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Easy Sudoku for 3/January/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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fighter= after...lol I'm getting excited...can you tell?
Debbie, please extend my congratulations to Jennie...wow, two jobs and still able to make the dean's list....Priceless!
Stella, Here's hoping for a safe, routine trip. Take your time and stay safe regardless of the length of time needed.
03/Jan/08 4:02 AM
Good afternoon to all! There is an old repeat photo, and they are still having fun. Good to see the smiles!
03/Jan/08 4:07 AM
Mama - Woooo-Hooooo! (insert woohoo smilie here) Keep us updated, we're all sooooo excited for you!
03/Jan/08 4:07 AM

I meant to put this video on yesterday as my new year wish to everyone. I hope you all enjoy this, from the film version of Fiddler on the Roof.... "Lechaim (To Life)"
03/Jan/08 4:11 AM
As to Cat Stevens, not to worry Eve. I am a big fan and have posted many of Yusuf's songs in the past. I have several of his songs in reserve for the site, so if you don't post them, I will. Cheers!
03/Jan/08 4:16 AM
Jeb and Keith: I can help with that beer fridge, and we should invite LK and Libby from Minnesota if you want to make it lighter!
03/Jan/08 4:23 AM
CP time? Why not, but just a message for safe trips to Stella and Mamacita and anyone else traveling right now!
03/Jan/08 4:25 AM
Ok, we've got a naughty couch and a beer fridge. But we still need an over-all theme for the float. Let's get Rayray involved. Maybe we could name the float "Poetry in Motion", then have Rayray write a bunch of poems that could be illustrated - e.g., one about Rosemary's couch; another More...
03/Jan/08 4:35 AM
Jane, the overall theme needs to reflect Sudoku and friendship. A large Sudoku game seems appropriate. We need Gath on the designers team!
03/Jan/08 4:40 AM
And lots of dogs and cats! The float would be very "animated" if we invited both of them!
03/Jan/08 4:48 AM
Dogs on weiner sticks Judy?
03/Jan/08 4:53 AM
How about some of the animals from the party pages? I seem to remember performing seals, hogs, a moose, Rayray's sheep, an elephant,and kangaroos, to name just a few.
A very large chunk of chocolate?
03/Jan/08 4:58 AM
You will need to spell out what this 'float' exactly is.
03/Jan/08 5:10 AM
A Sudoku float? Fabulous idea, and we could reenact that fateful weiner roast; I seem to recall some men in tights ...
03/Jan/08 5:52 AM
Queen Anne and her loyal subjects would, of course, have a prominent place on the float.
03/Jan/08 6:10 AM
Woohoo! Mamacita's grandee! Don't forget the camera!
03/Jan/08 6:45 AM
And for Queen Anne's pleasure, a wienie stick fencing by Judy, CG, Ian/Sydney, and who else was in the fray?
03/Jan/08 6:49 AM
Debby, congrats to Jennie! and to Mom and Dad for the wonderful upbringing!
Stella, be careful! We'd like to have you back in the fray of our "discussions"!
03/Jan/08 6:52 AM
Going a bit into the past, the Lady Sudoku could be the base of it. In its own way, that cruise ship had a lot to do with what this site has become. Don't anybody put beer in andré's deceased fridge.
03/Jan/08 7:19 AM
We could have Queen Anne sitting on a Wienner which is wrapped in Sudoku puzzles and held up with a few beer cans. Rosemary has plenty of Roses to go around the outside. Keith is a keen gardener so we could probably get some extra flowers from him. The Ozzies could probably get some kangaroos and More...
03/Jan/08 7:29 AM
Going into the past (as Keith said), about nine or ten months ago a number of us (over 20 people) wrote a story in one day on the Easy page. Fi (from NT, Oz) pulled it together and it is a fun read for children and all those older children on the site. It is called "The Land of Twinkle is a More...
