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Easy Sudoku for 3/March/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Well, with this one anyway!!
03/Mar/08 7:34 AM
Writers for hire are hacks.
03/Mar/08 7:36 AM
Lousy doctors are quacks.
03/Mar/08 7:36 AM
Anaesthetists are gas passers
03/Mar/08 7:40 AM
Also known as the sandman or the sleep fairy, Gmo. And the dentist is sometimes the tooth fairy.
03/Mar/08 7:42 AM
And now, I must close down so that I can actually do some work for a while. See you later.!
03/Mar/08 7:43 AM
Then there's all the military nicknames. In the U.S., colonels are birds. Low ranking GIs are grunts. Infantrymen are cannon fodder. In military schools, freshmen are plebes.
03/Mar/08 7:50 AM
Fighter Pilots are Knuckleheads`
Transport Pilots are Trash Haulers

03/Mar/08 8:07 AM
Linda/Pioneer, pleased to see you back and having time to do the puzzles.
03/Mar/08 8:21 AM
Not too sure about teachers but I do know, we don't retire we just lose our class! Or was it we do with class?
03/Mar/08 8:26 AM
2:08 Good Morning all. A simply stunningly beautiful day here in Sydney... I could get 3 loads of washing dried today. Whoopee!
03/Mar/08 8:27 AM
Clerical workers who do tedious paperwork are Pencil Pushers [how dated is THAT one?].
Television news commentators are Talking Heads.
03/Mar/08 8:31 AM
Marines are jar heads.
03/Mar/08 8:33 AM
(Where is all this c*#p coming from?)
03/Mar/08 8:34 AM
It's a lovely day here in Brisbane today too Rose. Would have been better if the council workers outside had waited until 7am (as they're supposed to) before they woke the whole street up. Isn't it amazing that just before an election, things suddenly get done - now we're getting line-marking and traffic-calming.
03/Mar/08 8:35 AM
Kathy (Valrico): We are anxiously awaiting news of your tennis match!!!!

03/Mar/08 8:37 AM
I'd like to give you my nickname for Council Workers but I'd get kicked off site.
(Clue - starts with 'w' and has 'nkers' at the end).
03/Mar/08 8:37 AM
03/Mar/08 8:38 AM
ATENZIONE! The latest edition of the Sudokudos Cookbook is now accessible on my page! We added 20 whole pages this month! Enjoy!!!
03/Mar/08 8:39 AM
I tease my brothers,a computer programmer and the other a computer analyst as being button pushers!
03/Mar/08 9:00 AM
I know, I know, someone's going to tell mom about it!
03/Mar/08 9:01 AM
We call the garbage collectors - garbologists
03/Mar/08 9:01 AM
Sudokuland....Seems like a lot of good stuff is going on in the neighborhood.
Glad to see some different names posting and joining in the fun.
GMO...How wonderful...its been too long since you've visited with the grands....enjoy!
Mary, I know your son's visit will keep you More...
03/Mar/08 9:02 AM
Hmmm, I've got one son who's a jar head and the other a button pusher. Oh my, don't tell them I said so!
03/Mar/08 9:02 AM
Our business is a truck that collects the dead chickens from poultry producers in the area - I tell my husband he's a chick magnet.
03/Mar/08 9:04 AM
Well Mary...I think you rock, but your picture I think was just right.....fingers can't keep upwith the brain.
03/Mar/08 9:06 AM
CynB you have got to tell me where you got that great feather fan! I want to get one too! And the feather tiara, you're a class act, lady!
03/Mar/08 9:07 AM
1.38 interesting
Graeme sends a thank you to everyone who offered him birthday wishes yesterday.
Fellow birthday person Kathy, Kathy V (hope the tennis went well), Ian Sydney, Dino, CG, Shosho, CP, Broni, K, Mama, CynB, Angie, Col, June, Cyndi, Claude, Gail (glad you are home safe).
we had a lovely BBQ last night .... CG your beer is a bit warm now.
03/Mar/08 9:07 AM
CynB, I don't laugh out loud very often at the computer, but that was side slappin'. Thank you!
03/Mar/08 9:08 AM
Broni, the brilliant blue in your boa is a stunning color for you! Wow!
03/Mar/08 9:08 AM
Thanks, Terry
Shosho - fan and tiara provided by my granddaughter Madeline. Probably purchased at Crazy Clarks - the local discount store.
Broni's boa was brilliant.
03/Mar/08 9:13 AM
WOO HOO!!! WE WON!!!!! We won all three of the doubles matches so six smiling faces!!! very much to all our cheerleaders out in Sudokuland! We will play in Daytona Beach against other teams from all over Florida More...
03/Mar/08 9:27 AM
Broni has a boa
She took it to the meet
Her head held a tiara
And crocs upon her feet

Who is this famous lady
Asked those who did not know
She's the sudoku queen from Brisbane
You mean it doesn't show

She has numbers 1 to 9 dears
Tatooed across her More...
03/Mar/08 9:27 AM
Congratulations Kathy! Now you have to get out those weights and do some heavy duty training... and when you get out of traction go and play some tennis!
03/Mar/08 9:32 AM
You are very clever GMo to have whipped that up so quickly. Loved it.
03/Mar/08 9:32 AM
Shosho, I think teachers are just good pupils who never left the place where they succeeded. I can say that now I've retired!
03/Mar/08 9:37 AM
Electronics techs are 'chasers of electrons', or, as our commanding general called us: 'radar qu**rs".
03/Mar/08 9:42 AM
Thank you for that nice easy one today Gath. It's been a couple of days since I've done any puzzles and now I feel revitalized!
03/Mar/08 9:44 AM
Great picture of the Brisbane gang! Glad you had fun together! Hmm, how many were wearing crocs? Clever poem, Gannie!
Rose - thanks for the congrats. And yes, we could all use some weight training, epecially for those flappy underarms! We don't exactly look like those cute young pros you see on TV!! We have to plan our tennis attire accordingly!
03/Mar/08 9:46 AM
lonewoof, what branch of service were you in? My husband was an ET in the Navy for awhile, then later a "bubblehead" (submariner) & a "pork chop" (supply officer).
03/Mar/08 9:51 AM
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