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Easy Sudoku for 29/July/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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29/Jul/15 12:00 AM
Hello to or row.
29/Jul/15 12:00 AM
In a hurry, spell checker got me. That should have said tomorrow.
29/Jul/15 12:02 AM
I thought it was some sort of code, Keith.
29/Jul/15 12:17 AM
It's time for a poozle!

The Sudokuland electronic world atlas has developed a fault, I did a listing of miles from England to particular countries and here is the result:

America 1,800 miles
New Zealand 2,400 miles
Japan 1,200 miles
Brazil More...
29/Jul/15 12:24 AM
No big projects today! Second patio finished!
Thought maybe something was missing, Keith! Was trying to figure out if I was to 'Say 'Hello!' ...or row my boat!
29/Jul/15 12:26 AM
GannieMo is aging backwards. She was 59 in the photo the other day. Hi Mo! Love this photo.
29/Jul/15 12:41 AM
Hi June I remember that birthday, just over ten years ago now.
29/Jul/15 1:00 AM
, y'all for about 19 more minutes in my corner of the globe. Fun pic, GannieMo!
29/Jul/15 1:42 AM
Happy Tuesday!
Nice pic, Mo!
29/Jul/15 2:16 AM
29/Jul/15 2:57 AM
Darn tonight is that last practice for the Japanese dances for the Obon festival. I could use little more help!
29/Jul/15 2:58 AM
I dedicate this post for Queen Anne
29/Jul/15 2:59 AM
beautiful day in OK
29/Jul/15 3:27 AM
Heading to 100F again,
29/Jul/15 3:27 AM
Gannie Mo looks very happy for her birthday.
29/Jul/15 3:31 AM
Had to take a laundry break, my bed needed to be made.
29/Jul/15 3:58 AM
Looks like the happy & vibrant Mo I met. Nice to be aging backward tell me how you do it.
29/Jul/15 4:00 AM
She looks excited.
29/Jul/15 4:11 AM


If he got 0 in one of the tests, and it gets omitted, then the resulting average will be the highest. 68x9/8=76.5 points.

In the today we have Judy, lonewoof and More...
29/Jul/15 4:13 AM

I took my car in to the shop yesterday because I figured I needed a new muffler. It started making a louder sound when I would accelerate. Well, my car has a California one piece exhaust system that they don't even make any more! So now I have to decide which More...
29/Jul/15 4:15 AM
Mom and her hubby are back on their way to CA. It was a short visit but since they haven't been here since Elijah was a toddler it was worth it. Up to this point they had only ever met 25% of my kids. Do I see a future math puzzle in the making.
29/Jul/15 4:17 AM
Dottie pushed me into 22. I would have taken it knowingly and with a smilie otherwise.
29/Jul/15 4:17 AM
Morning all, Mo ,this is a great photo.
29/Jul/15 4:22 AM
Hellol Dottie R.
Airport Welding located just south of Snohomish can do it. Bit of a drive though but it is a really nice summer this year.
29/Jul/15 4:23 AM
Thanks, Wow_Axel, but I'll use a closer shop! They gave me a name of a place yesterday, but I'm familiar with a couple others that are the opposite direction. I just need to make some phone calls and then decide where I'm taking it. If I drove to Snohomish, I could then go on up to Seattle to see my best friend and maybe even meet you!
29/Jul/15 4:32 AM
Serena - When I saw you were online after my post, I wondered if you'd snag 22. I'm glad you had a visit with your mom and she got to meet all your children.
29/Jul/15 4:34 AM
Lovely happy birthday photo Gannie Mo!
29/Jul/15 4:37 AM
Being ageless is easy! The trick is to only admit to the first 29 years!
29/Jul/15 5:18 AM
Good afternoon to all! There's a younger Mo again. Watch out, I'm catching up to your current age!
29/Jul/15 5:24 AM
Another sweltering 32C here (89.6F). C'est la vie! beats winter weather!
29/Jul/15 5:26 AM
Serena, regardless of the push, you can still smile whenever you want!
29/Jul/15 5:28 AM
1:37. Good morning everyone.
29/Jul/15 6:55 AM
Good morning everyone. 12C (53F) forecast here today - wind and rain this arvo. I reckon go for it in the garden this morning and then see what happens.
29/Jul/15 7:29 AM
CG I still prefer my winter to hot summers. If global warming continues I may have to move to Macquarie Island! Technically Tasmania's most southern point. https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=Macquarie+Island&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8
A very beautiful place.
29/Jul/15 7:32 AM
While I'm procrastinating - might as well race my self to the bottom.
29/Jul/15 7:33 AM
Any lurkers there??
29/Jul/15 7:33 AM
'Alone again, naturally'.
29/Jul/15 7:34 AM
Ok this looks doable.
29/Jul/15 7:35 AM
29/Jul/15 7:35 AM
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