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Easy Sudoku for 31/January/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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from So. Oregon - may be overcast or sunny - hard to tell when it is still dark out.
31/Jan/10 12:01 AM
Wow, Eve! Didn't expect you to be here. Kinda early, isn't it?
31/Jan/10 12:05 AM
Yes 5 AM - Just made waffles for freezing, before the buttermilk expires. I've had company for 2 weeks. This was the batch that didn't get made.
31/Jan/10 12:08 AM
Busy lady! Sounds good! We'll ALL be over, now!
31/Jan/10 12:15 AM
I wonder if Jerry has his coffee on yet?
31/Jan/10 12:16 AM
Hello everyone I hope everyone is having a time
31/Jan/10 12:23 AM
Now my big news..... for anyone who remembers my "stairs saga" from 2 years ago.....drum roll..... they have finally been sanded and polished. Still can't access from house yet, I have stairs that go nowhere at the moment, but they are finally getting done
31/Jan/10 12:25 AM
God Maen
31/Jan/10 12:29 AM
You are one step on the way, Mickey!
31/Jan/10 12:32 AM
Morning, John! Was thinking about going back to bed since it's Saturday here, but the sun almost shining and I hear hubby stirring!
31/Jan/10 12:34 AM
add an 'is' after the sun, please!
31/Jan/10 12:36 AM
Maybe he will stir your way for some cuddling.
31/Jan/10 12:37 AM
Supposed to snow today.
31/Jan/10 12:37 AM
Sunny here today after a misaerable cold, wet, haily, sleety, snowy day yesterday
31/Jan/10 12:38 AM
I think my fridge has swine flu - it is chronically coughing and shaking. I thought only Andre had fridge problems - I was wrong. The fridge doctor can't come until next week. I think it will be dead by then.
31/Jan/10 12:41 AM
Today's picture reminds me of a place on the Sumatran coast where the water was contaminated with dangerous bugs
31/Jan/10 12:48 AM
Rayray, is it cold enough outside there to use it as a makeshift fridge, if needed?
31/Jan/10 12:57 AM
No way Mickey...STAIRS! UNbelievable.
31/Jan/10 1:08 AM
A HOT AIR BALLOON is going over our house! I realize the hot air from the burner will keep them a bit warm, but it's only 13 F (-10 C) degrees out... Brrrrr!
31/Jan/10 1:11 AM
Hello to everyone, and what on earth am I doing up at this time, drinking port, of course!! Eve, go to bed!! Hello Mickey, great about the stairs!! We now have chairs and benches in our computer room, so it has been a very productive Xmas break from hubby! Roof painted also! Shiela, would port More...
31/Jan/10 1:24 AM
Shiela, Brrr, maybe they have port!
31/Jan/10 1:26 AM
Maybe 22
31/Jan/10 1:26 AM
Rah for me!!! First ever!! And now to bed, before I become a CPer.
31/Jan/10 1:28 AM
Too late, I'm it!
31/Jan/10 1:29 AM
Night all!!!
31/Jan/10 1:29 AM
Good Morning to everyone!
31/Jan/10 1:37 AM
Hopefully they took a flask (or two) with them! If not, they traditionally serve Champagne after a balloon flight. Maybe they'll break into it early!
31/Jan/10 1:39 AM
Good Maen all!
bluey - sorry I missed your flittering through 22! Mickey - boy do I know how great that feels. We just moved into our addition after 3 long years of work. Now it's the old part of the house that we have to re-do...another 3 years, no doubt!
31/Jan/10 1:42 AM
Hello, Debby! Nice to see you here!
31/Jan/10 1:43 AM
Is that canoe waiting for the water to rise? The houses on stilts makes me think so.
31/Jan/10 1:46 AM
Good Morning, Shiela. I got home about 6:30 last night. I have been to my sister's. She had surgery last week and is doing very well. I had a nice visit with her.
31/Jan/10 1:59 AM
Glad to hear, Debbie! Stay warm!
31/Jan/10 2:39 AM
31/Jan/10 2:46 AM
It's here!!! Slept in late! It's almost, no, it is 8:00 AM!
31/Jan/10 3:04 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Sharon!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !
31/Jan/10 3:05 AM
Dear Daughter, May you have a wonderful day.
Great news about the stairs Mickey.
Guess you are asleep now Bluey. Wish I had joined you with that glass of port.
Hi everyone else.
31/Jan/10 3:14 AM
Good job, bluey. Everybody should take a turn.
31/Jan/10 3:21 AM
everyone, it is cold but the sun is shinning beautiful day with a blanket of white on the ground.
31/Jan/10 4:00 AM
guess every one has left
31/Jan/10 4:00 AM
why would they leave me here by myself???
31/Jan/10 4:01 AM
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