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Easy Sudoku for 3/February/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi and g'day all, just got this message from Rayray:-

"Please pass my kind wishes to everyone and especially please thank Gath for his restoration of E-mail confirmations, and CG for his compliment about my Greenland waterfall photograph on my page."

He says he is really busy at present and will be back in good spirits soon.
03/Feb/08 9:59 AM
1:32 Excellent for moi! Lovely photo Anne.

Thought for the Day:

Hold a true friend with both your hands.
03/Feb/08 10:01 AM
Rosemary, if Tim is moving to Brisbane he can come to our first Brissie Sudoku gathering. I'm sure he'll be thrilled.
Does he know where he will be living yet? Tell Tim the humidity is a bit high at the moment. Temperature isn't too bad though.

CynB and I are going out today More...
03/Feb/08 10:06 AM
Kathy I know lots of people who have had that surgery, they have all be thrilled with the results but they don't last forever. After a year or so (ten in one case) they needed glasses. The surgery can't be done again as far as I know. Best of luck with it if you decide to go ahead.
03/Feb/08 10:08 AM
Victoria not exactly sure where he is going to be living, he has a mate in brisbane he will be with. will find out more today. will be intersting to see how he copes with the different weather, not hotter up there than here but as you say much more humid than our dry heat.
having said that we will get a taste of it today with a storm this morning and supposed to be 30C+ today
03/Feb/08 10:09 AM
just read the weather report .... we are supposed to have thunderstorms and around 33C each day for next week .... should be a bit like brisbane here also!
03/Feb/08 10:11 AM
1:42 Good mAen, everyone.
03/Feb/08 10:18 AM
Rosemary, I don't know how far Brisbane is from Wangaratta but sending a son far is hard. Mine lives two and a half thousand miles away. So I don't get to see him and his family often. Thank heavens for internet and cell phones!!! Just found out that my grandson is walking last week! Got a text message that he started that day.
03/Feb/08 10:19 AM
Are you perhaps a teacher? Those are wonderful answers. I teach, and am constantly amazed at how children perceive the world.
03/Feb/08 10:25 AM
Rosemary - we will have between 27 and 30C this week with rain clearing from the east to rain and storms coming in from the west.

Now I really must go and wake that dog up and put him out for a while.
03/Feb/08 10:25 AM
WOW! That was a fast one.
I love that picture Anne, makes me feel like I'm really there.
Jim, you were right, it was a 1-9 puzzle, always gratifying.
03/Feb/08 10:47 AM
Have been looking for my cordless phone since yesterday and just found it shut in the linen cupboard!
Very happy to find I hadn't thrown it in the rubbish inadvertently!
03/Feb/08 10:48 AM
Kate/Melbourne - when you find you phone in the fridge and a jar of pickles where the laundry soap should be... then you know you're a bit preoccupied!
03/Feb/08 10:56 AM
Angie when you find your brain in a jar of pickles that is the time to worry!!
03/Feb/08 11:07 AM
Hi all - just dropping by quickly before I venture out to Southbank to meet Victoria. We sure picked a good day for it - especially to walk around streets looking for a nice meeting place. The rain is welcome though.

A few pages back someone asked about Australian dictionaries - There is the Macquarie Dictionary and I believe it contains many Aussie slang terms.

03/Feb/08 11:25 AM
Angie W - I once put the milk in the pantry and the coffee jar in the fridge so preoccupation is fairly normal for me!
03/Feb/08 11:27 AM
1:27 - super easy, straight through from 1 to 9.

While this is a repeat photo, it's well worth another viewing - spectacular!
03/Feb/08 11:55 AM
Hey...what's going on? I posted an hour ago, and it still hasn't shown up on the site. Where is everybody?
03/Feb/08 12:15 PM
It's again/still. About the hot weather, I think it hit 41C in Perth when we were there, but because of the lower humidity it still felt nowhere near as hot as it does here even at 35.
Kathy I know 2 people who've had Lasik surgery years ago. More...
03/Feb/08 12:16 PM
I'm always preoccupied! I have gotten to the point that I tell my students if I have the keys or a pile of paper or my reading glasses in my hands, they are to remember where I put it down! That way I always have what I need!
03/Feb/08 12:35 PM
Your Reggie being a wussy boy brought a smile to the dial!!!
I have a wussy boy here. We put in a dog door complete with its own awning [at GREAT EXPENSE I might add] so he wouldn't have to get his feet wet when he needed to go outside....WELL..Guess what More...
03/Feb/08 12:36 PM
Kate - you mean that milk in the pantry and coffee in fridge isn't the right way to do things????
03/Feb/08 12:39 PM
Kathy - Oz is a very big country
It may be wet and steamy up north but down here in Melbourne it is as dry as chips!!
The sound of raindrops on the roof is the sweetest sound one can ever hear. We don't even seem to care if we get rained out on our wedding days anymore - it More...
03/Feb/08 12:46 PM
heavens - will I or won't I
03/Feb/08 12:46 PM
CP or not be....dat is der question!!
03/Feb/08 12:47 PM
where is everybody...please save me from myself.....
03/Feb/08 12:48 PM
I need an avatar..
Now that I have lachie joined up on the site maybe I can interest him in helping his old ma out!!
03/Feb/08 12:49 PM
No Bean, the milk goes in the dishwasher and the coffee goes in the washing machine.
03/Feb/08 12:50 PM
first sign of madness and all that - I'd better go.....let someone else get a word in!!
03/Feb/08 12:50 PM
thank you Suzy!
03/Feb/08 12:52 PM
Will you or won't you what?
03/Feb/08 12:52 PM
OK now I know!
03/Feb/08 12:53 PM
Bean, re: talking to oneself, my Mum also used to say,
"The most sensible person to talk to!"
03/Feb/08 12:56 PM
My coffee cup is empty!! How can I think without coffee?
03/Feb/08 12:57 PM
My daughter has let me use a photo she e'mailed to me last night of a bird called a Gouldian Finch which was unexpectedly in her front yard the other evening, it's really beautiful and colourful.
I have it on my page if you would like to see it.
03/Feb/08 12:58 PM
Handsome chap isn't he Anne? He might be an aviary escapee. We get them from time to time around here, unfortunately they don't survive all that long in the wild down here. Not like the Rainbow Lorikeets, they have flourished.
03/Feb/08 1:03 PM
Hello Lynda - I checked up my bird book and it seems that they are from the top of WA, NT and Qld, so he's probably not far from home and hopefully will survive up there. Like a lot of the north/west birds, they may be travelling further south like the pink & grey galahs have, and others.
03/Feb/08 1:05 PM
He hasn't got a ring so you are probably right. The galahs are stripping the berries off our cotoneasters, they are only just forming so we won't have any come autumn. We get Indian Ring Necks here, they must be escapees. My favourite parrots are the red caps. So colourful but they disappear in seconds in foliage.
03/Feb/08 1:14 PM
Beautiful Anne - really beautiful.
I haven't seen one of these in the wild - would be a rare treat. Haven't spent enough time in our far north which is probably why. Have been up past Cape tribulation on the East coast but not much past Onslow on the west.
One of my favourites [or 2] are the Blue Wrens and the Red Robins. Favourite past time bird watching.
03/Feb/08 1:14 PM
Ohhh.....hoo shall turn the page....
03/Feb/08 1:15 PM
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