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Easy Sudoku for 4/May/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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04/May/16 12:01 AM
HalT and everyone else who visits here.
A pretty day for a 47th anniversary!
04/May/16 12:14 AM
Good morning.
04/May/16 12:21 AM
Didn't expect to be #3 at this time of morning.
04/May/16 12:23 AM
Stella and Silvergal.
04/May/16 12:24 AM
Haven't seen either of them for ages. So see Stella on TOS.
04/May/16 12:25 AM
That was DO see Stella......
04/May/16 12:26 AM
The name goes with the picture.
04/May/16 12:31 AM
Welcome back, Serena!

I can certainly see why that area in the photo is called ''Lost World Valley''!
04/May/16 12:32 AM
Great minds, Keith...
04/May/16 12:32 AM
Poozle time!

Which of the following name does not belong, and why?

A) October
B) the Dead Sea
C) Greenland
D) the West Indies
E) Li’l Abner

Answers to my ‘’Don’t forget the WHY part’’ inbox, please.

04/May/16 12:33 AM
Jake, Stella, and Silvergal. A reminder of how folks do come and go around here.
04/May/16 12:34 AM
04/May/16 12:35 AM
Stella and Silvergal are both on TOS, CP.
Look up the Sudoku/FB names file on the Sudoku Friends page.
04/May/16 12:43 AM
For those of you not on Facebook....when Kathy (Valrico) started the Sudoku Friends group, it was somewhat confusing because we only knew people by their Sudoku names and had really no idea what their actual names were. I think it was Tricia who suggested we start a file with both names. Worked like a charm.
04/May/16 12:53 AM
By the way, we have 121 members in the Sudoku Friends group on Facebook. Fun group.
04/May/16 12:57 AM
04/May/16 1:29 AM
Agreed, Kathy.
04/May/16 1:30 AM
shosho, lets race.
04/May/16 1:30 AM
04/May/16 1:31 AM
04/May/16 1:31 AM
04/May/16 1:31 AM
... shosho?
04/May/16 1:31 AM
Happy Tuesday!
04/May/16 1:38 AM
The fog makes it very eerie.
04/May/16 1:47 AM

Here's the given answer: 5(5-1/5)
Here's all the other answers I accepted:
{(5-squared/5) x 5} -1 = 24
5 times 5 minus 1 to the 5th power = 24.
(The suare root of 5 x 5) x 5 -1

In the More...
04/May/16 1:49 AM
Wishing Happy Birthdays to Stella and Silvergal. Celebrate with vigour!
To everyone else, celebrate vicariously!
04/May/16 2:14 AM
Love the dripping, misty Lost World ambience in today's photo. But I've had enough of it in SW MI USA! SO HAPPY for the sunshine we have here today. What a relief from the chill overcast month of April.
04/May/16 2:33 AM
Burl had an infested tooth pulled today. He's headed home with pain meds and antibiotic.
04/May/16 2:34 AM
Wish I'd tuned in for yesterday's poozle, Kathy. I like Math Monday, just haven't been sticking my nose into Sudokuland at the correct time. Today's isn't obious to me. I can find inconsequential answers but nothing that's the 'ah-ha' clever answer for a poozle. Yet. I'll be distracted soon and my mind isn't working on it well at the moment.
04/May/16 2:36 AM
Now that it's well and truly after noon and I'm no longer on the fence about whether to type Maen or mAen, I shall wish you all a Good mAen, good people. Perhaps I can get back to check back over the posts of the past few days.
04/May/16 2:38 AM
Oh, sorry for exceding the 'cpeed limit' but I have to brag on my niece. I was her dental hygiene board patient and she passed. She graduated Sunday. I went back yesterday for the rest of my cleaning and no one had to check her work. It went so fast and efficiently and gently. She will be an asset to the world of dentistry.
04/May/16 2:42 AM
Good afternoon to all! We had a dense fog here in Ottawa this morning as well.
04/May/16 3:26 AM
Shiela, is it your 47th today? Congratulations to you and your true love!
04/May/16 3:32 AM
Serena, sorry for crediting Kathy with a Math Monday poozle. I shoulda known better!
04/May/16 3:50 AM
Good name! Lovely photo.
04/May/16 3:59 AM
04/May/16 4:24 AM
Many wouldn't take that picture, thinking 'you can't see anything for the clouds'... Good one.
04/May/16 4:30 AM
Plum, I hope you meant that Burl's tooth was infeCted, not infeSted! Hope he is on the mend soon!
04/May/16 4:35 AM
04/May/16 4:54 AM
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