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Easy Sudoku for 30/January/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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good morning all
30/Jan/15 12:01 AM
Good morning people of the world.
30/Jan/15 12:14 AM
Kakuro isn't working today for some reason.
Hello to all anyhow.
30/Jan/15 12:15 AM
Yesterday was a gorgeous, prefect day.
I was able to open this house up and let the sunshine in.
Had more solar power change than anyone around here cared for me to have.
30/Jan/15 12:18 AM
Had two sucking machines going for most of the day, which resulted in my furry buddies being very ticked at me and my body hurting today.
30/Jan/15 12:19 AM
Did a preseason clean up and out, which today, I believe the trash pick up people may not like me either.
30/Jan/15 12:21 AM
Generally the kitties take a nap with me and tuck me into bed at night. Not yesterday. They took their afternoon nap in one of the girls rooms and one did enter the room but did not tuck me in last night. Shelby Lou is still keeping her back to me.
30/Jan/15 12:23 AM
That is alright, I now have clean base boards and my car is cleaned out, before Spring. The pantry is back in order and the spices are in alphabetical order, not just ABC form.
30/Jan/15 12:24 AM
If you recall, when we first moved in, Man put the spice shelves in...uh...order. I know there is a huge age gap between us, but I never realized that it was so big that we have different ABC's.
30/Jan/15 12:27 AM
Best part. My pantry is now labeled!
30/Jan/15 12:28 AM
Hi Vishal.
30/Jan/15 12:30 AM
I need to come up with a way to convince Karen to come to my house.
30/Jan/15 12:31 AM
Poor Man, almost lost his life, he is was only saved because we have two girls to guide through life.
Anyway, throughout the day, I went to the pantry to admire my brilliance, but when he came home, he made his fatal mistake. No, not by coming home. He put a can of asparagus in the pantry, More...
30/Jan/15 12:32 AM
See if you can figure out the words in this 'pyramid' using the hints given below. Each new word contains the same letters as the previous word, plus a new letter. Order need not be preserved.

1) Nineteenth letter of the English alphabet
2) Therefore
3) Male descendent
4) Body More...
30/Jan/15 12:33 AM
I am very excited about having a pre-seasoned cleaned out car, though no plans on going anywhere till this afternoon, to pick up my girl. She has been given strict orders not to touch anything in the car, I suggested wearing gloves, and not to breath on anything until we get home. That should not be too difficult, it is only about a 7 or 8 minute drive, unless I get stopped by a light.
30/Jan/15 12:36 AM
Hahahahaha, hehehehe, snort.

Oh, Serena, you hormones are making you say the darnest things. Hehehe.
30/Jan/15 12:37 AM
In June, we will have been here two years, and I am still not in order. We were on the farm for 16 or 18 years and we never fully moved in there, granted we were under construction for the most part, then the shock of our lives, which has me, I don't know about him, still trying to recover 8 years later and you want me to come to your house. Hahahaha.
30/Jan/15 12:40 AM
How did I know Karen was here?!?!?!?!?

to Karen and all who follow
30/Jan/15 12:43 AM
Well since I have taken Viv's, Shosho's and Anne's number, (I think I took Anne's), might as well keep on going.
Yep, I still have not done what I needed to do a few days ago, hence my pre-season clean out. But who wants to sit with a computer reading things that do not make sense on a sun shiny day.
30/Jan/15 12:45 AM
Looks like I can partially open up the house again today, but then we return to Winter for another few days.
Seems the last few days were just a tease. Yes, I know I have no reason to complain about my Winter, which I do not complain about our cold weather, I complain about going too long without sunshine. Summer should be here in a few weeks. Notice how I skipped Spring.
30/Jan/15 12:48 AM
Must speed things along. I gotta do. Gotta do.
30/Jan/15 12:49 AM
Hmmmm... Where's Keith???
30/Jan/15 12:49 AM
To my dear friend.
30/Jan/15 12:49 AM
Yippee!!! Thanks, Keith!
30/Jan/15 12:50 AM
You little sneak.
30/Jan/15 12:50 AM
Now, I cannot wait around for Jerry's number, because my cup is empty now.
But never fear, I shall return.
30/Jan/15 12:52 AM
I am back on-line after being off for a week due to an out-dated modem.
Did you miss me???
(Don't answer that!)
30/Jan/15 12:54 AM
Karen, Serena, Wolf, Dave & other friends!
After two days of sunny skies, we have clouds.
Sun was much appreciated yesterday, though!
(Had to go in for one of those medical tests you'd rather not have which requires a prep day.)
30/Jan/15 1:01 AM
I had ordered an updated modem from my Internet cable company twice before finally getting it on the third try. Rather frustrating. I'd called the first time and actually talked to a person because it was early enough that their website didn't have all the bugs ironed out. They assured me they'd More...
30/Jan/15 1:28 AM
Oh, Shiela what horrible woes. Thank goodness you have an IT guy on the ready for you. My IT guy is a cousin and he always blames the user.
30/Jan/15 1:31 AM
I think I am starting to be forgiven. One kitty guarded the door while I showered, and Shelby Lou has moved closer to me, but still sleeping with her back to me. Other kitty is still giving me evil looks.
I think if she realizes her favorite sunny spot is cleaned and the window is open, though she cannot escape, she will forgive me for making so much racket yesterday.
30/Jan/15 1:34 AM
HalT and Canuk Greg, on your recent vampire visits, did you find out that all is good?
I think, there was someone else, but my memory fails me.
30/Jan/15 1:36 AM
Jerry's number.
Which is kind of sad, because, my cup is empty again and there is one more in the pot. It is always so sad to drink the last cup, because then I have to wait till tomorrow for some more. Yes, I could make some more, but I must progress to other beverages, that will not hurt my tummy later on.
30/Jan/15 1:38 AM
I was doing some catch up reading and Plum, darling dear, you sound like you have a major case of Winter blues. And here I am basking in mid-Winter, Spring peek.

Come on darling, shake the cobwebs off, open the blinds and let some sun shine in. I think with your snow, it will brighten More...
30/Jan/15 1:50 AM
It is going on 9 AM now, I really must get my tush up and accomplish something today.
30/Jan/15 1:51 AM
30/Jan/15 1:53 AM
Good race today.
30/Jan/15 1:54 AM
Going for the page change, Karen?
30/Jan/15 1:54 AM
And Keith?
30/Jan/15 1:54 AM
30/Jan/15 1:55 AM
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