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Easy Sudoku for 6/January/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
n. A place where sale items are very old and the prices are very modern.
06/Jan/12 12:00 AM
06/Jan/12 12:00 AM
Morning Dave and Kayo!
Good Maen all.
Very cute, Kayo.
06/Jan/12 12:04 AM
I'm gonna go for it...
06/Jan/12 12:04 AM
06/Jan/12 12:04 AM
Good nite
06/Jan/12 12:06 AM
Gorgeous green ferns!
06/Jan/12 12:07 AM
MAY need today... partly sunny or partly cloudy?
Who knows?
06/Jan/12 12:19 AM
Kayo... I love antique shops. I nearly have to grab the steering wheel and force hubby to go into one. After we get there, I can hardly get him out. But hubby seldom buys anything - views them as museums!
06/Jan/12 12:23 AM
Hey Phantom...the holiday is over - time to get back to work!
06/Jan/12 12:43 AM
Good morning.Did some painting in my daughter's laundry yesterday and just remembered I had brought my paint brush home to clean. Seven hours wrapped in plastic but has cleaned up well. I also have some aching joints so got out the horse liniment. I can understand why they say animal use only. It More...
06/Jan/12 1:00 AM
06/Jan/12 1:30 AM
Oooh June I hope you'll better in the morning!
06/Jan/12 1:31 AM
I can understand those aches, just helped my son and his family move. What do they put in those boxes!!! I didn't lift any furniture, my son wouldn't let me help there. But I carried boxes and boxes and boxes!
06/Jan/12 1:33 AM
Anne's number?
06/Jan/12 1:34 AM
Or was it my second post??? Oh my the head's going! Well at least a cp! and I'm outa here. Got to run.
06/Jan/12 1:35 AM
06/Jan/12 1:41 AM
Good morning people of the world.
06/Jan/12 2:10 AM
National Bird Day
Bean Day
06/Jan/12 2:11 AM
It is nice that our friend has her own day.
06/Jan/12 2:11 AM
How long do we have to wait for your news from the doctor, HalT?
06/Jan/12 2:12 AM
Hello 22.
06/Jan/12 2:12 AM
My appointment is in 4 hours, 15 minutes.
06/Jan/12 2:15 AM
everyone, a bright sunny morning here. Still a little cool but supposed to get to the upper 60's today.
06/Jan/12 2:22 AM
Where is everyone???
06/Jan/12 2:23 AM
Have to go to Tulsa today, would rather be home and outside cleaning and digging when it is warm. I still have some Cannas that need dug before it gets cold. I dug the dahlias yesterday. Both these bulbs will freeze here if left in the ground.
06/Jan/12 2:27 AM
I might have a chance to get the Christmas trees down tomorrow or Saturday. Have taken all the extra decorations down, so much more fun putting all this up than taking it down.
06/Jan/12 2:30 AM
Last one, I know hubby is almost ready to go.
06/Jan/12 2:30 AM
Could you not get an earlier appointment, HalT. I am not a good waiter.
06/Jan/12 2:46 AM
everybody! We are back in the good old U.S.A. - hooray! Our flight from Buenos Aires took about 9 hours during the night last night. We arrived in Miami about 6:30 AM this morning. We are now in our car on the way to pick up Ebony (our dog). It will be a happy reunion for all of us!
06/Jan/12 2:51 AM
The great reward picture made a great hard jigsaw puzzle.
06/Jan/12 2:51 AM
Glad you're back safely, Kathy!
06/Jan/12 2:54 AM
Can anyone provide a recap of major happenings during the past 18 days? I will never have time to go back & read that many days of comments.@
06/Jan/12 2:55 AM
You've been having great success nailing #5, Vici. Congrats!!!
06/Jan/12 2:56 AM


Happy Day, Bean!
06/Jan/12 2:57 AM
Welcome home Kathy. From all of the reports we've been getting, sounds like you a Rob has a great, if a bit scary, trip.
06/Jan/12 3:01 AM
I'll leave that to someone else, Kathy. I need to get my duties out of the way so I can accompany hubby to return some shirts he got for Christmas. He gets intimidated by long lines at the return counter. Wimp.
06/Jan/12 3:02 AM
Make that 'you AND Rob.'
06/Jan/12 3:02 AM
'Bout time for a page change.
06/Jan/12 3:03 AM
Who's game?
06/Jan/12 3:04 AM
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