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Easy Sudoku for 3/July/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, all!
03/Jul/19 12:00 AM
03/Jul/19 12:03 AM
guys! And all to follow!
03/Jul/19 1:04 AM
Everybody!! Hopefully more to come!
03/Jul/19 1:19 AM
While I was in the store getting groceries several days ago, someone backed into my car and left a dent. No note, just the dent. According to our insurance company, if there is a police report, it is considered a hit and run and brings the cost of repair way down. After a very nice cop took More...
03/Jul/19 1:21 AM
1:44. Good Morning, all. Pretty bird. Sorry about your car, Kathy. It's curious about your deductible being reduced if it's a hit and run (perhaps in that case your 'uninsured driver' coverage comes into play?). And maybe the other driver had just gone home to fetch a pen and paper 😉...
03/Jul/19 2:09 AM
Sorry about your hit and run, Kathy, but thankful for the helpful insurance and police!
03/Jul/19 3:17 AM
We had a similar experience a few years ago, Kathy ... but this person DID leave a note. We couldn't help laughing when we read it, which said, ''I think I ran into you for her. :-) r car. Will you please call me.'' Holy cow! ''think''?? She totally caved in the side of our car! LOL! We did More...
03/Jul/19 3:52 AM
Grrr! I am in the car on the way to our cabin. The power fluctuated and my message above was garbled. Repeat:

We had a similar experience a few years ago, Kathy ... but this person DID leave a note. We couldn't help laughing when we read it, which said, ''I think I ran into your car. More...
03/Jul/19 3:57 AM
Beaut9iful bird. Kate.
03/Jul/19 3:57 AM
03/Jul/19 4:23 AM
The good news is I DO get a loaner car while the repair is being done. They said it would take 3-4 days. Good old Enterprise will even bring it to the repair shop when I drop mine off. I can't ask for more than that. Well, except that it hadn't happened in the first place.
03/Jul/19 5:28 AM

Pretty bird Nice photo
03/Jul/19 5:29 AM
At least she was conscientious enough to leave her information, Judy. Nice of you to give her a break.
Enjoy your mountain retreat! Let us know of any sightings..... More...
03/Jul/19 5:36 AM
03/Jul/19 6:15 AM
Morning all, great photo of the rosella,they don't stay still for long.
03/Jul/19 6:27 AM
03/Jul/19 6:28 AM
all. Pretty bird.
03/Jul/19 6:42 AM
Picture Motion Browser (PMB) update: Did some research today and found out that Sony no longer supports PMB, since 2014!!!!!

But they have a replacement called Play Memories. I downloaded it with no problems. It's somewhat different than PMB, but acceptable. Problem solved.

Many thanks to robinw, Neil and Keith for their input.
03/Jul/19 6:51 AM
2:16, need more sleep and/or coffee! Good morning everyone.
03/Jul/19 7:03 AM
03/Jul/19 8:16 AM
03/Jul/19 8:16 AM
Well, Kathy, Bigfoot has an adorable smile ... the bear looks friendly enough ... the beaver is a cutie ... and the balaclava is not too scary ... but I would run like heck from the naked guy with a bag over his head!
03/Jul/19 8:29 AM
After a nice but hot sunny day, it is now raining so hard I can barely see the building across the plaza, maybe 150 yards away. Lotsa water!! and noisy, besides.
03/Jul/19 10:07 AM
whoopee. After years of inactivity, I have finally logged in again. Thanks Gath for finding my details
03/Jul/19 10:35 AM
Well, now. Look who's back. Good to see you again, dino. Welcome home.
03/Jul/19 11:20 AM
Hi Dino, After seeing photo of your son building a house, it must have been ten years ago, I wonder how it has developed. South Gippsland can have some really rough weather, and if your son's house is close to yours it will have been well tested.
I have a friend who taught at Fish Creek, and More...
03/Jul/19 11:34 AM
Nice to have you back, dino.
03/Jul/19 12:17 PM
Yes, welcome back, dino.
03/Jul/19 3:38 PM
I delight in several eastern rosellas that eat from my bird feeder on my verandah each day.
03/Jul/19 10:56 PM
Hi Wombat. My son now has two children, 9 and 14 years old. It's been a long time away from home for me. About time I submitted some current photos.
06/Jul/19 8:07 AM
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