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Easy Sudoku for 30/January/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Glad it's Friday here at last.
30/Jan/16 12:00 AM
Wolf, I have sent details from your message on to Lizzy. I will get back to you in the next day or so.
Just watched the Tennis. Sorry Greg, but it was a great game. Andy Murray beat the Canadian player 3 sets to 2.
30/Jan/16 12:11 AM
30/Jan/16 1:37 AM
everyone! Well, Hal, June and Wolf, so far.
30/Jan/16 1:58 AM
I am off to lunch in awhile. All the roads are finally cleared here. In my town, people who have sidewalks in front of their homes are required to have them shoveled within 48 hours of a snowfall. As I was driving around yesterday, I noticed maybe 50% had been cleared. How kids are supposed to More...
30/Jan/16 2:07 AM
a beautiful day in OK
30/Jan/16 2:07 AM
Pretty fancy nest for a little cat. I wonder how long before Jake outgrew it.
30/Jan/16 2:09 AM
I am looking forward to Greg's puzzle this weekend. Thanks, Greg. I know those take quite a bit of time to pull together.
30/Jan/16 2:10 AM
It is still cool but we are headed towards 70F today. Not that I don't like warm weather but not in January in OK. The only thing I find good about it being warm over the weekend is we will finally get the outside Christmas down.
30/Jan/16 2:12 AM
Good morning.
30/Jan/16 2:25 AM
Also looking forward to Greg's puzzle.
30/Jan/16 2:25 AM
Have promised myself I will print it out and have a really good go at it.
30/Jan/16 2:26 AM
Our nirghbours launch off to South America and Antatctica tomorrow. I am only slightly jealous.
30/Jan/16 2:28 AM
We're planning a quiet weekend may try and get Mr P to a movie.
30/Jan/16 2:30 AM
Good morning to all! More cats.
30/Jan/16 2:40 AM
Thanks June, but what you forgot to say was that Raonic was up two sets to one and then injured his right leg. He was on his way to winning, and even Murray acknowledged that.
30/Jan/16 2:45 AM
Happy Friday!
Trying to decide whether to make brownies or shortbread cookies to go with the lunch my niece is bringing to my Mom's today...
30/Jan/16 2:54 AM
Good morning folks! Yay - a Greg-poozle this weekend!
30/Jan/16 2:56 AM
Sue - along with you making Harry-visitations & then keeping-your-foot-elevated I surely hope you find someone else to 'take down Christmas'!!
30/Jan/16 2:59 AM
30/Jan/16 3:23 AM
30/Jan/16 3:23 AM
30/Jan/16 3:23 AM
RIP - Paul Kantner
30/Jan/16 4:07 AM
RIP - Joe Cocker.
30/Jan/16 4:15 AM

We're losing way too many really good musicians already this year.
30/Jan/16 4:24 AM
Morning all,now we have a kittie bowl.
30/Jan/16 5:08 AM
CP, Joe Cocker died Dec 22 2014 may he still RIP.
30/Jan/16 5:12 AM
RIP Paul Kantner.
30/Jan/16 5:15 AM
Cute Jake, in a beautiful bowl!
30/Jan/16 6:57 AM
Jake is into crystal.
30/Jan/16 7:44 AM
Good morning all.
30/Jan/16 7:47 AM
Tassie is still at it. Massive flooding in the east from record January rainfall.
30/Jan/16 7:48 AM
Very little rain in the fiery north west but enough lighting for a dozen new fires. There are now more than 80 fires burning!
30/Jan/16 7:50 AM
Enough doom and gloom. Bad luck for your Canadian rep in the Oz Open CG. I'm sure he'll get his rewards in the future.
30/Jan/16 7:54 AM
Enjoy your day folks.
30/Jan/16 7:54 AM
Watched tennis, great player Raonic! Agreed Greg! He was certainly on his way to win but unfortunately injured his leg! A Future Champion!
Murray was lucky to win!
30/Jan/16 8:17 AM
What? Two days in a row?
30/Jan/16 9:23 AM
Where's shosho?
30/Jan/16 9:24 AM
I can do this!
30/Jan/16 9:25 AM
30/Jan/16 9:25 AM
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