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Easy Sudoku for 5/February/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen Good Buddies!
05/Feb/11 12:00 AM
good maeN to all
05/Feb/11 12:00 AM
Maen everyone!
05/Feb/11 12:00 AM
We're lookin' at about 10 days of temps in the mid 60's - very balmy...sorry my friends to the east - didn't mean to brag. I would prefer to be snuggled in reading a book by the fire, but I'll be out cleaning up the yard instead.
05/Feb/11 12:02 AM
Good Maen, Vici, Tricia, Linds...
05/Feb/11 12:02 AM
Shall we have an exchange, Vici????
05/Feb/11 12:02 AM
That water looked cold until I read "Maui"
05/Feb/11 12:04 AM
Indeed Shiela! Let's get that going, shall we?
05/Feb/11 12:05 AM

05/Feb/11 12:08 AM
Wow! What a beautiful blue! I really must make it to Hawaii some day.

Everyone recovering around the world from extreme weather? I haven't checked the news today... is anyone still being battered? Its been a bit of surreal weather lately, hasn't it? Schools are open here again today, More...
05/Feb/11 12:11 AM
Gladly, Vici! We have 6°F & you have 60°F. Hmmmm! It's a 'no brainer'!!!!
05/Feb/11 12:12 AM
About the right angle to have been taken from one of the higher decks of a cruise ship.
05/Feb/11 12:28 AM
Shucks. Too far away to wait for 22. I'm back to bed.
05/Feb/11 12:29 AM
Good night all. Off to bed.
05/Feb/11 12:36 AM
HI all! A zipper was yesterday's answer to the riddle and came in from Heidi (eventually!), Jim, Captain J, June and Halt.
05/Feb/11 12:42 AM
Well Good evening Sudokites,

05/Feb/11 12:42 AM
Closer to Good midnight really but it tis the weekend so one may play a little
05/Feb/11 12:42 AM
Hello f f f fiona f f f from F F F France fff from F F F Fi f f f from NT
05/Feb/11 12:44 AM
Hey Keith are you still around. 22 isn't so far away now :)
05/Feb/11 12:45 AM
I think Kathy should be due home from her blue feet booby expedition to Ecuador before very long. Won't it be nice to have her back folks? I have missed her soooooo much! Anyway, while we're awaiting her, here's a puzzle for you. Answers to the weekend inbox please!

What one three-letter More...
05/Feb/11 12:45 AM
I wonder how many poeople are sitting wondering if they might dodge in at the last minute
05/Feb/11 12:45 AM
hello fiiiiii - how's tricks?
05/Feb/11 12:45 AM
Here;s your chance
05/Feb/11 12:45 AM
and I didn't even try....!
05/Feb/11 12:46 AM
must be something to do with being a rabbit I think.
05/Feb/11 12:47 AM
Hehe. Popped back in and just missed it.
05/Feb/11 12:48 AM
HI Fiona It's the weekend. Yehah. It's only week 2 and I'm already behind despite working trojanically and long hours.
Guess that is how the year starts. Little bit of catch up and then on to next week
How about you?
05/Feb/11 12:48 AM
Tis the year of the Rabbit in China so they say
05/Feb/11 12:49 AM
Yes, Fi, I keep checking my behind to see if there's a little white pompom growing, but nothing to report yet.
05/Feb/11 12:51 AM
Hmmmm! I would sure like to be there right now! It is cold this morning!

Good Morning everyone!
05/Feb/11 12:53 AM
hehe... very good Fiona
05/Feb/11 1:20 AM
OMG ... I do NOT want to know what is growing from your behind, Fiona!
05/Feb/11 1:31 AM
Good morning people. It's surgery day for my SIL. Hope it goes well. Crystal is sooo upset.
05/Feb/11 1:32 AM
Good morning people of the world.
05/Feb/11 1:33 AM
We have ice and the white stuff this morning. Thing I announced as she was putting No Max out, it is too dangerous to go to school. Then in the next sentence, wanted to know if we could go out and build a snowman.
05/Feb/11 1:34 AM
I won't mention any names, but SOME people are only here on the first page because they are scurrying by on pre-dawn, senior potty breaks! Not me, I'm wide awake and raring to go!
05/Feb/11 1:34 AM
It is National Thank Your Mailman Day.
05/Feb/11 1:35 AM
Judy - I don't get up for potty breaks. I get up for cramps.
05/Feb/11 1:38 AM
Karen - due to a shortage of postal employees in Sudokuland, shall we thank Gath and the Hall Monitor instead?
05/Feb/11 1:41 AM
Good Maen, good people. I'm sick. I think it's the flu.
05/Feb/11 1:42 AM
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