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Easy Sudoku for 5/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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I don't follow AFL and don't know the rules, but I assume Dockers pushed to have the ref's decision overturned so they would be recognised as the winners then St Kilda accepted the AFL's decision even though it meant that they would then have lost the game. With my ignorance, my opinion might not More...
Mel - thanks for the explanation. Question: Who is the official timekeeper of the game, the umpire or someone where the siren is set off? Is there only one umpire? Why did others on the field also not hear the siren? My dad was a referee for both high school & college football & basketball More...
Just finished catching up with yesterday's comments. Sarah -- your heaven/hell fence joke was great!
What does 'sooking' mean -- is it something like whining?
Mamacita -- Two great books I've read lately are 'The Secret Life of Bees' (not about bees) and 'Life of Pi.' Both are unusual (especially 'Pi') but gripping.
Warren, I keep trying to post a limerick, keep getting the dreaded 'Database Error'
I am afraid we cannot use ANY word which rhymes with The Old Whaling Capitol of New England, an island off Massachusetts!
...and then there was Warren from Philly...
His idea was kinda silly.
He wanted us all to write poems
And e-mail them from our homes
All of us - Tom, Dick, Harry and Milly!
Hi Susan! Do you remember the ongoing discussion we had here once about little boys (& maybe some big ones?) who aim poorly at the toilet bowl, the problems caused by open lids, water spraying from the flushes, etc.? As a follow up from all that interesting conversation I wanted to tell you about More...
I meant to add that I agree with one of yesterday's posters who said that overturning a ref's decision paves the way for this to happen again. Refs will continue to make bad decisions and mistakes, and I wonder if match results will be contested in the future if a ref's error changes the outcome.
Janci from Dallas - I liked the Secret Life of Bees, too. Did not read Life of Pi. Am making a long list now for summer reading!

Sarah - wish I could see a picture of baby Tessa. She sounds adorable. All the regulars here know how much I love babies, even the ones who aren't my grandbabies!
There once was Jim from Jupiter,
Whose posts got stupider and stupider
Why trying to post
He asked the host
Is it my language, or am I a bit goofier?
Susan - I think it was my post you were referring to, and the gist of it was that we can put up with the bad decisions during the match, (even if they do affect the outcome), but when those bad decisions are made after the match has finished, then I hope sanity prevails and they, (umpires), realise they are not bigger than the game and admit they made a mistake.
There once was a gal from New York
Who's really a bit of a dork
Her home is a mess
And she couldn't care less,
She'd rather 'sudoku' than work!
More importantly than an AFL game, 12 yo Son #2 ran in his school cross country today - 4.5 km - with a busted toe and painful ankle, and still managed to come second in his age group. All the girls (12-18yrs) and boys (12-15 years) ran together, and he was 5th there out of about 350, not that that More...
I am working out how to submit a pic - will post when I've succeeded!
Good one, Jan!!
beehive, I definitely see where you're coming from. Would admitting he made a mistake have then given the game to St K automatically. I'll have to wait until later for your answer, as I'm off to bed.
Kathy, that's a bit scary! I remember reading once that the average office desk has 400 times More...
What about the large wet spots left by - now i wonder who - on the seats of toilets
.. sorry, he ran yesterday - it's still Thurs night to me
Susan - other way around as freo were ahead when siren went.
the bloody siren had sounded, the scores were obtained after the siren went. Are you people all completely stupid
' ' (and) Capital G to start the sentence.
That's where the comma is meant to go ie Debs'
someone else was making the point Deb's ie Deb is
knucklehead, keep with the programme, if that's possible.
Good mAen - 3:49
The two miners buried in Tasmania's collapsed Beaconsfield mine will remain trapped in their underground cage until at least the weekend.
Mr Russell, 34, and Mr Webb, 37, are eating solid food as they wait for rescuers to drill through the final 16 metres of rock, and had their best sleep yet - More...
Are we going to take up 5 more pages today debating the issue of whether the umpire should have been wearing hearing aids or not and whether he should have had them turned on during the game if he had remembered to put them in his ears???
You all keep going on about the AFL rules. It doesn't matter about last year, or the year before, the VFL (sorry AFL) are the final decision makers; after all it is 'their game'. Talk about LOL When it's going your way everythihng is fine, but when it's not, well Jasus !!! Ya can't help but More...
3:04 and you've got to love a versatile animal--part Doberman, part whisk broom. And I love the ascot, a reminder that folks should dress for dinner more often. Cheers, all!
Jo from Sydney....thank you for the update on the miners.
Sudokuland's really the best
The games put my brain to the test
But I'm drawn to the chatroom
Till it blows up, KABOOM!!!
And I really must give it a rest.
In the chatroom, the drinks start to pour
And then someone will fall on the floor
Then we laugh till we cry
As we watch as they try
To return through the revolting door!!!
It's an apostrophe, not a comma.Deb's is right, Debs' as you think is wrong.Deb is singular so the apostrophe goes after her name,not after the s.Deb's can also be short for Deb is.
Black lab -- not Doberman
Timer 00:06:08

'Oh, what a beautiful morning,Oh, what a...........'

Beautiful day today here in Derbyshire.I've been in the garden all day,it makes you glad to be alive!
I tried Garths new Sudoku,I went 'goggle-eyed'!!!

thanks TJ,point noted.that was a mistake in the original,from where i picked it and posted it w/o correction..any way sorry guys
Who was the silly bugger who said, 'lets make Friday , limerick day?' Ya gonna pay. Its bloody 1.15am and I'm trying to go to sleep and I've got there stupid bloody rhymes going round in my head. I hope this one makes you sick, you rotton sod.

Living far away from Kakadu,
Was a man who More...
Heard this as a child and always remembered it since:
There was a young bard from Japan
Whose limericks never would scan
When they said it was so
He replied 'yes, I know'
'But I always try and get just as many words into the last line as I possibly can.'
Punk dog!
Maen all
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