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Easy Sudoku for 4/January/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people. Late start this morning here at home but also here on the site!
04/Jan/18 12:37 AM
Very late! And it's cold here in Dallas.
04/Jan/18 12:45 AM
Thanks for the ECCO, Peter. I lost track of the day of the week. I'm having a bit of trouble with a couple. I may have to send you a partial answer.
04/Jan/18 1:07 AM
04/Jan/18 1:20 AM
Good morning to all! Finally a break in the cold spell. It's -7C. today (wind chill -15C) and a forecast for similar temperatures for the neek week!
04/Jan/18 1:39 AM
CG - That doesn't sound like 'a break in the cold spell' to me!
04/Jan/18 1:48 AM
Dreary today.
Still c-c-chilly. It's all the way up to 7 F. (-13 C))
Dreary & cold together... Yuk!
04/Jan/18 2:28 AM
(For Shosho!)
04/Jan/18 2:28 AM
04/Jan/18 2:34 AM
We're suffering also. All the way down to 44 F. (Hee,hee!!)
04/Jan/18 2:48 AM
Plum, these ''mild'' temperatures are tons better then -40C wind chill!
04/Jan/18 3:02 AM
Oh yeah, forgot. Will be up to 60 or so later today! Won't even need a jacket.
04/Jan/18 3:07 AM
04/Jan/18 3:55 AM
I dedicate that last post to Queen Anne!
04/Jan/18 3:56 AM
Denny At 60*F, in Hawaii, most everyone breaks out their 'winter jacket'.
04/Jan/18 4:37 AM
Morning. If anybody posts times today, they should be amazing.
04/Jan/18 4:50 AM
Nice cruiser! Kate.
04/Jan/18 6:02 AM
04/Jan/18 6:16 AM
Close enough for a run now.
04/Jan/18 6:23 AM
Morning all,would love to do another cruise on the harbour but Bill doesn't like city traffic.
Peter will send my revised answers today.
04/Jan/18 6:24 AM
If I'm successful, it will be my first of 2018.
04/Jan/18 6:24 AM
04/Jan/18 6:24 AM
Amelia might not have known she was in the race.
04/Jan/18 6:25 AM
Haha no I didn't Keith, made you move though didn't it, keep those fingers nimble.
04/Jan/18 6:35 AM
It's snowing in central S. Carolina.
04/Jan/18 6:42 AM
Brrr! In South Carolina? Although it snowed a couple of times when we lived in North Carolina, it was not common and it was evident by how crazy the drivers were! Us Northerners stayed off the roads!
04/Jan/18 7:17 AM
1:20 Good morning one and all! A quick one today
04/Jan/18 7:35 AM
My yard in totally white.
04/Jan/18 7:47 AM
'is' totally white.
04/Jan/18 7:52 AM
My brother was considering changing his flight home from Florida to New York when the airline called and said they were cancelling the flight. Decision made! Too much ice, snow, and wind for the airline.
04/Jan/18 8:33 AM
City traffic in the harbor? Or on the streets, to get to the harbor?
04/Jan/18 8:34 AM
Good morning.
04/Jan/18 9:25 AM
Photo looks like it was taken from Lavender Bay.
04/Jan/18 9:26 AM
Either that or the far side of the Opera House - not the side you normally see in photographs.
04/Jan/18 9:28 AM
Glad I'm not in the USA (except in Hawaii) while the very cold spell is on.
04/Jan/18 9:31 AM
Nice temperature here, a bit grey but warm.
04/Jan/18 9:32 AM
Some of us in the USA are warm, but we don't talk about it here ... because we want people to like us.
04/Jan/18 9:35 AM
Aw, Judy. We like you, even if you are hot.
04/Jan/18 9:43 AM
1:14. Good morning everyone.
04/Jan/18 9:44 AM
We have a small table on our deck. It now has 3.5 inches (9 cm) of snow. And the temp is now 24F (-5C). BRRR!
04/Jan/18 9:48 AM
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