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Easy Sudoku for 5/December/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, everybody!
05/Dec/16 12:00 AM
Good morning to all! I see Nal signed this super photo!
05/Dec/16 1:07 AM
I don't think she would mind my posting this. If you would enjoy seeing more of her fantastic photography, here is the link to NAL's Flickr page. She used to be a regular contributor here at Sudoku-au.
05/Dec/16 1:41 AM

If you do go to Nal's Flicker page, be warned....you will be sitting for hours. Trust me. I know.
05/Dec/16 2:14 AM
I agree Kathy. I have spent ages looking at Nal's beautiful photos.
05/Dec/16 2:25 AM
Hi, Jeb!
05/Dec/16 2:39 AM
Happy Sunday!
I'm another one of NAL's incredible nature photos
05/Dec/16 3:49 AM
05/Dec/16 4:18 AM
05/Dec/16 4:31 AM
Hi, anne!
05/Dec/16 4:54 AM
Morning all, nal is a whiz with a camera.
I too have spent hours on Flickr looking at her photos, time well spent.
05/Dec/16 5:52 AM
I also checked out NAL's photos. Very interesting.
05/Dec/16 5:54 AM
05/Dec/16 6:02 AM
Love a photo like this! Nice one , Nal.
05/Dec/16 6:09 AM
Good morning all.
05/Dec/16 6:44 AM
1:38, felt slower. Good morning everyone.
05/Dec/16 6:49 AM
Not far to gallump from here, Keith!
05/Dec/16 8:06 AM
So get the gallumping boots on.......
05/Dec/16 8:06 AM
I've even changed my avatar.......Wallabies season is over now to follow the Hobart Hurricanes for a while.
05/Dec/16 8:09 AM
C'mon Keith.....time to go.
05/Dec/16 8:10 AM
Goooooooooo for it, NOW!
05/Dec/16 8:11 AM
05/Dec/16 8:25 AM
Timing is everything!
05/Dec/16 8:25 AM
05/Dec/16 8:26 AM
Well done Plum.
05/Dec/16 8:26 AM
I showed up just in the nick of time, saw the count was at 21, scrolled down to see Peter calling for challenges and didn't even dawdle to do my customary greeting.
05/Dec/16 8:30 AM
So,Good mAen, good people.
05/Dec/16 8:31 AM
Sorry for the typos. Using a tiny screen at present. Had to take my glasses OFF to see.
05/Dec/16 8:33 AM
Good Morning All.
05/Dec/16 8:50 AM
Today's puzzle is a double E up and down puzzle. You start with the letter E and make an eight letter word, and then go back to . You have to do this by adding (or subtracting) one letter at a time and making a word each time. You can rearrange the order of the letters. Clues as to what the words More...
05/Dec/16 9:01 AM
Good morning Broni, how is the tour going. Which way are you heading? I haven't seen a forecast for the South Coast, but I hope the the weather is good wherever you go.
05/Dec/16 9:05 AM
I'm hoping to get some rewiring done on my Chrysler. There isn't much left to do, but it all takes time as it is very fiddly.
05/Dec/16 9:08 AM
Wombat, what's this?? You have to hot wire your Chrysler just to start it??
05/Dec/16 9:13 AM
I haven't been able to drive the Chrysler for a while given the state of my left leg, so I fitted an electronic battery charger to keep the battery well charged, that it, did. but for some reason the battery terminal and the positive clamp from the battery charger became so badly corroded that a More...
05/Dec/16 11:15 AM
1:52 Good morning one and all!
05/Dec/16 11:21 AM
Hello - a bit more lively around here today - nice to see you all; jacalmi, where have you been? You've been absent lately - hope all is OK!
05/Dec/16 11:34 AM
☃️good packing snow today for the first snow of the season
05/Dec/16 11:56 AM
I don't think I've ever been in this position, where I have the potential to push us over to page 2
05/Dec/16 11:57 AM
I was able to shovel with the help of my son, I think I'll push
05/Dec/16 11:57 AM
And one more push should do it, and then I think I'll need to go out and push the shovel
05/Dec/16 11:58 AM
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