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Easy Sudoku for 5/October/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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05/Oct/08 12:19 AM
Lucky for you Angie ... how nice. Good to hear he's doing well.
05/Oct/08 12:20 AM
Angie - what a lovely experience...glad you had the beautiful day you always wish everyone else!
05/Oct/08 12:25 AM
Well I am going quite cross eyed trying to keep up with the conversations and welcomes so I am off to bed - good night all who are in night and good MAE to the rest of you.
05/Oct/08 12:27 AM
All Hail - Linda, Queenie of page 2!
...and now I must be off! Wishing everyone a loverly day and hope to find some of you on the pages later today.
05/Oct/08 12:27 AM
Sounds like a great time Angie, photos?
05/Oct/08 12:28 AM
Sun is coming out! Time to get all my window washing supplies and get to work so I can be a bum tomorrow
05/Oct/08 12:29 AM
Thank you Vici. The first supply for window cleaning is toast and peanut butter and a big glass of milk, for strength of course
05/Oct/08 12:33 AM
Lucky Angie. Tell us more about the visit, girl!
Don't just drop a line like that, then leave!

Delightful "old homestead". It doesn't look very lived in right now.
05/Oct/08 12:37 AM
Heidi, are you all healthy again?
05/Oct/08 1:11 AM
Linda, please, please, please come wash my windows. I did the inside yesterday, it's only the outside that still needs to be done. I really hate hauling out the ladder to do the tops.
05/Oct/08 1:33 AM
everyone ... showers on and off today.
Keith, I'll be pulling for you on page 6 if we get that far. That's very early in the morning. Can you get out of bed before the sun comes up?
05/Oct/08 2:37 AM
stlparrothead... cold is almost gone (hurray!) but Mono is still keeping me down. All I ever seem to do anymore is sleep.
05/Oct/08 2:46 AM
Sue, I don't even like doing mine, but one of the nice things is that except for 4 of them I can tilt them in so makes for easier washing. Except for the picture window in the living room then I have to lean out each side with a sqeegie and get that one, I don't have a ladder tall enough to even reach that one from the outside.
05/Oct/08 2:53 AM
I have a BIG dilema now, it is Booya day at the Elks, starting at 3:00. Should I make myself have all the windows done before I can go and eat Booya and play Euchre?
05/Oct/08 2:55 AM
Of course if I sit here for awhile, it will be later in the day and I will just have to go to the Elks Lodge and windows won't get done, hmmmmm, guess I had better get busy. Plug your ears everyone, the tv is getting turned up to digital music from the 70's!!! Windows here I come
05/Oct/08 2:57 AM
I shouldn't assume that everyone knows what Booya is. It is kind of like an "everything stew" it is slow cooked in an iron couldron over an open fire for about 4 hours. It is even better heated up the next day!
05/Oct/08 3:06 AM
It is a hard thing to get rid of Heidi. Hopefully one day you will just wake up and feel and it will be gone.
05/Oct/08 3:09 AM
Linda that sounds really good. I will have to look that up for my family.
05/Oct/08 3:10 AM
Come to think of it, the person that makes it is from southern roots. He said it is suppose to be a creole dish. His grandmother was from southern Louisiana. Any of our southern friends heard of it?
05/Oct/08 3:11 AM
stlparrotthead, I have never seen a recipe for it because as he put it "there is no recipe" but he does have list of the things he puts in it. I will see if I can get a copy and post it along with the Death By Chocolate recipe. Okay, back to the windows for me, kick me out if I come back again without having the living room windows done!
05/Oct/08 3:13 AM
thanks linda. have fun with your window.
05/Oct/08 3:16 AM
Good morning everyone.
05/Oct/08 3:33 AM
I'm out. My girl is coming in early so I can leave. Have a great weekend everyond.
05/Oct/08 3:37 AM
Good afternoon to all! Nice looking homestead. Is this another Fannie May foreclosure?
05/Oct/08 3:50 AM
I have just discovered that I am too old to be hanging out of a window trying to clean it!
05/Oct/08 3:50 AM
Linda: If you aren't already on your way to the Elk's Club, I'm wondering if you're still in touch with Libby? Haven't seen hide nor hair of her on the site in the longest time. If you guys still communicate, say hello for me please!
05/Oct/08 3:53 AM
Alternate TFTD:

Most people drive way too fast to have to bother worrying about cholesterol.
05/Oct/08 3:54 AM
Note: This is an extract of a National Public Radio (NPR) interview between a female broadcaster, and US Army General Reinwald who was about to sponsor a Boy Scout Troop visiting his military installation:
INTERVIEWER: " So, General Reinwald, what things are you going to teach these young More...
05/Oct/08 3:56 AM
Anybody curious about Booya look here:
05/Oct/08 3:58 AM
Greg, not at the Elks yet, been cleaning up from a lamp that hit the floor as I was moving a table to get to the window, resulting in a broken light bulb

I still see Libby regurlarly, she is in Las Vegas right now celebrating her oldest son's 21st birthday. I will definately pass on the Hi!
05/Oct/08 4:08 AM
Thanks Keith, the Country Booya is the one that the Judge makes
05/Oct/08 4:10 AM
Thanks Linda. Funny, as soon as you said Elk's Lodge I thought of you and Libby. Hummmm, I wonder why?
05/Oct/08 4:20 AM
LOL Greg, your memory is excellent
05/Oct/08 4:21 AM
AAARRGGHHHHHH! trying to get one window washed but the box elder bugs keep buzzing my head!!! I give it, it will have to have a couple of streaks on it till it gets colder and the little critters die!
05/Oct/08 4:38 AM
Okay, my good intentions of cleaning windows is done! I had an open window for 30 seconds, trying to put the screen back in and got 1 bee and 2 box elder bugs in, I am done. I will wait for a good freeze and finish it.
05/Oct/08 4:50 AM
It is such a nice day, maybe I will walk to the Elks for Booya and then I can take a cab home if it is dark when I leave. That way I can get some exercise, enjoy the day, and have a couple of beers without having to worry about driving home
05/Oct/08 4:54 AM
Any Jeff Gordon fans out there? My son just called and said he is making friends with his flight crew! Adam works at a local airport and after they dropped Jeff off at Talledagha for the race tomorrow they came to La Crosse, WI because some of the crew have family here! Adam is a HUGE Gordon fan More...
05/Oct/08 5:38 AM

Coleen: What you said yesterday; about so many problems and about the contrary effects from trying to solve them; is very true, and that is very depressing sometimes, because it makes the individual appear so impotent and insignificant. If someone does make progress others become jealous and there is a "you can't win" quality about it all.
05/Oct/08 5:43 AM
CG, GREAT interview!!!!!!
05/Oct/08 5:47 AM
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