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Easy Sudoku for 31/October/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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"He certainly looks weird and scary tonight!"

… "Yeah, and just wait till he puts on his mask!"
31/Oct/10 8:20 AM
Still short of megabytes (on my internet plan) so will keep my posts to one per day.
Of course, in terms of memory, I'm going to ask for more megabytes next time (for my brain!). New internet plan starts next week.
Meanwhile, hope everyone who wants to enjoys Halloween (in Australia, that is More...
31/Oct/10 8:22 AM
Better trot out this avatar for the day! It says "The Witch Is In" - I actually picked it out for Judy!
31/Oct/10 8:27 AM
Try again. Bye.
31/Oct/10 8:28 AM
Hey! I resemble that!
31/Oct/10 8:32 AM
Oh No!!! The Witchy Witch on the West has shown up. As I said when I sent my riddle answer to Kathy.... "A twitchy witchy witch had a bi*chy itchy itch....which caused her to buy a switch....to scritch that itchy itch." Of courcse, that switch might have been a pointy stick!
31/Oct/10 8:54 AM
Uh ... stick it, CG!
31/Oct/10 9:05 AM
OUCH!!! That hurt Judy.
31/Oct/10 9:31 AM
Sue I agree with your search. Some of the answers of Kathy's quiz are very obscure.
31/Oct/10 11:42 AM
Good evening everyone!
31/Oct/10 12:50 PM
Wishing all of you a very nice and happy day wherever you are.
Am I right to say "Happy Halloween!!!!!
And What that "Holloween" means??
May I have an explaiation to my interest?
Any way Have a happy day to everyone .
31/Oct/10 1:08 PM
OK! The new pix are up in my picture gallery.

To see the pictures in the order that they were taken, click on the 'Most recent' and then use the 'Previous photo' option to see the rest of them.

31/Oct/10 1:19 PM
Great Hal, thanks very much for sharing them with us.
31/Oct/10 1:45 PM
My pleasure, Anne. Thanks for your nice comments.
31/Oct/10 2:00 PM
What did the ghost serve at his Halloween party?

31/Oct/10 2:20 PM
What is a witch's favourite TV show?

… Lifestyles of the Witch and Famous!
31/Oct/10 2:20 PM
What would you get if you crossed a pumpkin with a Magic superstar?

… A Shaq-o'-lantern!
31/Oct/10 2:21 PM
Did you hear about the really stupid horror movie?

… It was shudder nonsense!
31/Oct/10 2:21 PM
Did you hear about the Egyptian monster who was a terrible driver?

… He was a crash mummy!
31/Oct/10 2:22 PM
Did you hear about the starving vampire?

… He was all gums!
31/Oct/10 2:22 PM
Did you hear about the new ice cream for monsters?

… It's called "Cookies and Scream."
31/Oct/10 2:23 PM
What is a childs's favourite type of Halloween candy?

… Lots a candy.
31/Oct/10 2:23 PM
Hal, I am sure I have said it before - start selling your photos to the postcard and tourism people! How lucky you are to have such a good eye for composition. Really loved the Lake Louise ones. It's almost as good as being there. Thanks so much.
31/Oct/10 2:27 PM
Thanks 'lurker'. Really appreciate your comments.
31/Oct/10 2:33 PM
G'nite all.
31/Oct/10 2:34 PM
How can you enter a haunted house?

... With a skeleton key!
31/Oct/10 4:32 PM
How can you fatten up a ghost?

... With ghoulash and spooketti!
31/Oct/10 4:33 PM
How can a witch tell the time?

… By using a witch watch!
31/Oct/10 4:36 PM
What is a ghost's favorite ride?

… A roller ghoster!
31/Oct/10 4:37 PM
What is bigger than a monster but lighter than a bird?

… A monster's shadow!
31/Oct/10 4:38 PM
Why do cemeteries have fences around them?

… Because people are dying to get in!
31/Oct/10 4:40 PM
What should you say when you meet a ghost?

… "How do you boo, sir? How do you boo?"
31/Oct/10 4:41 PM
What's a ghost's favorite breakfast?

… Ghost toasties with booberries!
31/Oct/10 4:43 PM
Wagdy Kamel: I think this is correct.
Halloween is based on an ancient Gaelic end of year, end of harvest festival, preparation for the long dark winter to come and a time to remember those who died during the past year.Ghoulish costumes were worn to fool evil spirits who may be wandering that More...
31/Oct/10 4:44 PM
What's soft, moldy and flies?

… A spoiled bat!
31/Oct/10 4:44 PM
What did the policeman say when a black widow spider ran down his back?

… "You're under a vest!"
31/Oct/10 4:48 PM
What happened to the monster that took the five o'clock train home?

.... He had to give it back!
31/Oct/10 4:50 PM
Why did the monster salute his vegetable soup?

… He looked in his bowl and saw a kernel of corn!
31/Oct/10 4:50 PM
What would you call the ghost of a door-to-door salesman?

… A dead ringer!
31/Oct/10 4:50 PM
What did Dracula say then he saw a giraffe for the first time?

… I'd like to get to gnaw you!
31/Oct/10 4:51 PM
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