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Easy Sudoku for 3/August/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi and good night everyone - just thought I'd drop by and grab first post for the day before heading off to bed!
03/Aug/15 12:00 AM
fellow puzzlers hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
03/Aug/15 12:50 AM
03/Aug/15 1:05 AM
Morning Chris, Lizzy & Hal.
03/Aug/15 1:43 AM
One of the lucky days when there's no cloud cover.
03/Aug/15 1:49 AM
Wahoo ! Hydroplane race Sunday in Seattle.
03/Aug/15 1:53 AM
, y'all! I was about to choose but noticed in my TZ we're already into the afternoon
03/Aug/15 2:11 AM
HalT! What'cha doin' in Missouri?!
03/Aug/15 2:11 AM
5K road race went well last night. I was off last year's pace by less than a minute - so considering the near 6-month hiatus and restarting in late May, I'm pretty happy. Placed 2nd in my age/gender.

Details for those who run (or those who care): 5K, finish time 30:08, 9:42 min/mi pace or 6:02 min/km. My personal/chip time was 29:59. Last year's finish time was 29:17.
03/Aug/15 2:17 AM
03/Aug/15 2:49 AM
Pretty photo of MT.McKinley. Love those clouds over the mountain.
03/Aug/15 2:54 AM
well done Silvergal you did well.
03/Aug/15 3:02 AM

I have well on the brain!!
03/Aug/15 3:02 AM
Well I'll be.
03/Aug/15 4:02 AM

03/Aug/15 4:06 AM

Going to be a looooooooooong night here in Sudoku land
03/Aug/15 4:07 AM

Is there any hope we can make it Keith before another hour has lapsed?
03/Aug/15 4:10 AM

I just had a look at the time difference and for Keith its 11.14am Sunday....17hours behind Sydney time. How did I do Keith?
03/Aug/15 4:14 AM
Well Lizzy G, you did well. I'm 14 hours behind Sydney, so Keith must be 17 hours behind.
03/Aug/15 4:24 AM

Thanks Hal, Ive never been great on time changes. Its really silly that the west coast of US is only across the water but the time travels the long way round.
03/Aug/15 4:34 AM

and yes, I did notice your 'well' dig.

But before I get carried away its time to stop and wait for Keith.
03/Aug/15 4:34 AM

I did give him plenty of time, but he must be busy....and before it gets busy here at work I shall say good night and Ill be back on Wednesday night after my weekend. Bye for now
03/Aug/15 5:21 AM
Morning all, a chilly looking photo.
03/Aug/15 5:42 AM
1:34. Good morning everyone.
03/Aug/15 6:23 AM

I hope everyone is having a good day. I wonder how sore Silvergal is today after her run.
03/Aug/15 6:30 AM
Not more sore than usual, Dottie, but thanks for asking. I've been running anywhere between 3-4.5 miles several times a week. I want to step it up to 5 miles for the Labor Day race I'll be doing.
03/Aug/15 6:37 AM
If anybody would like to see some shots from last night's race, visit my gallery. Silverguy came along for the excitement factor.
03/Aug/15 6:38 AM
Nice view of Mt McKinley. I have a photo somewhere from back in 1995.
Off to the city today. It is much cooler than yesterday when we reached 24*C but at least the sun is shining. A nice winters day.
03/Aug/15 7:41 AM
Good morning everyone. Tassie is having a blast from Antarctica today. Many roads and schools around the state are closed due to snow. Its cold here, but we didn't even rate a frost!
03/Aug/15 8:27 AM
I'll take 24*c June, but not much warmer!
03/Aug/15 8:28 AM
ok folks - time to walk the dog and then go and prune the fruit trees. Enjoy your day or what's left of it.
03/Aug/15 8:29 AM
Yup, you were right about the time, but I had ''left the building'' for lunch with some friends and then we went to enjoy some local entertainment. It was really good, and we just got back home.
03/Aug/15 9:23 AM
It took me a long time to wrap my head around the idea that when we flew back home from Sydney to San Francisco, going by the clock and calendar, we landed before we took off.
03/Aug/15 9:58 AM
Back to the future eh, Keith?
03/Aug/15 11:42 AM
Something like that.
03/Aug/15 11:53 AM
Silvergal, was # 3 supposed to be 4aΔ? ... not that that helps me to figure it out.
03/Aug/15 2:57 PM
We had an appointment in the city today. I love getting the train across the Harbour Bridge and looking out over the harbour with the sun shining and the water lovely and blue.
03/Aug/15 2:59 PM
I think the temp got to about 18*C today but it will get colder over the next few days as the cold down south moves up the coast.
03/Aug/15 3:01 PM
Thx for putting your pictures of the race up. Looks like it was fun.
03/Aug/15 3:05 PM
What the hay ... BOP.
03/Aug/15 3:06 PM
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