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Easy Sudoku for 5/April/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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05/Apr/11 7:18 AM
I was checking in on the eagles and ...could not help myself!
05/Apr/11 7:18 AM
See you all tomorrow. It's Monday here, means we babysit the grandsons this evening!
05/Apr/11 7:21 AM
A question for Heidi and Sarah Beth: Regarding the determination of a freemartin, do you just assume that because of a male and female twin birth that the heifer is a freemartin? Or do you do a DNA test on all heifers that have a male twin? Or is there some other way of knowing?

PS: Phantom will have a conniption over this one!
05/Apr/11 7:36 AM
Oh, and one other question: Is the freemartin an automatic MacDonald's candidate?
05/Apr/11 7:54 AM
Keith, controversial discussion? Never. After all, isn't human flatulence a world-wide issue? Wasn't there a major US movie dealing with issue? Ii I'm not mistaken, I think it was called "Gone With the Wind."
05/Apr/11 8:43 AM
Boy I'll be glad when these splints disappear on Wednesday..... "dealing with THE issue" and "If I'm not mistaken."
05/Apr/11 8:45 AM
Are you sure you're not thinking of "The Winds of War" Greg?
05/Apr/11 8:56 AM
You guys are both horrible.
05/Apr/11 9:05 AM
05/Apr/11 9:21 AM
Well Hal and Keith, you know that old Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young song, "Teach Your Children Well"? That's why they made the movie "Inherit the Wind."
05/Apr/11 9:36 AM
Keith: The anwser, my friend, is blowin' in the wind.
05/Apr/11 9:44 AM
Or 'answer'. Whatever...
05/Apr/11 9:45 AM
Heck Hal, the Association sang about it too, especially about those embarrassing moments:

"Who's peekin' out from under a stairway
Calling a name that's lighter than air
Who's bending down to give me a rainbow
Everyone knows it's Windy"
05/Apr/11 9:58 AM
2:21 alright, alright, I know it's over the 2 min mark again.
Good morning one and all!
Another beautiful hot sunny day in Albany. It's supposed to be 33C today. It's often a bit higher than they forecast.
05/Apr/11 10:07 AM
Phew, what's that ghastly smell on here. I seem to have come in at the wrong moment. Is Greg getting rid of unwanted air again.
05/Apr/11 10:09 AM
Hoping for a good game tonight. The media pundits aree calling UCon. Good luck to both teams, but GO BUTLER.
05/Apr/11 10:11 AM
Sorry Anne. I should have warned people to wear gas masks!
05/Apr/11 10:30 AM
05/Apr/11 10:53 AM
It's all Greg's fault Anne. He started it!
05/Apr/11 10:53 AM
Heidi, Sara Beth -- (maybe I don't want to know) or maybe I missed something; WHAT is a 'freemartin'?

05/Apr/11 11:44 AM
Greg, I'm pulling for Butler, too. There are some very nice personal interest stories on a few of their players. Howard's dad is a mail carrier & could not afford to pay for his family (10 children!)to go to the Final Four, so the people of the little town of Connersville, Indiana took up a More...
05/Apr/11 11:45 AM
Guess, I can add to a stinky conversation.
After all these, I learned why I very rarely get mad or upset. I am not a nice person. I did not do a Shannon, but I did tell a lady what a stop sign meant and how to go through a 4 way stop. Then there was a girl, I went through 3 stop lights with, I More...
05/Apr/11 11:55 AM
Heidi, Sara Beth: Never mind. Wikipedia.

05/Apr/11 11:58 AM
CG, Hal, Keith! All three of you will stay during recess as we will discuss the matter! As soon as I get back on my chair (some unaccountable slip as a paroxysm came over me) we will continue this discussion!
05/Apr/11 12:35 PM
This conversation reminds me of a couple of ditties about beans.
Beans, beans, the musical fruit. The more you eat the more you toot!
05/Apr/11 12:38 PM
My students delighted in this one:
Beans, beans, good for your heart. The more you eat, the more you f . . .
05/Apr/11 12:39 PM
Sharon, you need to finish the ditty:

Beans, beans, the musical fruit.
The more you eat the more you toot.
The more you toot, the better you feel,
So let's have beans for every meal.

Now, can I go to recess?
05/Apr/11 12:57 PM
Hal, I don't know the answer to your question. I have learned a lot from Heidi. TM told me that that is what he believes to be true, but until this year, he has never had twins. This year, 4 sets! The first set, both died. The second set, the freemartin died. Third set, freemartin lived. More...
05/Apr/11 1:00 PM
Our cattle certainly have a "special" odor to them, but I believe that it is as much from the solid waste as the gasseous emmissions. The odor seems to have dissapated since we opened up the milo (sorghum) field.
05/Apr/11 1:03 PM
TM and I went out this afternoon and repaired the fence, fenced off the soybean field next to the milo field. Then we had to figure out where the short was in our hot wire. The cattle seemed to enjoy their new digs. They serve as eco-friendly weed control and fertilizer.
05/Apr/11 1:07 PM
Why not? It is his rock!
Good boy, Willie
05/Apr/11 1:07 PM
It was late when we got done, so TM took me to town for a burger instead of making me cook dinner.
05/Apr/11 1:07 PM
We got a good laugh courtesy of our Aussie, No-No Bad Gus. He was out with us. The cows all of a sudden, as a group, decided that they were done with him and chased him across the field. He has been chased by one cow at a time before, but this was almost everyone. He went and sat across the field a while until they cooled down.
05/Apr/11 1:11 PM
Kate saved me from a CP!
05/Apr/11 1:11 PM
Good for you, Sarah Beth. Did you threaten TM with the promise of multiple TV dinners?
05/Apr/11 1:13 PM
Getting near the bottom of the page.
05/Apr/11 1:16 PM
Has Karen left the area?
05/Apr/11 1:17 PM
Think I'll try...
05/Apr/11 1:17 PM
... for a new page...
05/Apr/11 1:18 PM
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