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Easy Sudoku for 4/February/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Rather chilly outside.
04/Feb/16 12:01 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
04/Feb/16 12:02 AM

Warm temps are coming your way Wolf!
04/Feb/16 12:02 AM
I hope not too hot at Alice Springs, Lizzy.
04/Feb/16 12:08 AM

Lets just say I dont think you will need a coat!
04/Feb/16 12:13 AM
1:31 Good night one and all.

Lovely photo.
04/Feb/16 12:49 AM
Strangely warm today.
Hope you all have a sunny day!
Waiting for the sun to peek through here.
04/Feb/16 1:11 AM
(For Shosho!)
04/Feb/16 1:25 AM
04/Feb/16 1:57 AM
Good morning to all! Nice photo today.
04/Feb/16 1:58 AM
It's warming up here as well Sue, but not before we got freezing rain this morning.
04/Feb/16 1:59 AM
a beautiful day here in OK
04/Feb/16 2:10 AM
Greg, Thank you for forgiving my bad typing.
04/Feb/16 2:10 AM
On my way to rehab will spend the morning there.
04/Feb/16 2:11 AM
I woke up late today, guess the allergies are really getting to me.
04/Feb/16 2:11 AM
one more and I am done
04/Feb/16 2:12 AM
Good morning.
04/Feb/16 2:18 AM
Still very comfortable after shoulder shots.
04/Feb/16 2:19 AM
We are getting rain here, too, Greg. Thankfully, not frozen.

The answers to yesterday's poozle:
04/Feb/16 2:19 AM
Excelleent doctor must've hit the right spots!
04/Feb/16 2:20 AM
Oops, forgot that part!
04/Feb/16 2:21 AM
Was just tickled too have got the words right.
04/Feb/16 2:21 AM
04/Feb/16 2:22 AM
Not realy sorry, Keith!
04/Feb/16 2:23 AM
You were spot on with the words, CP!

And, for today, how about a few rebuses? Or, should that be rebusi? Whatever.
Here you go....

1. 12:36device
2. xiranrun
3. deorr
4. just144ice
5. cotaxme
6. Christmas yellowbelly

Answers to my ''A rebus by any other name'' inbox, please.

04/Feb/16 2:28 AM
Wishing Dottie with her procedure today. I hope we hear soon that all went well.
04/Feb/16 2:40 AM
We are off soon to beard the i-phone lion in it's den. We are finally upgrading our antiquated phones. I have been suggesting (rather strongly) for quite some time that we do this. It seems brow-beating can be successful if you are persistent enough. I think hubby will agree, persistence is NOT one of my failings.
04/Feb/16 2:47 AM
04/Feb/16 4:13 AM
Thank you, Shiela! Here's flying your way!!!
04/Feb/16 4:14 AM
Sue, I hope Harry's doing better and ready to come home!
04/Feb/16 4:15 AM
CP, I hope your poor body quits complaining and gives you a respite soon without the aid of an injection!
04/Feb/16 4:16 AM
04/Feb/16 4:24 AM
Brrrrr !
04/Feb/16 4:54 AM
Beautiful photo indeed
04/Feb/16 5:57 AM
Nice photo. Beautiful red Maple.
04/Feb/16 6:02 AM
I've been puzzling.
04/Feb/16 6:28 AM
I have 3 and a half answers to Kathy's rebuses.
04/Feb/16 6:29 AM
Impresssive, eh?
04/Feb/16 6:29 AM
Nearly there.....
04/Feb/16 6:30 AM
04/Feb/16 6:30 AM
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