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Easy Sudoku for 3/February/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Boogidy, boogidy, boogidy!!!!!!!!!!!
03/Feb/11 10:42 AM
Hey, that's mine, saylz!
03/Feb/11 11:01 AM
Thanks for the YouTube, Eve! So many of the songs from the 60's are so apropos again!
03/Feb/11 11:30 AM
Glad to hear that Tasi has finally begun to lose its strength and that, although there was tremendous damage, there was apparently few causualties. I can honestly say that I know what you are experiencing. We survived Hurricane Hugo in 1989 and we were in Halifax NS, CA on the night of 28-29 September 2003 when Hurricane Juan wreaked its havoc.
03/Feb/11 11:50 AM
I finally got the slide scanner to work this afternoon. I have uploaded the promised refueling picture. The two pictures were taken on a refueling mission in February 1964. (Sorry about the grainy quality.)
03/Feb/11 11:58 AM
Neat pictures, HalT. Were you doing the flying?
03/Feb/11 12:10 PM
Greetings from cyclone ravaged North Queensland. We are all fine in our house with the possible storm surge the biggest worry. Still winds of approx 90 kmh so haven't left the house yet except to walk down to the river behind our house. In our street there is mainly just damage to trees etc. Although a lot of people nearby have lost power we have been spared from that. Cheers, Lindy x
03/Feb/11 12:42 PM
Thanks Karen. But no, I was not a pilot. I have (make that 'had', I'm not currently qualified) my private pilot license, but in the Air Force (farce for the Phantom), I was a navigator.
03/Feb/11 12:44 PM
Good news Lindy. From what I heard, Townsville was one of the harder hit areas.
03/Feb/11 12:46 PM
2:14 Good morning everyone. Lovely sunset, Chris.
03/Feb/11 12:51 PM
Anne, just read your comment on the picture.
03/Feb/11 1:06 PM
Hal - thank you for sharing.
We used to have a slide camera many years ago and last year I had one of the slides of a sunset blown up into a large photo and framed for my son's 40th birthday. I also had a smaller version done for myself. A bit blurry but otherwise it turned out quite good.
03/Feb/11 1:26 PM
Thanks for letting us know, Lindy. You were right in the middle of it!
03/Feb/11 2:12 PM
Good night people of the world.
03/Feb/11 3:45 PM
The kraken wakes!
03/Feb/11 4:15 PM
HapT - Mr P was allso an air farce navigator.
03/Feb/11 4:15 PM
That's HalT.
03/Feb/11 4:16 PM
Maybe I'm not as awake as I think, and have SFFS (sleepy fat finger syndrome).
03/Feb/11 4:17 PM
Hello everyone, isn't it wonderful to know that our friends have weathered the cyclone Yasi,thanks for taking the time to let us know.
I love the colours in the sunset photo today, thanks Chris.
03/Feb/11 4:17 PM
Turkeys here too, not just where I work!
03/Feb/11 4:17 PM
I love that wombat avatar Amelia!
03/Feb/11 4:58 PM
CP - Do you realize that the United States almost had the turkey rather than an eagle for its emblem. Ben Franklin wanted a turkey.
03/Feb/11 5:59 PM
I'm glad the eagle won out, Eve.
03/Feb/11 8:31 PM
Though I really don't have anything against avian turkeys, just human imitators,
03/Feb/11 8:32 PM
Hang on, if feathered turkeys are just birds, maybe not the smartest of birds, why do I deride them?
03/Feb/11 8:33 PM
The birds probably have a less malevolent demeanour than the person who upset me last night.
03/Feb/11 8:34 PM
So, maybe I should lay off picking on the feathered turkeys and find another word for that person.
03/Feb/11 8:36 PM
I have one in mind but I think Hall Monitor might ban me.
03/Feb/11 8:36 PM

Today in summary.........

Easy – Sunset over the Brindabella Ranges. Could have been a better shot if he’d stopped running for a minute.

Karen – The froozen one, starts the ball rolling.

Shiela/Fiona/CP – Make up the EEGs More...
03/Feb/11 8:41 PM

Today in summary.........continued

Suzy – Reports that Susan (Ingham) is OK. Good news.

Saylz – Met up with GmaJackie at Hobart airport. Wonders what they will call the little girl born during the cyclone. Thought Yasi was a game of dice. More...
03/Feb/11 8:43 PM

Ah fink av broke it!
03/Feb/11 10:00 PM
1:48. everyone.
03/Feb/11 10:04 PM
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