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Easy Sudoku for 30/April/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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30/Apr/14 12:00 AM
30/Apr/14 12:01 AM
A Thought For The Day:

I almost had a psychic girlfriend ..... but she left me before we met.
30/Apr/14 12:01 AM
Better with the cat's original mouth!
30/Apr/14 12:04 AM
Agreed, Bev.
30/Apr/14 12:06 AM
Where's Jim when you need him?
30/Apr/14 12:25 AM
30/Apr/14 12:34 AM

What a weird photo. Not the best use of photoshop.
30/Apr/14 12:35 AM
ewww... how do I sleep after seeing a devil cat??
30/Apr/14 12:43 AM
G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
diplomacy — graduation
And here's today's factoid:
Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty glass.
30/Apr/14 1:02 AM
A kitty with make-up? Not a pretty picture. Poor kitty!
30/Apr/14 1:22 AM
I KNEW there was an name for my fear. Thanks Kayo.
30/Apr/14 1:30 AM
Now I'm having horror movie thoughts. 'Revenge of the cats' maybe?
30/Apr/14 1:32 AM

The maximum amount that you can win is $671,088.64. One more doubling, and you will have gone over the $1 million maximum. This winning amount occurs between 12:26 and 12:27, so stop the clock then.

To arrive at the answer, start More...
30/Apr/14 1:40 AM
Today's rebus is hanging out in my gallery. Answers to my ''rebus'' inbox please.
30/Apr/14 1:41 AM
30/Apr/14 3:21 AM
I had a good laugh trying to figure out Serena's rebus.
30/Apr/14 3:28 AM
I'm going to bet it isn't one of the answers I first thought of.....
30/Apr/14 3:31 AM
I've looked. So far, it doesn't speak to me at all.
30/Apr/14 4:32 AM
Count down: 2
30/Apr/14 4:33 AM
30/Apr/14 4:33 AM
30/Apr/14 4:34 AM
Happy Tuesday!
30/Apr/14 4:35 AM
30/Apr/14 4:39 AM
Good afternoon to all! I hate seeing these stupid photo-shop pictures on the site. Give me a real photo from a member photographer anytime please.
30/Apr/14 4:44 AM
June, I was glad to hear that the first cortisone shot worked so well for you. Hopefully after the second one you will be able to avoid further action.
30/Apr/14 4:46 AM
Kayo, like D or A, I believe I have that fear as well.
30/Apr/14 4:47 AM
Morning all,poor kitty.
I'm so pleased that I got my washing done yesterday,it's raining this morning.
30/Apr/14 6:20 AM
CP hope you are still tucked up in bed pushing out ZZZZZ's as a result of your sleep school! Hope it works for you. Is it a reslut of many years of shift work? I think a few of us on this site need to go too!
30/Apr/14 6:45 AM
1:37. Good morning everyone.
30/Apr/14 7:10 AM

People who have never worked shifts will not understand CP's sleeping issues. And they want to take away their penalties..........over my dead body.

I have not done shift work for several years now and I still have sleep issues as a result.
30/Apr/14 8:46 AM
I agree! I used to get 2 - 3 hours (if I was lucky) in the days after night shifts when I was nursing.
30/Apr/14 8:52 AM

* Democrats don't understand THE DEBT CEILING
* Republicans don't understand THE DEBT CEILING
* Liberals don't understand THE DEBT CEILING

* SO, allow me to explain.

Let's say you come home from work and find More...
30/Apr/14 9:32 AM
DoA - Thanks for the chuckle, even when the truth hurts.
30/Apr/14 10:37 AM
Hopefully, everyone from this site is safe from the storms and tornadoes. Unfortunately, lots of the winds and tornadoes pick up at this time of night. As of the dinner time news (2 hrs. ago), there had been 34 deaths from the tornadoes so far. Good thoughts going out to all in the path of the More...
30/Apr/14 10:41 AM
More worrying is Heidi who is driving down to Florida in her RV and pulling a horse float. She did wait until the worst of the storms had passed that area.
30/Apr/14 11:12 AM
Heidi phoned Tricia to say she has arrived OK.
30/Apr/14 11:14 AM
Good evening all. We are beginning to get some of the weather that has been moving this way for the last three days. The worst seems to have petered out. (No offense meant Peter. )
We're due for some rain tomorrow, but nothing serious is predicted... so far.
I think Heidi should be OK.
30/Apr/14 11:24 AM
Well, you can see how long it took me to type that last message. (See, I told you Heidi would be OK.)
30/Apr/14 11:26 AM
Oh, what the he11...
30/Apr/14 11:28 AM
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