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Easy Sudoku for 29/March/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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I LOVE that bunny avatar, Karen!!!
29/Mar/15 5:51 AM
Hello page two.
29/Mar/15 5:52 AM
Stolen with a compliment.
29/Mar/15 5:53 AM
29/Mar/15 5:53 AM
So, close Heidi.
And thank you. I believe I have enough bunny avatars to last till Easter, plus some to spare.
29/Mar/15 5:54 AM
The next gadget.
It is a pole with a claw at the end, to help in weeding. I remember seeing the commercial on TV, with MIL and she wanted one. I remember telling MIL, that it did not look like it would work in our type of soil. Hard. When my dad died, Man got his gardening stuff, which that tool More...
29/Mar/15 6:00 AM
I struggled, with one weed, it is huge, and this contraption for way too long, now my body hurts and the weed is still there. Think I will return to little shovel and claw and just pulling. Of course, this will happen when I get my ambition back.
29/Mar/15 6:03 AM
Oh, just so you know there is going to be a justifiable killing in Texas, soon.
Man talked to his brother, who said, he has the girls out hunting rattle snakes. I voiced my opinion about my little babies out hunting any type of snakes, at which time, I heard BIL laugh on the phone. After phone More...
29/Mar/15 6:10 AM
Did learn, that Man is going to stay with his mother tonight, so him and his brother, hopefully only his brother, are going rattle snake hunting tonight.
29/Mar/15 6:13 AM
There... I've sorted through paper piles which includes bills and recipes, and sorted through magazines/catalogs and throwing a bunch out. I've got way too many to read, but don't want to throw them all out - especially the Fitness mag and the Health mag. (The rest I can leaf through.)
29/Mar/15 6:26 AM
Next on the list of significant projects is going through coupons. In an effort to get grocery spending under control, I'm going to resume using them. Not going to be one of the 'clip everything and buy excess to use them' folks, especially since store brands are still often cheaper than brand More...
29/Mar/15 6:29 AM
I'll have to say, some of these 'I saved $457 off my grocery bill' folks...well, I try to imagine what their bill is before the savings, and I can't fathom spending that much to save that much.
29/Mar/15 6:32 AM
Good afternoon to all! A beautiful photo that we've seen in the past. Has anyone ever claimed credit for it?
29/Mar/15 6:48 AM
Silvergal, many grocery stores here won't honour coupons unless they are there's or they are ones that they distribute in a display rack when you enter the store. I have given up clipping coupons.
29/Mar/15 6:51 AM
Just got back from farmers market. Rats, the guy who sell Cara oranges was about out, I managed to grab four. But I had to get navel oranges to round out enough for the week. My hubby has the apple a day, which I get from the Korean guy, Ha. That's right Ha's Fuji apple stand.
29/Mar/15 6:51 AM
Spring is still slow in coming here. I'm afraid Easter egg hunts will be indoors, as hiding them in the snow seems unreasonable.
29/Mar/15 6:52 AM
CG, my store has this on-line coupon site that I enter on my computer. When I get to the store and those articles, the discount is entered automatically. Then the Box Tops for Education has coupons for products that follow this that you can enter on your phone and you show your phone for the store to scan. No clippings.
29/Mar/15 6:56 AM
While I was at the farmers market, I bought some samosas with tamarind sauce. The sauce is suppose to be mild and sweet unlike to the other sauce they offer. I'm enjoying the meal but my mouth is getting to feel like a furnace!
29/Mar/15 6:58 AM
CG, heck that makes the hunt ever more hilarious! Dead giveaway would be the evidence of digging and piling on snow over the eggs!
29/Mar/15 7:00 AM
Morning all, beautiful sunrise.
Karen I have only used my blowy thing as a sucky mulcher .
29/Mar/15 7:24 AM
Good morning.
29/Mar/15 7:28 AM
Staying with friends at Yamba.
29/Mar/15 7:29 AM
It's a coastal town in Northern NSW.
29/Mar/15 7:30 AM
Lovely place. Beautiful beaches.
29/Mar/15 7:31 AM
For those who follow the lives of the Deborah eagles: the first of three eggs has hatched.
29/Mar/15 7:32 AM
I'm listening to magpies warbling - and plovers screeching.
29/Mar/15 7:33 AM
29/Mar/15 7:49 AM

Aloha, Sudoku friends!! What started as a lark on Facebook has mushroomed into a reality! One of Gath’s “I Want That Flight” Facebook ads featured very reasonable return (round-trip) flights from Oz to Honolulu that were comparable to flights from L.A. to More...
29/Mar/15 8:14 AM
Error alert: In the first paragraph, it should state '...comparable to flights from L.A. to Honolulu.' (Not Oz)
29/Mar/15 8:16 AM
Also note: There are a couple of spaces in the link I provided. You'll have to find them and backspace so you can click on the link.
29/Mar/15 8:20 AM

Jane - Your link doesn't presently work. I can't tell if it's NCL's normal error page and it really is only temporarily down, or if there's something wrong with the link.
29/Mar/15 8:25 AM
Snow on the concrete surfaces has melted, but lawns still have quite a bit. It sounds like CG has more than us. But at this point, any snow is too much!
29/Mar/15 8:26 AM
There are two spaces that have to be backspaced after you copy and paste it, Dottie. I tried it, and it works.
29/Mar/15 8:32 AM
Just tried it again, and it does work.
29/Mar/15 8:33 AM
Ooooh, Karen, wanna race???
29/Mar/15 8:33 AM
Hey, Jane joined in!!! This will be fun!!!
29/Mar/15 8:34 AM
Umm, hey, let's go!
29/Mar/15 8:34 AM
Getting there . . .
29/Mar/15 8:35 AM
One more . . .
29/Mar/15 8:35 AM
29/Mar/15 8:35 AM
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