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Easy Sudoku for 31/October/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Jane - try: www.sudoku.4thewww.com/killer_samurai_sudoku.php
31/Oct/07 2:54 AM
Hey, Judy! How goes everything your way? Is life back to normal for you? Been thinking about you ...
31/Oct/07 3:01 AM
everyone...I will be surprised if we see any trick or treaters tonight. We live in a community of retired sno-birds and most of them are not here as yet. It is very quiet.
31/Oct/07 3:05 AM
The second rule of Halloween Candy - Do not open the bag until 5 mins before the little goblins show up!! I would love to come trick or treating to everyone's pages, however my schedule is very tight. I might come by a day or two later looking for any leftovers!
31/Oct/07 3:57 AM
Need a quick costume? Too late for this year, but keep it in mind.
My hubby and I went to a Halloween party last weekend. One lady was wearing a t-shirt and jeans with socks pinned all over her clothes. Any guesses?
She went as static cling! How clever is that?
31/Oct/07 3:58 AM
I don't buy candy for Halloween (too great a temptation for moi!) Instead I have a bowl of nickels, and the kids can reach in and grab a fistful.
31/Oct/07 4:02 AM
Daplap - THANK YOU!
31/Oct/07 4:04 AM
Happy Birthday Col's hubby Dean!
31/Oct/07 4:08 AM
31/Oct/07 4:09 AM
Yes, Cathy, and so many of the rest of you who showed much-appreciated support during the California fires ... things are quieting down here, at least for those of us who didn't lose our homes. My husband is golfing with two other guys from the neighborhood, and I have a racquetball date a little More...
31/Oct/07 4:12 AM
Happy Halloween birthdays
31/Oct/07 4:30 AM
Judy - you're a racquetball player??? Cool! I played for years and years and years and switched to tennis when I started traveling extensively (it was so much easier finding tennis courts than RB courts outside the US). I've been itching to try my hand at RB again. There's a young woman in my More...
31/Oct/07 4:40 AM
31/Oct/07 4:52 AM
Great looking puppy picture.
31/Oct/07 5:01 AM
H'mm Fiona now there is a dilemma... just the mention of JD is enough sigh... wonder if he might be coming to England at that time, perhaps I should fly over your way and check...
31/Oct/07 5:01 AM
Good afternoon to all! That cute dog looks like it is melting!
31/Oct/07 5:19 AM

Can't figure out why I've always liked this song, but I have. Enjoy Dire Straits performing the "Sultans of Swing."
31/Oct/07 5:20 AM
Fiona: Is Vanessa Paradis JD's special friend? Now just what does she have over André?
31/Oct/07 5:36 AM
Good Tuesday mAen, all!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Col's hubby Dean!
May you be spoiled as much as you can take!
31/Oct/07 6:07 AM
cute pup! Let's hope he grows up smarter than my dog who tried to eat a bar of soap today! Apparently, Irish Spring isn't his flavor!!
31/Oct/07 6:12 AM
to all, especially in US.

to Dean
31/Oct/07 6:16 AM
Greg, "Sultans of Swing" is in my personal Top 10 Songs of All Time. I could listen to it repeated over and over (and have done).
31/Oct/07 7:51 AM

to those who celebrate. Don't eat all the treats in one night.
31/Oct/07 7:52 AM
Love the "family" photo, Eve!!!
31/Oct/07 8:01 AM
OH JANE, I got a chuckle when I realized you know the location of and the distance to the nearest doc-in-the-box. Planning ahead are you? have you visited urgent care often?
31/Oct/07 8:06 AM
Dean - Col I'm sure you're going to pamper and spoil him...meet his every whim, be at his beck and call...perform every wifely duty known to woman...

to all celebrating it - have fun! x
31/Oct/07 8:11 AM
Judy and Jane...When I played racketball years ago, my chiropractor often said that if he was going to move his practice, he would move it next door to a RB court. At least I can get by playing golf with my bad back, not well, but I have fun.
Keith, welcome back, I was looking for train pics and SA meetings earlier. Let us know when you get them posted.
31/Oct/07 8:27 AM
Will do, Dave. Still settling in and getting all those little chores done that piled up in our absence.

Nice Youtube, Greg. To me, he sounds a lot like Bob Dylan, only he can actually sing.
31/Oct/07 8:52 AM
1.57 a wrinkly rug
Happy Birthday Dean

may all your wishes come true
wishing all those celebrating
lots of fun
welcome back from your holiday sounds like a great trip.
31/Oct/07 9:01 AM
Linda and I can't quite figure how Bob Dylan became so popular. I can't sing either... maybe I could have been rich if I had just learned how to play the guitar and made a feeble attempt to carry a toon. I don't think BD would have made past the first round in American Idol today...
31/Oct/07 9:06 AM
Agreed Dave. I've always thought Dylan's main strength was as a composer of lyrics, but he does seem to have it figured out how to put the whole package together.
31/Oct/07 9:10 AM
Rosemary - did you just call my husband a 'wrinkly rug' ??

31/Oct/07 9:44 AM
31/Oct/07 9:46 AM
2:37 Good Morning everyone!
31/Oct/07 9:58 AM

not going to type in the multitude of replies that are spinning in my head as I would never, repeat never be allowed out of the naughty corner again.
maybe a permanent site ban would come More...
31/Oct/07 9:59 AM
Dean! Hope that it's a great day and you get all the undies you ever needed!
31/Oct/07 9:59 AM
to all!

How do those who have always celebrated Halloween deal with the fears about your children knocking on strange doors?
31/Oct/07 10:01 AM
PS I know nothing about Deans wrinkly bits
31/Oct/07 10:24 AM
ROSEMARY: Go directly to the Naughty Corner!
31/Oct/07 10:28 AM
If anyone's interested I've added some old scanned halloween pictures to my photo gallery. I thought the American's might like to see how we can rise to the occasion too!
31/Oct/07 10:28 AM
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