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Easy Sudoku for 30/June/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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30/Jun/11 12:44 AM
Good Morning to everyone!
30/Jun/11 12:48 AM
I was wondering if Fiona picked up on that one?
My Grandmother could speak Welsh.
30/Jun/11 12:48 AM
Life is very busy here in MI! We are preparing to get two new grandbabies! The first one is due to arrive in about a month and they tell us it is a girl. The second one is due to arrive around the middle of October and they tell us it is a boy! We couldn't ask for anything different!!!!!
30/Jun/11 12:54 AM
Phantom - glad you enjoyed the overview photo I posted yesterday. The collage of paintings on the founding of America is very impressive on Liberty Hall. I took about 30 photos of the various depictions on the wall. With Independence Day around the corner - maybe I should post the set - after I review them.
30/Jun/11 1:05 AM

Debby, how wonderful! Babies to cuddle. How you must be looking forward to that!
Sending every good vibe I can for your Mom's recovery.
30/Jun/11 1:09 AM
I know a few words of Welsh. Our sister city is in Wales and I've visited it 4-5 times.
30/Jun/11 1:14 AM
I used to go to Wood-craft shows at Ravenshoe on the Atherton Tableland. I always enjoyed them. The exhibited skills were amazing, and the timbers exquisite.
30/Jun/11 1:19 AM
At first glance, Fiona's poozle make no sense to me at all.
I'll have to give it more thought later. Time for some house cleaning before the health authorities condemn this place.
30/Jun/11 1:22 AM
Kathy - I sent in an answer right away. Glancing at it won't help you solve it.
30/Jun/11 1:50 AM
Shiela, I did a google search with SPRUCE DYING MICHIGAN and got the following websites:

http://www.examiner.com/gardening-in-detroit/dying-spruce-trees-about-rhizosphaera-mich igan


http://www.forestry forum.com/board/index.php?action=printpage;topic=20546.0
30/Jun/11 1:52 AM
And there's also this forum that asks why red pines are dying in Michigan and Northern Indiana:

30/Jun/11 1:53 AM
I may be calling the doctor's office back about Little Plum,at least to do a telephone consult with the clinical staff.
30/Jun/11 1:57 AM
I'm hungry, tired and have no physical energy and it's noon now. I've been grateful for the extra puzzles to help me focus and sharpen today's mental energy, though I'm not sure I've got the answer to Mr. Cee's puzzle correct.
30/Jun/11 1:59 AM
Thanks, Plum. The Michigan State site person must have taken a photo of our tee! That's what they all look like in our area.
30/Jun/11 2:10 AM
2:46 - which is a good time for me. I can't imagine doing the puzzle as quickly as Anne did. Wish I knew the secret! Had almost an inch of rain last night. Most unusual for us; but then, this has been an unusual year, weatherwise.
30/Jun/11 2:36 AM
Oh! Little Plum is in the picture behind the easy Kakuro puzzle today.
30/Jun/11 2:37 AM
I agree with your "time" feelings, Linda. I took about 2:30 and can't go much faster than that. Never have figured out how the speed demons do it.
30/Jun/11 2:38 AM
Okay - time to display my ignorance - where do I find the kakuro puzzle(s)?
30/Jun/11 2:39 AM
jamie, maybe we'll improve as we age... I do remember when my times were over 10 minutes and I couldn't figure out how people did it in 5 minutes. It has, however, taken me about 6 years to improve my time to where it is now.
30/Jun/11 3:09 AM
I don't think age has much more hope for me, Linda! I am just glad to enjoy doing them. As long as I can still muddle through the medium and hard, I won't worry about it.
30/Jun/11 3:12 AM
Jamie, to the right under "Friends currently on line" is "Network Sites". Scroll down to "Kakuro"
It's like Sudoku, but you add to place the numbers.
I'm a wiz at Easy!
30/Jun/11 3:17 AM
Not much of a wiz at today's poozle though, are you???
30/Jun/11 3:25 AM
But reading it out loud does, Plum!
And Little Plum is looking mighty cute peeking out from behind the Kakuro puzzle! (that's for Fiona!)
30/Jun/11 3:30 AM
Hang in there you impatient person.....
30/Jun/11 3:31 AM
Thanks, Kathy! I love kakuro also.
30/Jun/11 3:35 AM
My photos are behind all of today's kakuro puzzles.
30/Jun/11 3:37 AM
While Fiona eats her words, I shall continue with cleaning up another room. Back for another break sooner rather than later, I'm sure!
30/Jun/11 3:42 AM
"Little" plum is a cutie, Plum! Also liked the picture of the falls.
30/Jun/11 3:43 AM
Must go get some work done while the A/C guys continue working. I am really looking forward to testing their product later today.
30/Jun/11 3:44 AM
If you want to increase sudoku puzzle solving times, try to figure out if you have a "clicking rhythm rut" when you're solving.

I find I get into a rhythm of clicking for solving the sudoku puzzles that slows me down as I could be clicking the squares faster.

Many times More...
30/Jun/11 3:44 AM
It took you two and a quarter hours to clean the first one - good grief, how long has it been between cleans??? Or do you have "large" rooms where you live?
30/Jun/11 3:44 AM
Hi All,
Have been reading and enjoying as usual, but felt compelled to state my preference for the site 'as is'! we already have plenty of options what with the forum section, and the categories present, and the date stamped post that allow for quick reference. During this time of job More...
30/Jun/11 3:46 AM
Fiona - I thought you were going to make a math problem out of Kathy's cleaning! "If it took Kathy 2.25 hours to clean one room . . . ".
30/Jun/11 3:48 AM
You have a GREAT day, too, Mama!!
30/Jun/11 3:49 AM
Since Judy has been among the missing as she hides out in Mountain country, we now present ...The Kathy and Fiona Show...upon her return, Judy will competently fill in her head spot...meanwhile, I'll enjoy these two.
Would also love to see the return of Tractor Girl Kim from Fl...
30/Jun/11 3:54 AM
Hi Mama! Just sneaked in to see who's here!
Hi Jamie, please no math, after this year with an unruly bunch, my head is still spinning!
30/Jun/11 4:14 AM
Shosho - I promise I will keep my music turned down low! Glad your long year is over - kick back and enjoy the summer. Did you get your run in?
30/Jun/11 4:19 AM
Good afternoon to all! Interesting disply, but it's hard to determine what is being shown. C'est la vie. Oh, I guess I should have said this is a picture comment.
30/Jun/11 4:32 AM
Heck, I'll go for it.....
30/Jun/11 4:33 AM
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