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Easy Sudoku for 29/April/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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29/Apr/19 12:00 AM
2:23. Good Morning HalT and everyone!
29/Apr/19 12:10 AM
29/Apr/19 12:39 AM
All three of you!! Where is everybody?!
29/Apr/19 1:54 AM
29/Apr/19 2:37 AM
Well, I'm here but now I'm alone~
29/Apr/19 2:38 AM
so close . . .
29/Apr/19 2:39 AM
29/Apr/19 2:39 AM
And a CP, too!
29/Apr/19 2:39 AM
Bright & sunny!
Hope your day is, too!
May snow tonight, though! Hubby mowed yesterday for the first time this season. Doesn't seem right somehow!
29/Apr/19 2:49 AM
Good mAen, good people. Last night's snow is melting fast in the sunshine but there was enough of it that there's still a lot of white everywhere.
29/Apr/19 3:00 AM
Solve straight down 9->1.
29/Apr/19 3:09 AM
You are adorable Suki! I wonder how old you are now?
29/Apr/19 4:00 AM
29/Apr/19 4:09 AM
Hello all - late arrival, but now I can report the sun is shining - before it was threatening some snow flakes! Have a good rest of your day!
29/Apr/19 6:12 AM
How were the birthday celebrations, Shiela?
29/Apr/19 6:13 AM
Any profits from your yard sale, Kathy - for your group or were they all individual sellers?
29/Apr/19 6:14 AM
Morning all,Suki sure is cute.
I have Ella and Cailin for the day , better get moving before they arrive.
29/Apr/19 7:11 AM
Plum 🎉🎂🎉
29/Apr/19 7:12 AM
, Plum!
29/Apr/19 8:12 AM
Happy Birthday Plum. May all your dreams come true
29/Apr/19 8:16 AM
29/Apr/19 9:38 AM
Happy b'day, Plum.
29/Apr/19 9:40 AM

All the best Plum, enjoy your day!
29/Apr/19 10:47 AM

All the best for your birthday Plum
29/Apr/19 11:31 AM
How often have I forgotten to check on whose birthday it is? ... pretty much always. Thankfully, we've got others that are more observant.

29/Apr/19 12:03 PM
everyone! It's been a long day with two offers being presented on our house. I'm exhausted, but had to wish Plum a Happy Birthday I'm off to bed.
29/Apr/19 12:31 PM
Thanks to all the observant folks:

2-day BIRTHDAY greetings, Plum

29/Apr/19 1:10 PM
2:20 Good morning.
29/Apr/19 1:18 PM
❤️ Thank you, good people!
Happy birthday to me. I am standing in the line - for the third time today - at the Secretary of State's motor vehicle licensing branch office 'nearest' my home. Thankfully I had all my documents. It's just been 'oh, step aside and fill out *this* form' a couple More...
29/Apr/19 11:50 PM
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