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Easy Sudoku for 5/March/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I', back! Happy but tired.
05/Mar/16 12:00 AM
Had a wonderful trip. Highlight was a terrific dinner with a great bunch of Sudokuers in Sydney. Thanks for the opportunity to meet you.
05/Mar/16 12:01 AM
Sorry I couldn't meet anyone in Hoibart. It was off the ship, get on bus, go around all the beautiful sights, back on the ship and leave. Thanks for the offer, though.
05/Mar/16 12:02 AM
We were lucky to have easy sailing from Melbourne to Hobart and then across the Tasman Sea. No rain except one day at Hobbiton but still got many pictures.
05/Mar/16 12:04 AM
back Wolf, glad to meet you too, another sudokuist (sure I didnt spell that right!!) Ive met and what a pleasure it was!!
05/Mar/16 12:14 AM
Morning. I'm so envious, Wolf. Glad you had such a good time.
05/Mar/16 12:24 AM
Welcome back also from me, Wolf.
05/Mar/16 12:30 AM
The Sydney get together was fun
05/Mar/16 12:31 AM
No wonder you're tired after that packed itinerary.
05/Mar/16 12:34 AM
I'm glad it all worked out and you enjoyed all the places you went.
05/Mar/16 12:36 AM
Oops, forgot my manners. Good morning everyone. How's work tonight Lizzy?
05/Mar/16 12:38 AM
the night before Mardi Gras
05/Mar/16 1:03 AM
going to be a wonderful day in OK.
05/Mar/16 1:07 AM
Cute dog.
05/Mar/16 1:39 AM


In the today we have Judy, Kathy, Amelia and Wombat. Today's winners can celebrate with this.
05/Mar/16 1:44 AM
You are given five words and five definitions. Each of the words can be anagrammed into a two word phrase that fits one of the definitions. Your task is to assign each definition to its corresponding word.
Example - cobalt: to hit a feline in a high arc (cat lob)

Words in no particular More...
05/Mar/16 1:51 AM
We have been having roller coaster weather lately. It's hard to know what to prepare for.
05/Mar/16 1:56 AM
Welcome back Wolf.
05/Mar/16 1:56 AM
Good to hear you had a great trip, Wolf. Meanwhile, another day of chopping away at the frozen pile of snow the city's plow left on our sidewalk ... such a glamourous life I lead!
05/Mar/16 2:27 AM
Good morning to all! Which of our Sudoku players is pictured here today?
05/Mar/16 2:28 AM
Wolf, it sounds like you had a great holiday. Good memories for you. Welcome home!
05/Mar/16 2:29 AM
For Keith!
05/Mar/16 2:30 AM
Welcome home Wolf after a trip of a lifetime - !
05/Mar/16 2:39 AM
...and good morning all!
05/Mar/16 2:40 AM
Wolf! I hope you are planning to post some of those photos on your page!
Glad you had a good time!
05/Mar/16 2:59 AM
05/Mar/16 2:59 AM
If you missed it, Amelia posted this yesterday concerning Dottie's surgery....

''This is from a friend of Dotties.
Just another update on Dottie - Just talked to her, she is still in the critical care unit, but will be moved soon to the 'Penthouse', a new building at the hospital. She More...
05/Mar/16 3:05 AM
that is good news! Dottie!
05/Mar/16 3:07 AM
Although, I do hope that is 10 inch incisions and not ten feet....
05/Mar/16 3:08 AM
05/Mar/16 3:57 AM
back, Wolf! Now regale us with your awesome Aussie trip with pics!!! I live vicariously through pics!!!
05/Mar/16 3:58 AM
Wow, Dottie, I hope your ordeal is over and now your healing process is in session! Behave! Don't be like my stubborn cuss of a husband! Believe it or not, the doctors, nurses, and technicians know what they're doing!!!
05/Mar/16 4:01 AM
Welcome home Wolf. We enjoyed meeting you and your wife when you were in Sydney. There is a photo on my page.
I am dog sitting and just took her out side and have now convinced her that I do not want to play chasings up and down the hall at this time of the morning!
05/Mar/16 4:36 AM
Such a cute, alert, dog today. Just look at those ears.
05/Mar/16 5:47 AM
Morning all, I agree jacalmi, love the green eyes too.
Welcome back Wolf !
05/Mar/16 6:11 AM
Thank you ,Kathy, for reposting Dotties update.
As for the ten feet incision, it would be impossible on Dottie !😆
05/Mar/16 6:18 AM
Morning everybody
05/Mar/16 6:45 AM
05/Mar/16 7:02 AM
Talk about timing.
05/Mar/16 7:03 AM
05/Mar/16 7:04 AM
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