03/Jan/08 7:41 AM
all, just read the comments for the first time since being here and see I've been nominated for something, I hope it's something nice.
Just went for an hour's hike around a mountain overlooking the city of Christchurch, what a beautiful view. More...
03/Jan/08 7:57 AM
My flowers are up for grabs.
03/Jan/08 8:24 AM
1:54. Keep us updated with your Christchurch capers Anne - it's a lovely part of the world, one I haven't been to for such a long time (I think the last time I visited was in 1975 - it'll have changed a huge amount since then.)
03/Jan/08 8:27 AM
Fi - yes it's not often that Darwin and Brisbane both are cooler than Melbourne. (Won't last)
Stella - Safe trip, drive carefully.
Debbie - Congrats to Jenny
Mamacita - Anxiously waiting on news of Great grandie. How exciting!
03/Jan/08 8:41 AM
My YouTube - still "Mull of Kintyre" (Wings) with pictures around Kintyre.
Bagpipes again!
03/Jan/08 8:44 AM
1.47 photo from the archives
I hope the temperature turnaround does not last much longer

love the idea of the sudokuland float and think the Lady Sudoku theme with Queen Anne at the helm beside PD Pete is great idea. of course the deck would have a lage sudoku puzzle on it instead More...
03/Jan/08 9:00 AM
... and the float could have a large sudoku board with people dressed as numbers jostling for positions... or maybe Queen Anne could be appointing them to their positions.
03/Jan/08 9:08 AM
Nicki From FLA USA - I'm looking forward to temps in the 30's in Maine this weekend! It'll be like a heat wave for us. Maybe some of this snow will melt away!
03/Jan/08 9:10 AM
Keith - No worries about the new fridge (have'nt thought of a name yet, didn't want to push my luck)anyway she has had a seen to with the fridge doctor and all her parts are now in good working order, she produces an excellent quota of ice cubes per minute and now proudly displays all my nice bottles and other secret pleasures.
03/Jan/08 9:37 AM
I'm thinking that if Rayray is involved in this float there will have to be sheep
03/Jan/08 9:47 AM
Happy New Year to all
Have been a long time gone.
03/Jan/08 9:48 AM
The Sudoku Float may not win any prizes, but it will be a heck of a lot of fun! Lotsa beer ... that's good. The naughty couch ... for sure. CG, I'll bring my wienie stick, but I'm saving it just for you! JUNE, you're going to have Queen Anne sitting on a wiener? ... she will undoubtedly enjoy More...
03/Jan/08 9:49 AM
40C in Perth today, hot North wind. I am so pleased you had that insulation put in the roof Billster, it IS so much cooler than before rotfl! rotfl!
03/Jan/08 10:21 AM
2.26 Come on, fess up! Who are these skating boogie queens?
03/Jan/08 10:21 AM
Jay and Billy: Come to Ottawa. Minus 24 C. forecast for overnight. You will NOT need air conditioning here (maybe lots of wine though so your blood won't freeze)!
03/Jan/08 10:26 AM
Some snow would be welcome here in West Oz, we are expecting 40+C and no airconditioners! There is a problem at the gas processing plant, which means there is limited fuel for the power stations, we have all been asked to keep electricity use to a minimum or face cuts. One light and one appliance only, so I had better get off here and turn the fridge back on!
03/Jan/08 10:26 AM
Jay + Jaz. Slap my typing fingers!
03/Jan/08 10:27 AM
Weather extremes - freezing in many parts of the US, sweltering heat in Victoria and Western Australia and here in Queensland, despite cooler temps and some rain, we're still in drought conditions with no real end in sight yet.
03/Jan/08 10:30 AM
If anyone has read the blurb on my page, you will know that I do mosaics (not professionally, just for a hobby). Have uploaded a picture on my page of a mosaic table that I did last year with a sudoku theme. Each of the six sections is a sukoku game - the same one on all six panels because of my More...
03/Jan/08 10:35 AM
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