 'OUR' baby!! More...
John (The Train) Coltrane. No I didn't include spelling in my comments. That would have been far too pathetic, even for me. You see I don't have the time, or inclination to prattle on about mind blowingly purile efforts to make myself appear better
I am not commenting on the US system, aas i know nothing of it.
Oops, one too many a's and a small I!!!
4:53!!!! Saw the '9's right away and finally have arespectable score. Good maeN to all.
Okay Baz, I'm off my soap box now, I just really ticks me off when it's always the teacher's fault. Sounds like you have the same problems that we have here in the U.S. with education. We as teachers try, that's all I will say on the subject.
4:00. While slow compared to many, my best yet. Cute baby. Future ivy leager for sure.
Hi everyone! ROTFL Anne, hope you find them again soon! and Lisa he is beautiful
To bluey in Port Kembla in Canada we have a Prime Minister and also a Governor General and each province has a Ltnt governor.
nearly forgot big thanks to you Kathy for the pics. I have sent them on to many more now, my kids loved them in B-L words so Cooool mum! and wow Baz you had a lot to say today are you shy?hehe
G'day all.
I've read with interest todays topic of education
as a parent of 4 I understand it's not the teachers, its the system, and believe parents should take some responsibility however, saying this I ask, why can't we go back to basic... English, Maths, geography, History and sport. I More...
Good mAen - 2.22, time to put my cherubs to bed for a sleep. I love the jokes too, and although I have seen Ap's joke before, I still love it. I enjoyed the one about Mum's from Deb the other day too. Thank you both. I have no jokes, but could tell about how my 2 yo twins emptied 3 litres of soy milk into a bucket full of clothes yesterday and sloshed it all about - I laughed, later...
Baz, You did include spelling in one of your posts, the one after to Susan from Linda. Old age setting in? I can't help I like you.
Am new here. Will it be possible to be explained what is meant by Maen
The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender, religion, economic status or ethnic background, is that, deep down inside, we ALL believe that we are above average drivers.
Maen - Morning Afternoon Evening Night
Capitalise letter of your timezone!
The Train? Don't like me - it makes me uncomfortable.
Some of these commentators might begin with spelling and grammar. I see many comments here with improper capitalization and punctuation. I usually proofread what I write, before I send it out.
And about the teacher/parent evenings, it reminds of something a professor once asked me at college More...
G'maEn! Late in the day for me to be making my first comment. I tried really hard to restrain myself today! Enjoyed reading everyone else's opinions about problems with education. Keith from CA - you started a very good discussion!

My husband who is in his first year of teaching at More...
i kno this doesnt have anything to do with sudoku but anyone here a fan of 24 (starring kiefer sutherland)?
2:34 OK, I know good advice when I read it. Started with 9's and wow !!!
This note is going to be written keeping a careful eye over grammar and punctuation.

Michael, it is not that the people who are commenting here do not know their grammar and punctuation. Most of us, or at least, I, use language here as a 'conversation tool' and so, tend to not capitalize or More...
Michael, get off the high ground, the rest of us are drowning!
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