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Easy Sudoku for 30/January/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning. Another early checkin while the world is relatively peaceful.
30/Jan/13 12:00 AM
Good morning my sudoku friends.
30/Jan/13 12:00 AM
Woo hoo - first! Haqven't done that in a very long time.
30/Jan/13 12:01 AM
Can't spell.
30/Jan/13 12:01 AM
Hi June!
30/Jan/13 12:02 AM
Need to go.
30/Jan/13 12:02 AM
Notes to write.......
30/Jan/13 12:02 AM
Hi CP.
I see it is the lonely chili with the beans.
30/Jan/13 12:04 AM
Cannot get onto the Medium puzzle. It keeps reverting back to easy.
30/Jan/13 12:06 AM
Hello, June, CP & friends!
No today.
Warm ... but foggy.
May get to 55F - 60F!
30/Jan/13 12:06 AM
Yes, it puts me back to 'easy', too, June!
30/Jan/13 12:07 AM
How did that sneak in?
30/Jan/13 12:09 AM
The red pepper?
(I doubt it could ever sneak into that 'mess of beans', Serena!)
30/Jan/13 12:13 AM
What is your avatar, Serena?
30/Jan/13 12:14 AM
YIKES! Off and running.
Good Maen all...and ciao Shiela, Serena, June and CP!
Love the gold plated Kazoo, Serena!
30/Jan/13 12:15 AM
Shiela, it was a kazoo for yesterday. I forgot to change it before I posted this morning.
30/Jan/13 12:17 AM
Now it's a snowflake because we got a little over for inches in the past 24 hours and my grass is gone again.
30/Jan/13 12:18 AM
Love the picture!
30/Jan/13 12:19 AM
for = four
30/Jan/13 12:22 AM
Serena, you are getting the weather we got most of Sunday evening when we were driving home from a family gathering 100 miles from home. Not a fast trip. Cars were going 35-40 mph on the expressway! Took an hour longer than normal!
30/Jan/13 12:22 AM
30/Jan/13 12:23 AM
30/Jan/13 12:23 AM
(Hello, Keith!)
30/Jan/13 12:23 AM
Today we have rain, rain, rain...
30/Jan/13 12:25 AM
Shiela, we are supposed to get rain tonight. I guess we really are getting your weather.
30/Jan/13 12:27 AM
30/Jan/13 1:17 AM
Hello, all. I was going to work the Medium puzzle then get ready for school. Guess I have to get ready instead!
30/Jan/13 1:25 AM
Jamie, I laugh every time you say you are getting ready for school. It always puts the image of a little kid in my head.
30/Jan/13 1:28 AM
No one believes seniors . . . everyone thinks they are senile.

An elderly couple was celebrating their sixtieth anniversary. The couple had married as childhood sweethearts and had moved back to their old neighbourhood after they retired. Holding hands, they walked back to their old school. More...
30/Jan/13 1:33 AM
Serena - thanks! Glad I can make somebody laugh, or even smile. I am just glad that I still enjoy getting ready for school at my advancing age. The day I don't will mean that I will not be teaching the next year.
30/Jan/13 1:39 AM
Now I AM getting off. I went and worked the Hard instead of Medium.
30/Jan/13 1:40 AM
There's always one ...
30/Jan/13 2:00 AM
Good morning people of the world.
30/Jan/13 2:12 AM
National Puzzle Day
30/Jan/13 2:12 AM
Back from a visit to my dentist. Semi-annual cleaning and check-up. I have a minor crack in one tooth that will need repair. Other than that, my teeth are in good shape.
30/Jan/13 3:35 AM
I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon to check out the rest of my body. I don't anticipate any problems.
30/Jan/13 3:36 AM
Goodmorning from a very wet OK. One would think we were having a spring shower, temp of 55 with thunder and lightening.
Can't complain since we need the rain ever so much.
30/Jan/13 3:59 AM
Where is everyone?? I know I slept in, I get good sleep when it is raining as long as the thunder isn't too loud.
30/Jan/13 4:00 AM
We had such a beautiful day yesterday 75F, was nice to be warm.
30/Jan/13 4:03 AM
30/Jan/13 4:03 AM
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