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Easy Sudoku for 30/October/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Keith - Bean doesn't have the Internet allotment to handle Skyping - wish we could. I'm hoping that the club where June is hosting our lunch will have Wifi - then I could hook up my camera.
Will keep you posted.
30/Oct/09 11:37 AM
- --- .--. .--.
30/Oct/09 11:37 AM
.- .-.. .- ... --..-- / -. ---
30/Oct/09 11:39 AM

The bewitching hour is coming closer.
To cut down on duplicating messages here, on facebook and by PM I will now be notifying you by email if there is anything that I have forgotten to tell you. Could you please send me your email if you are planning on coming and I don't have More...
30/Oct/09 11:44 AM
BTW...all of the details are posted here..

30/Oct/09 11:48 AM
What do little ghosts wear when it rains?

... Boo-ts and ghoul-oshes!
30/Oct/09 12:13 PM
3.04 Oh dear. I see you are all getting into the spirit of things.
30/Oct/09 12:18 PM
The 'Oh dear' was my time.

30/Oct/09 12:19 PM
30/Oct/09 1:49 PM
What happened to the witch who brewed a beauty potion in her cauldron?

She was fired
30/Oct/09 1:57 PM
How do you evict a poltergeist?

If you empty the room, the only thing left for it to throw - is itself - out of a window.
30/Oct/09 1:59 PM
Plum YUM!!!! What time is dinner??
30/Oct/09 1:59 PM
What happened when the werewolf drove from the tee?

He howled in one
30/Oct/09 2:05 PM
Hello everyone
30/Oct/09 2:07 PM
Who was the famous ghost detective?

... Sherlock Moans!
30/Oct/09 2:51 PM
It's late. Shhhhh.
30/Oct/09 3:51 PM
Hello Mickey, it's lovely to see you posting more often.
30/Oct/09 4:50 PM
It's later.
30/Oct/09 4:52 PM
30/Oct/09 4:52 PM

30/Oct/09 5:55 PM
Busy evening for the riddle and lots of correct answers including Aileen, lonewoof, Jimmy, Lindy, Kathy, Ian, June, Greg, Mamacita, Mo and Plum. You are all in the hallowe'en spirit in one way or another. The correct answer was Jack.
30/Oct/09 9:30 PM
Hi eneryone...stil dark in here morning coming slowly as your day going. I'll make coffee ... any would like some?...
30/Oct/09 9:31 PM
Here's one for the start of the weekend - answers to Kathy's inbox please, she's in charge, or at least she will be if she ever gets out of her dressing gown.
The following puzzles are quips from anonymous authors. Can you decode them?

Both puzzles use the same code.
"UTDA L More...
30/Oct/09 9:34 PM
Halloween and angels.... here a recipe that may be right for the occasion. I haven't try it yet.

Angels on horseback

20 dried prunes
20 toothpicks
10 slices of smoked bacon

Lay out your ingredients. Remove all of the cartilage from More...
30/Oct/09 9:39 PM
Angels on horseback

20 dried prunes
20 toothpicks
10 slices of smoked bacon

Lay out your ingredients. Remove all of the cartilage from the bacon if there is any and then cut
Prepare all the ingredients. Remove the cartilage from More...
30/Oct/09 9:41 PM
If you don't like (or need) prunes, dried apricots work well too.
30/Oct/09 9:41 PM
Post it again Danstell, third time lucky!
30/Oct/09 9:42 PM
I'M trying to place the recipe into the recipe section... I need cooffffeeee!
I'll try again later.
30/Oct/09 9:43 PM
Apricot may look better...more orangy for the occasion!
30/Oct/09 9:44 PM
Do you think mice would like them? I need to set the trap again - seems like Minnie is hunting for Mickey...sigh, another execution in the offing. Or has the ghost of Mickey returned to haunt me this hallowe'en weekend?
30/Oct/09 9:48 PM
you need a black cat then you can put your feet up and enjoy the treats
30/Oct/09 9:57 PM
cooofffeee is good!
30/Oct/09 9:58 PM
Third time lucky....right on Fiona!
I posted the recipe in the right place... and added your suggestion on abricot.

One more coffeee and I'll be ready for rock'and roll. Where is the music?
30/Oct/09 10:07 PM
Leaving for work in about 3 minute . . . had to stop by and wish you all a happy Maen.

. . . also. . . new photo and video on my page.

30/Oct/09 10:12 PM
Good morning.

Danstell, I think we call them 'Devils on Horseback', bones apart, we make them with dates/prunes/oysters - you can use Vienna sausages too. Not sure if a nice brandy would go with that though, a bit early in the day.

Fiona, how many mice have you been infested with?
30/Oct/09 11:05 PM
...please don't mention weiners, is that how you spell it? I don't want to be hounded by/with it.
30/Oct/09 11:26 PM

Looking over the log book kept by the computer support staff at my office, I noticed several entries stating the problem was PICNIC. I asked one of the technicians what PICNIC meant. He laughed as he told me it meant "Problem In Chair,
Not In Computer"

(Been to far too many PICNICs!!)
30/Oct/09 11:36 PM
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