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Easy Sudoku for 29/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Look forward to a great Weekend
Kathy -- where are you going on holiday? Was interested to hear about your big oak tree. My mother's is being cut down this week, much to the neighbours' chagrin. However, it is rotting and full of termites and she's afraid of it crashing down on her roof in a hurricane. I guess you can relate to More...
Here's my first official tennis report. The official French Open website can be found at www.rolandgarros.com. It's full of information, even a clock with local times at the four Grand Slam cities. First round play:
Sania Mirza vs. Anastasia Myskina
Samantha Stosur vs. Ana More...
Judy from Bendigo: enjoyed your description of holidays / previous names for. Times change... We used to celebrate Dominion Day on July 1st -- now it's called Canada Day.
Celia, tell your mother that she is doing the right thing! A big branch of our tree came crashing down on our roof during the middle of the night & scared us half to death. The tree trimmers came to remove it & discovered that there was so much disease that the rest of the tree would soon come More...

Your team didn't choke, they have not yet learned how to win the big one. There used to be a saying in Brooklyn after gettin beat ever year by the Yankees, wait until next year, finally they won. To call youself chokers, thats up to you, calling others is wrong. Thats my opinion. Not More...

To Judy: Do you disagree?

And yes, Mary Pierce did withdraw from the French because of injuries. Serena Williams has withdrawn from both the French & Wimbledon because of injuries, too - yeh, right!! I don't believe that for a minute. I'm sorry to say that I don't think any Americans in either the men's or women's side More...
Ed, How did you & Barb like Whale Riders? Rob & I enjoyed it very much.
The thong AND the wellies together! Now there's a picture for the gallery......!!
IAN: Do I disagree with you that 95% of teachers are lazy, greedy losers? You bet I do, but my experiences with teachers may be very different from yours. I was an elementary teacher, and most at that level are very kind, dedicated, and deserving of praise. I would think that there may be more More...
Judy, I admire your ability to stay positive and disagree politely. Well done.
Thanks, Keith. It's hard, especially when I want to strangle him! LOL
While you are on the subject of CONDOMS:
What is the difference between a condom and a coffin?
Both have stiffs in them, but one is coming and the other is going.
4:19.......my best timing
I just discovered this game and I'm hooked. I have to do it everyday. It is a beautiful day in the midwest. Great weekend to cookout and enjoy family and friends.
Signing off for the night ... gonna go play some cards with my loving, dedicated, brilliant teacher husband! Sweet dreams!

TO Judy: I don't think you're fairly interpreting my comment. Differentiate between the 5% real bums and the 90% reasonable slobs who, like 90% of the human race, do the work they need to do to get by, keep their heads down, and protect their direct interests as a primary professional goal. More...
1:57 - never cracked under 2:00 before - must be good karma somewhere! Just went for a beautiful evening walk by the river - just so good to be out there.
Real teachers hear the heartbeats of crisis; always have time to listen; know they teach students, not subjects; and they are absolutely non-expendable.

Real teachers know the difference among what
must be graded, what ought to be graded, and
what probably should More...
Well said Ian - I agree entirely - for once !!
Ed, thanks for your comments, The chokers is a bit of joke around my team now. Mind you we really want to win the GF. I realise teams eventually get over this, eg Colliwobbles (Collingwood) from the 70's stuck for a long time until 1990 then reemerged again in 2002-2003, but I'm waiting patiently More...
If you can, do, if you can't, teach. Pretty true of far too many teachers.
Now something on the lightr side...
Coed Dorms
The class discussion centered on the university's coed dorms.

While the professor said this cohabitation of men and women reflected the newer generation's relaxed ethical standards, many students disagreed.

Finally one student More...
The teacher of the earth science class was lecturing on map reading.

After explaining about latitude, longitude, degrees and minutes the teacher asked, 'Suppose I asked you to meet me for lunch at 23 degrees, 4 minutes north latitude and 45 degrees, 15 minutes east longitude...?'

After a confused silence, a voice volunteered, 'I guess you'd be eating alone.'
We loved Whale Rider

Here comes the serious stuff.

Ms. Condoleezza's Rice's list of her top 10 best muscial works. Wait, wait I must stop laughing. OK.

1. Mozart Piano Concerto in D minor
2. Cream 'Sunshine of your Love' Now it gets good. She said 'Belive it or More...
Hello all

Lauren, wishing you a very happy 25th birthday

Jodi/melton - yes the picture is of one of our 2005 Australian Idol Finalists , but not Dan...its JAMES KANNIS
A Bit Catty
Two older women, who were rivals in a social circle, met at a party.
'My dear,' said the first woman, 'Are those real pearls?'
'They are,' replied the second woman.
'Of course the only way I could tell would be for me to bite them,' smiled the first.
The second responded, 'Yes, but for that you would need real teeth.'
Judy, Mamacita, Kathy and her husband, and all the other fine teachers must all be on this web site.

What a coincidence!

Were does leave Dave, Warren, Jim ect. ect.?

Pat Tilley RIP I know he was a top 5%er.

When it comes to my business I also am.

Barb calls. I think it's important.
Angie - My apologies you are correct, he was never one of my favorites maybe that was why I blanked on his name.
ok folks,now got to go...and b4 signing off

Those that can, do. Those that can't, teach.
Those who don't sign, don't count.

To Judy: two assertions in your Parthian shot which merit response. First, I think it requires some proof that teachers 'gave up high salaries and prestige,' some proof beyond your wish that the statement is true. In line with my earlier assertion, I'd have to agree that 5% of them did, and most just went and got a job for all the same reasons most people do.

Continuing to Judy: Second, your statement that my opinion must be based on my 'rough times at school' is the worst kind of ad hominem attack. And one of my better teachers--a 5%er--taught me to recognize it and not let anybody get away with it.

Love ya, kid.

From Those that can, do. Those that can't, teach. If you think that statement is true, you should try teaching a subject you know very well.

I taught in probably the easy environment you can. Business. I was not a teacher by trade, I was a computer programmer. It was very hard but also More...
I think the statement is true because I am a teacher.Soooo sorry Ed- 12345678910 - stupid comment from you too, as I did put my name to my post but I don't know what happened to it.
ect ect ??? What the hell does that mean
Ed from fl;you stay up quite late like my husband.How did the little boy with the ant bites fare out?I hate fire ants but worse than that are husbands who come in and give you a tarantula spider the size of your fist like mine just did. Now he won't tell me where outside he let it go. I hate looking up into the tree all the time waiting for it to jump on my head or something--yech!!!
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