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Easy Sudoku for 5/March/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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05/Mar/18 12:00 AM
Good morning Rage and all who follow!
05/Mar/18 12:00 AM
Good morning Wolf, and goodnight everybody I'm off to bed
05/Mar/18 12:13 AM
Good Maen, good people. I'm awake. Barely. I think my eyes will cross if I try to do any puzzles at present. Hope the meds relieve this sinus pressure. I slept most of yesterday. May do it again today. But, ugh, the strange dreams I've been having. Weird. I think my family lets me sleep so I can More...
05/Mar/18 1:23 AM
05/Mar/18 1:32 AM
RIP - David Ogden Stiers (AKA Major Charles Emerson Winchester III), 75
05/Mar/18 1:35 AM
DOS was also the voice of Cogsworth in the animated Beauty and the Beast.
05/Mar/18 1:52 AM
05/Mar/18 3:06 AM
05/Mar/18 3:40 AM
05/Mar/18 4:14 AM
Seems we had this photo recently, but it's still a good one.
05/Mar/18 5:02 AM
05/Mar/18 6:04 AM
Morning all, overcast but no rain today so far.
We had a storm yesterday afternoon with a cool southerly wind, it was wonderful.
05/Mar/18 6:42 AM
You are correct, jacalmi, almost...
It is a 'tighter view' of the same subject that appeared 2/March/2018. There is also an added vessel, perhaps a passenger ferry or tour boat...
05/Mar/18 8:23 AM
Good afternoon to all! A very quiet site today.
05/Mar/18 8:23 AM
Look where we are.
05/Mar/18 9:03 AM
Um ... I need new glasses. I thought it said 19.
05/Mar/18 9:03 AM
Well, now that I'm here ...
05/Mar/18 9:04 AM
See. Now it says 19.
05/Mar/18 9:04 AM
Looking around.
05/Mar/18 9:05 AM
05/Mar/18 9:05 AM
05/Mar/18 9:05 AM
I feel like today I've done my part for keeping the count up.
05/Mar/18 9:06 AM
Ya think?
05/Mar/18 10:38 AM
1:48 Good morning all! It's a public holiday here today and I have family staying for the week, so it's going to be pretty busy. More...
05/Mar/18 1:00 PM
Ooooh, interesting public holiday in Western Australia, Labor Day, exactly the southern hemisphere opposite of Labor Day in the US at the beginning of September.
05/Mar/18 3:19 PM
Here are the answers to last weekends 1&4 poozle.

Avenue - STREET
Bloom - FLOWER
Daiquiri - COCKTAIL
Extreme - INTENSE
Inevitable - UNAVOIDABLE
Jaywalk - ILLEGALLY More...
05/Mar/18 3:26 PM
Wombat, we won't talk footy this week.
05/Mar/18 3:45 PM
The Bulldogs did quite well, both AFL and the AFLW, but not the VFL.
05/Mar/18 4:39 PM
Another night of not being able to sleep.
05/Mar/18 5:57 PM
It really gets old.
05/Mar/18 5:59 PM
Since I am here guess I will be a pest.
05/Mar/18 5:59 PM
Only one more and it will be 5 or a CP
05/Mar/18 6:00 PM
Going to bed hope sleep will come.
05/Mar/18 6:01 PM
1:17. Good evening everyone.
05/Mar/18 6:09 PM
45 years since I've been to Luna Park. (sigh)
05/Mar/18 10:22 PM
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