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Easy Sudoku for 30/December/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Yesterday 83F=28C and finally today expect a 20F = 11C drop to reasonable weather.
30/Dec/16 12:01 AM
Making my plans for the day - think I will take a holiday day - see a movie this morning!
30/Dec/16 12:03 AM
No Kakuro or Crossword today - now how can I waste some time?
30/Dec/16 12:24 AM
1:57 Good night one and all!
30/Dec/16 12:36 AM
Everyone! Great day in wine country. Have son's family from Colorado visiting. Really enjoying grandkids!
30/Dec/16 1:52 AM
Good morning all! That looks like a Morning Glory to me... but?
30/Dec/16 2:30 AM
We've only had one day of sunshine - yesterday - in more than two weeks! Overcast again.
Guess I'll just have to shine on the inside!
30/Dec/16 2:30 AM
Snagged for Shosho!)
30/Dec/16 2:31 AM
Happy Thursday!
30/Dec/16 2:40 AM
Wait a minute! I just looked outside and I see the clouds are breaking up!
Yippee! The sun just broke through!
30/Dec/16 2:49 AM
Good thing I looked out when I did.
30/Dec/16 2:50 AM
C'est la vie!
30/Dec/16 2:52 AM
We often have early morning marine influence fog that burns off by midday. It's a cheerful moment when the sun begins to pour in the windows.
30/Dec/16 2:53 AM
Morning all , looks like morning glory to e too.
30/Dec/16 2:58 AM
It will be a couple of hours before daybreak for me then another scorcher is predicted.
30/Dec/16 3:01 AM
Good morning all. Thunderstorm rolling overhead . It's now 3:45 am and the dog is need of a lot of calming.
30/Dec/16 3:45 AM
I guess I'm going to need a nana nap later on.
30/Dec/16 3:46 AM
If I ever get another dog - I want it thunderstorm tested first!
30/Dec/16 3:47 AM
He is squashed behind me on my chair and shaking like a leaf. Jamming him seems to be the best way to get him through it.
30/Dec/16 3:49 AM
....but very uncomfortable for me! Sigh!
30/Dec/16 3:50 AM
After 50 minutes the thunder seems nearly finished, now to get him back to his own bed.
30/Dec/16 3:52 AM
The grass in the hay are flat and after tonight's rain I don't think we'll be cutting fir another week.
30/Dec/16 3:53 AM
Any way folks enjoy your day.
30/Dec/16 3:54 AM
Good afternoon to all! Nice photo Nal!
30/Dec/16 4:22 AM
The new year is fast approaching. I hope 2017 is good to everyone. Good health, happiness and strong family ties will go a long way. Cheers!
30/Dec/16 4:24 AM
30/Dec/16 4:33 AM
Thanks, Shiela!! Here's flying your way!!!
30/Dec/16 4:33 AM
While the rest of the country is looking for the sun to break through, I'm look for the clouds to come so we can have some badly needed rain!!! We have some predicted for tomorrow but I'm worried I don't see any clouds and we have a very sunny day!
30/Dec/16 4:35 AM
The penultimate selection:
'Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.'
30/Dec/16 4:40 AM
1:23. Good morning everyone.
30/Dec/16 6:26 AM
30/Dec/16 6:28 AM
I was going to comment about Jeb's comment, but in truth I found it rather cheesy.
30/Dec/16 8:15 AM
For you, CG!! I learned a lot but wanted to run them by you for believability!
http://www.knowable.com/a/mind-blowing-facts-about-canada-that-show-just-how-weird-a nd-wonderful-it-really?utm_content=inf_10_3136_2&tse_id=INF_bd7f49f0cd3711e68a469d17a2be9ed9
30/Dec/16 8:47 AM
Sorry Sharon, I can't access the link as I'm not a Facebook user.
30/Dec/16 8:51 AM
Greg - I just tried it; there's a space here within the and: 'weird and wonderful' but it's not Facebook related at all!
30/Dec/16 9:58 AM
You're also staying atop of your form today, Greg - yep cheesy!
30/Dec/16 9:59 AM
all. Our last night in the Smokey mountains. We had a great Christmas with all of family, except for one of our grandsons, who is in his second week of basic training. (Our daughter had a life-size photo of him made, and he stood next to the Christmas tree all week.)
30/Dec/16 10:17 AM

A certain young man from Belizes,
Got reverently down on his kneeses,
Though a sinner I be,
I hope you'll agree,
I absolutely love cheeses.
30/Dec/16 10:30 AM
It's early, but I think I'd better call it day.
30/Dec/16 10:37 AM
I will check in tomorrow when I get home.
30/Dec/16 10:38 AM
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