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Easy Sudoku for 3/July/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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03/Jul/16 12:00 AM
Hal, and all to follow.
03/Jul/16 12:59 AM
I have just spent a delightful morning unclogging the drain in the bathtub. The fun never ends!
03/Jul/16 1:02 AM
While taking my shower this morning, I noticed the water in the tub was over my ankles....and getting deeper. Since I wasn't contemplating a bath, I decided a little drain maintenance was in order.
03/Jul/16 1:27 AM
I missed Serena's puzzle yesterday, so, of course, I had to work on that in between my plumbing duties. No wonder it took as long as it did.
03/Jul/16 1:31 AM
and I'm out of here!
03/Jul/16 1:32 AM
Happy Saturday!
03/Jul/16 1:52 AM
03/Jul/16 2:08 AM
03/Jul/16 2:18 AM
Poor Ruben. He looks like Groucho Marks!
03/Jul/16 4:24 AM
Good afternoon to all! Despite a small amount of rain, it was a great Canada Day here in Ottawa. The celebrations and concerts on Parliament Hill were super, including the Snowbirds fly over. great fireworks too!
03/Jul/16 4:56 AM
It's the US next up on Monday. Have a great July 4th Americans!
03/Jul/16 4:57 AM
Morning all, poor Rubén looks old for his age.
Had a great day with Ella and Cailin yesterday, we took them with us when we walked up to vote and Ella was not happy that she couldn't vote too.lol
03/Jul/16 7:29 AM
Finally got my accommodation for City2Surf (14 August) booked - this time I managed to get something quite close to the start.

1:31 for the Sudoku.
03/Jul/16 8:00 AM
Oz voted yesterday - the result is too close to call a winner. I have a feeling the world of politics is going to be very rocky and interesting for the 3 years.
03/Jul/16 8:15 AM
Morning all. I loved the joke Peter. I guess they went for their honeymoon on a mop head.
03/Jul/16 10:15 AM
Great win for the Brumbies Peter, and for the Waratahs. The Dogs had a really important win over the Swans. Same margin as last year. If the Dogs beat the Tigers next week, they'll move into the top four as the Cats play the Swans.
03/Jul/16 10:20 AM
Belated good wishes to the Canadians for Canada Day, and a premature greeting for those from the US for Independence Day. It is just a bit early for Bastille Day.
03/Jul/16 10:24 AM
Despite spending quite some time in the US and paying several visits to Canada, I don't know if such names as Yankees and Canuks are acceptable. I have been told that Latinos is not. What do you think.
03/Jul/16 10:28 AM
Having got this far i'll claim a CP, before I catch up with the election results.
03/Jul/16 10:29 AM
Good morning.
03/Jul/16 12:06 PM
03/Jul/16 12:07 PM
Should've gone 2 more, Wombat.
03/Jul/16 12:07 PM
You were SO close.
03/Jul/16 12:08 PM
And Keith is out of town, I think.
03/Jul/16 12:09 PM
I was, but I'm back now. It was a fun trip. Saw family, 3 excellent plays at the Ashland Shakespeare Festival, and met up with Dave in Ashland, as well as Kathi and Rob in Crescent City. What more could I ask for?
03/Jul/16 12:19 PM

Yes, Keith is out of town. He and his wife have met up with Katitude and her husband in northern California while they're in the US from Oz.
03/Jul/16 12:22 PM
Good afternoon everyone
03/Jul/16 12:49 PM
A very late good evening to all.
03/Jul/16 1:02 PM
Sounds like some fun things have been happening for several of you.
03/Jul/16 1:03 PM
Greg, I had never heard of the Snowbirds - I'm not sure why since after some research they are as well-known as the Blue Angels & the Thunderbirds, both of which I have seen.
03/Jul/16 1:39 PM
Where we have our summer place, many folks arrive this weekend with their 'own' fireworks - it becomes a competition amongst all the cottagers. They already began the celebration tonight... hope they all have some left for the FOURTH!
03/Jul/16 1:42 PM
Well lookey here.....beer o'clock!

Ba moui ba........or Boags or Cascade!
03/Jul/16 1:44 PM
Wombat, couldn't care less about the Waratahs - ptui- Wouldn't waste my eyesight watching them!
03/Jul/16 1:48 PM
The Broomstick Manipulating Precpitator should be appearing soon.
03/Jul/16 1:50 PM
Voting day yesterday...........interesting times ahead.
03/Jul/16 1:51 PM
Lovely winters day. Took a drive to the beach. Bought lunch then walked around the rocks as it was low tide. Drove home through some national parks. lots of lovely native vegetation. A very pleasant Sunday afternoon.
03/Jul/16 4:17 PM
Well as CP pointed out I missed 22, but unless 'the broomstick wielding precipitator' is lurking I might be able be able to finish page 1.
03/Jul/16 6:04 PM
And maybe even start page 2.
03/Jul/16 6:05 PM
Heres the bottom of this page
03/Jul/16 6:05 PM
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