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Easy Sudoku for 30/September/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Rayray, I'm just bean silly, leading you down another path.
30/Sep/08 3:53 PM
Hi all, I haven't been on site for quite some time and just exchanged a few messages over the past few days. I did manage to be in the chatroom at the same time as Billy and that was really just by luck, but so good to catch up all the same. I understand that not so many people visit the chatroom More...
30/Sep/08 3:54 PM
Without any rapid, hence pre-considered, replies from other(s); I am in danger (of course) of being accused of CP-ing; and of talking to myself.
30/Sep/08 3:56 PM
My list of achievements hey. Well, I think I have achieved a lot. Probably not all that interesting enough to put on a page though. Fullfilling to me though as yours are to you.
30/Sep/08 3:56 PM
Deb: There are plenty of family narcissists about
30/Sep/08 3:57 PM
do you think of me as a breeder rayray? surely you can come up with a more tactful word than that. the perpetuation of human life is very important. who would be around to enjoy this great world we are all trying to resurrect if new life was not given? the preservation and progression of More...
30/Sep/08 3:57 PM
Oh I see! You are here to take - not to give?
30/Sep/08 3:58 PM
Mariana: I was not talking to you then. You are balanced - some aren't.
30/Sep/08 3:59 PM
So Mariana. The way you put it I FULLY agree
30/Sep/08 3:59 PM
I'm sure there are RayRay
30/Sep/08 4:00 PM
Gloria, SA5 is now SA6. click onto Forum at the top of this page.and about half way down the page you will find Off Topic it is usually the first on the list.
30/Sep/08 4:00 PM
You seem to think you know me well RayRay. A taker and not a giver. An opinion of yours based on ??????
30/Sep/08 4:01 PM
Actually, Gloria, by now it is called 'SA6' (it has had a promotion from SA5 (flooding problems) and is accessed through the 'flag'; 'Forum'.
30/Sep/08 4:02 PM
Your page of 'contributions'
30/Sep/08 4:03 PM
I bet you are having fun Rayray.
30/Sep/08 4:03 PM
Thank you. Now I know what you and your family look like - great!!
30/Sep/08 4:03 PM
I am giving up my time right now so that you are not on this site talking to yourself...lol
30/Sep/08 4:04 PM
eaa: No I hate this. Deb is a brick - she is creating my platform of discontent. (I know that)
30/Sep/08 4:04 PM
No. I am talking to eaa, and Bean, and Jim, and Keith etc
30/Sep/08 4:05 PM
Oh DEB! Giving up your time. Do I need to consider PAYING you? How much do you charge me for taking you away from your family?
30/Sep/08 4:06 PM
Nobody dragged you into 'My Page'. You went there with curiosity just to see who you were up against and have decided that I have not much to contribute. What a shame!!
30/Sep/08 4:07 PM
DEB: I rarely talk to myself. I have friends - real ones as well as cyber ones. They are good friends. They (both types) deeply respect me and I appreciate that.
30/Sep/08 4:08 PM
Not at all. Payment is not necessary. It has been 'interesting'.
30/Sep/08 4:08 PM
Come on guys TIMEOUT.
30/Sep/08 4:08 PM
when you have children the possible contributions to the world are limitless, as are the possible detriments. everyone, scientists and mothers alike, take risks with their "contributions."
30/Sep/08 4:10 PM
You annoyed me with your opening remark. It was so that you deliberately ignored me to provoke a reaction. I hope you are happy with the result.
I am not happy, because I saw through it at once. But, at least you articulated a major problem within the site discussions
30/Sep/08 4:11 PM
Marianna: Whose children? We are a race; not a collection of isolated, Neanderthal families
30/Sep/08 4:13 PM
I am aware of your point Marianna. The quality of 'contributions' is of an endless extent.
30/Sep/08 4:14 PM
Enjoy the rest of your night RayRay. It seems to me you are a little paranoid. I dont ignore anybody.
30/Sep/08 4:14 PM
There are many ways in which I, as a scientist, resent the kinds of criticisms we face.
Most of the problem is envy. The envy is over the results of hard, diligent and careful WORK. People envy the results without recognising the efforts and sacrifices. They appear to believe that their babies - More...
30/Sep/08 4:20 PM
I am too old to be suffering from paranoia
30/Sep/08 4:21 PM
i respect your work and your creativeness rayray, but be careful to not rile up the mothers. raising children to be productive citizens is also requires hard, diligent and careful WORK. many people especially those with delinquent children love to critisize, and envy the result without More...
30/Sep/08 4:33 PM
i'm sure i am just sleepy talking. i should go to bed. rayray, i think you're great. will you still love me tomorrow?
30/Sep/08 4:35 PM
> TODAY!!!'
> Hung Chow calls into work and says, 'Hey, I no come work
> today, I really sick . Got headache, stomach ache and legs
> hurt, I no come work.'
> The boss says, 'You know something, Hung Chow, I really
> More...
30/Sep/08 4:38 PM
way to lighten the mood baz. thanks.
30/Sep/08 4:48 PM
Marianna: You have no idea how helpful you were while I dealt with that Deb thing !!!
30/Sep/08 4:49 PM
(I am proud of this - it was original)

Q. How many Chinese does it take to change a light bulb?

A: Many hands make light work
30/Sep/08 4:51 PM
Rayray I am home now, are you still around or finally sleeping?
30/Sep/08 4:53 PM
RayRay...Had to go out for while. My Goodness you are full of yourself. How dare you call me that Deb thing. A scientist hey? Well, now I am worried about what is happening in Switzerland if the people there running that project are anything like you.
A topic was raised and I commented and all More...
30/Sep/08 4:59 PM
No the original comment you made was not that
30/Sep/08 5:13 PM
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