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Easy Sudoku for 3/July/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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03/Jul/18 12:00 AM
1:52 Hal and all who follow.
03/Jul/18 12:11 AM
03/Jul/18 12:22 AM
03/Jul/18 1:41 AM
It appears that this is a new river. Not so long ago it was a valley of trees. Global warming?
03/Jul/18 3:43 AM
Or a new high tide?

03/Jul/18 4:03 AM
Everybody!! Just returned from Reno Cribbage tourney. Did well for a change! Actually won some money.
03/Jul/18 5:03 AM
03/Jul/18 5:13 AM
2:02. Good morning everyone.
03/Jul/18 6:03 AM
Morning all,the only time I've been to Margaret River it poured rain. Pretty town though.
03/Jul/18 6:55 AM
Has anyone heard from Wombat, hope he is ok.
03/Jul/18 6:57 AM
Peter has posted Arachnid's poozle at the end of yesterday's posts.
03/Jul/18 7:02 AM
Well done ,Denny .
03/Jul/18 7:05 AM
A CP to boost the post on this slow morning.
03/Jul/18 7:08 AM
From today's weather column in the Washington Post:
The combination of heat and humidity produced peak heat index values, a measure of how hot the air feels, of around 108 degrees in Washington and 110 in Baltimore.
This is not Las Vegas, where it feels like being roasted in temperatures over 100F, but the east coast, where we are simmering.
03/Jul/18 7:10 AM
Hello all - keep cool, enjoy your success & winnings, Denny; Chris - is this the MOVE-IN day??
03/Jul/18 7:13 AM
Wombat had a GP appointment to start the week after all his blood work was done last week; hope all is fine or things that weren't are being fixed!!
03/Jul/18 7:14 AM
We're missing you Wombat!!
03/Jul/18 7:15 AM
Sorry Folks, No additional health problems just part of the ongoing battle to keep my blood sugar levels within reasonable limits. The reason while the posting of my answers is late is that a few people asked for extra time, but thank you for caring!
Well here they are:
Anaemia - LOW LEVEL More...
03/Jul/18 10:16 AM
Not while, but why.
One of my daughters Natalie works at the Australian National Library. She takes a copy of the puzzle to work on Monday and a group of the staff gather over morning tea to solve it. They are from such a diverse range of backgrounds that they rarely have to resort to Google.
03/Jul/18 10:21 AM
Feel free to pass on a copy of the puzzles to friends or relatives or even use it at a trivia night.
Well where is my wombat friend? I'll pause for 5 minute to give Keith, or any lurkers a chance to grab 22.
03/Jul/18 10:25 AM
3:52 lovely pic
03/Jul/18 10:38 AM
Well, You have really had 10 minutes, generous aren't I? Sorry Keith, but it isn't far to 33 and the chance of a beer. I'll even help you on your way cos I'm after a CP
03/Jul/18 10:39 AM
Well I wanted to long, but it is alright it was someone from peanut country and the home of a former Premier of Queensland.
03/Jul/18 10:45 AM
03/Jul/18 11:41 AM
Been gone all day. Hi Meg.
03/Jul/18 1:58 PM
Good Maen, good people. It has been a busy few days. Very full. I can't remember where I left off. Recovering from sinus surgery. Less pain, lessening congestion. Still hard to breathe especially at night but at times one side or the other clears and I'm amazed at my capacity for breath. I have a follow up early next week. I hope to be healed and able to breathe well by then.
03/Jul/18 10:09 PM
Burl and I have been in Pennsylvania again. We didn't know what to expect of this central area of the state but it is actually quite a bright spot. Of course it helps that we are corporate guests and so are being treated to dinners and staying at a historic B&B, but the program is geared to the More...
03/Jul/18 10:27 PM
Last time we drove I-80 south of Cleveland we drove through blinding snow bands. That was in late March. This time it was scorching hot. I have been enjoying the constant A/C for most of the past few days but we need to head home where the seasonal A/C units are still put away in storage.
03/Jul/18 10:32 PM
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