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Easy Sudoku for 29/August/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen
29/Aug/08 12:00 AM
2:04 Maen! Woof!
29/Aug/08 12:02 AM
off the timer. from wonderful Beijing.
29/Aug/08 12:06 AM
29/Aug/08 12:09 AM
John, Dan & Jim!

Our freshman started college yesterday, and we are continuing our vacation by driving down to Santa Barbara today (I was brave and didn't bawl when letting my baby go)
29/Aug/08 12:10 AM
And Hi, Sue!
29/Aug/08 12:10 AM
... wouldn't want to be ya.
29/Aug/08 12:16 AM
Good Maen World!

Aileen - It is okay to cry! You have worked hard for 18+ years to earn that right!
29/Aug/08 12:17 AM
That is a beautiful dog. What kind is it?
29/Aug/08 12:17 AM
Maen All!
Aileen - good luck to your daughter at Cal (my dad's alma mater)
I think this beautiful dog is saying "see ya" because it is one fast motor scooter!
Hi Debby, Keith, Sue, Dan (Dad), Jim and John!
29/Aug/08 12:21 AM
Aileen, have you considered the SF meet?
29/Aug/08 12:22 AM
Right-O, Keith! Good excuse for Aileen to visit her daugther across the bay!
29/Aug/08 12:31 AM
29/Aug/08 12:34 AM
Good mAen to all!
This dog has smart eyes.
29/Aug/08 12:34 AM
'morning Keith!
29/Aug/08 12:41 AM
Too much to think about for this trip, but the next time we come up to visit him, an SF meet would be a great idea!!!
29/Aug/08 12:41 AM
Just took time to work the Easy - now I have to go find out why a BUNCH of my e-mails to parents yesterday were returned.
29/Aug/08 12:41 AM
29/Aug/08 12:42 AM
29/Aug/08 12:42 AM
acting coy?
29/Aug/08 12:43 AM
29/Aug/08 12:43 AM
29/Aug/08 12:43 AM
29/Aug/08 12:43 AM
...thought I was gonna sneak in there on you, Susan! Congrats!
29/Aug/08 12:44 AM
A CP to win the "contest"?!?!? Wow.
29/Aug/08 12:44 AM
Yikes. I can only win a race when nobody else competes or I cheat. Time to hit the sack for me.
29/Aug/08 12:46 AM
Jamie - hope you can figure out what's going on with that e-mail return...what a drag!
29/Aug/08 12:46 AM
Sweet dreams, Susan...and hey! I'm not nobody!!!
29/Aug/08 12:47 AM
nah Jamie, can tell you've been away for a while! thanks Vici.
29/Aug/08 12:47 AM
Debby... This is a greyhound. I wish it had been a full body shot. They're built for speed!
29/Aug/08 12:47 AM
Sorry, Vici, didn't know you were racing me. This is for you.. LOL
29/Aug/08 12:48 AM
Susan! Love the ...maybe I'll catch you tomorrow!
Morning Heidi!
29/Aug/08 12:53 AM
I agree that this is probably a greyhound. When my sister's family gets their next dog, they are considering adopting a greyhound from the rescue league. There are so many that need good homes, and they make wonderful pets!
29/Aug/08 12:57 AM
Heidi - Thanks!

Have a great day everyone! Chores await me!!!
29/Aug/08 12:59 AM
Well done, Susan. I got involved working in the yard and missed it.

Aileen, not this trip, but on Nov. 15. We're suggesting to plan a visit to your daughter that weekend and slip over the bay to join the fun with us just for that afternoon. See my post #899 on page 23 of my page for details.
29/Aug/08 1:12 AM
And, Sandy, I know it's a long way from Garden Grove, but ... shosho's coming all the way from L. A.
29/Aug/08 1:14 AM
Aileen, I second (or third?) the motion for you to attend the SA meeting in SF on Nov. 15!!!

And Dorthea, how about you?? Would one of your children be willing to bring you over? They are welcome to join us, too!
29/Aug/08 1:21 AM
1:56 everyone! Belated thanks to Canuk Greg for the laughs late on yesterday's page. It always pays to go back for a read.
29/Aug/08 1:23 AM
Sandy, I have no idea where Garden Grove is, but wouldn't you enjoy a trip to SF? San Francisco is such a great city, who wouldn't love a good reason to visit there! Our neighbors have a couple of rescued greyhounds & they are very good pets. Most people think they are high energy dogs, but our neighbor says they are actually couch potatoes!!!
29/Aug/08 1:25 AM
Cathy, thanks for posting yesterday your list of things gone wrong in your kitchen remodeling. I actually printed it to show my husband! We are trying to prepare ourselves for the worst, & then if things go well, we'll just be pleasantly surprised! I was wondering if you think it might have made a difference if you had picked a different contractor? Did you get bids from more than one?
29/Aug/08 1:28 AM
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