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Easy Sudoku for 3/February/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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A little late this morning.
03/Feb/18 12:05 AM
I'm a little slow getting here, too, this Maen. Good Maen, good people.
Thank you, everyone, for sending your birthday greetings to my daughter Skye (Little Plum). I'll give you all an update: she has been accepted to travel as a 4H summer exchange student to Norway. She has her passport. More...
03/Feb/18 12:11 AM
Very nice - congratulations, Plum (and Little Plum).
03/Feb/18 12:13 AM
That was a lightning fast 9->1. I wonder if it would be as easy 1->9?
03/Feb/18 12:15 AM
That's not a bug; that's a BUG!!!!
03/Feb/18 12:18 AM
03/Feb/18 2:13 AM
The answer to your question is NO, Plum!
03/Feb/18 2:19 AM
03/Feb/18 2:38 AM
Unfortunately, the Groundhog saw his shadow.
Oh, well. Enjoy your day!
03/Feb/18 3:00 AM
Our famous Pennsylvania groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, saw his shadow this morning and has predicted six more weeks of winter. Keep in mind, when he doesn't see his shadow and predicts an early spring, he's usually wrong. At any More...
03/Feb/18 3:21 AM
I just saw a photo on Facebook of a groundhog holding a sign that reads ''I'm a rodent, not a meteorologist''.
03/Feb/18 3:29 AM
03/Feb/18 3:52 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
03/Feb/18 3:52 AM
Woohoo! Skye, ah, Little Plum!!! Wow! While you're there be sure to see the Aurora Borealis! You'd be right in the middle of viewing season.
03/Feb/18 3:56 AM
Morning all, not sure what the bug is but it has to have been enlarged by Kate's camera.
03/Feb/18 4:49 AM
Congratulations to Skye, what a wonderful experience to look forward to, good luck on raising the money.
03/Feb/18 4:54 AM
Plum, it was NOT fast 1 - 9 (at least for slow, old me!)!
03/Feb/18 5:05 AM
Now that's a BUG! Wonder what kind it is.
03/Feb/18 5:20 AM
1:25, not a particularly fast 1->9 Plum but I wouldn't call it a slow one either. Good morning everyone.
03/Feb/18 5:33 AM
03/Feb/18 6:37 AM
03/Feb/18 7:09 AM
03/Feb/18 7:09 AM
Ha. I'm amazed that many have said 1-> 9 doesn't work well but no one's agreed with me that 9-> 1 works well.
03/Feb/18 8:07 AM
Is that impressive/borderline scary insect a weta?
03/Feb/18 8:08 AM
I think you're right, Renee. Looks like one of the weta family.
03/Feb/18 10:35 AM
Thanks, Peter - I had understood (or so I thought) that wetas were unique to New Zealand, but wouldn't be surprised if, wingless or not, some managed to hitchhike their way over!
03/Feb/18 10:57 AM
1:35 (from 9-1) Good morning one and all!
03/Feb/18 11:31 AM
I started with 9 just because I saw one right away, and yes, Plum, it was a zoom down to the 1s.
03/Feb/18 3:46 PM
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