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Easy Sudoku for 6/January/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Wow. A rare page turn for me. Thanks Sacky!
06/Jan/15 7:35 AM
World Junior Hockey Championship. Canada versus Russia, so the age old rivalry continues. I thought we'd be meeting Sweden, but... Go Canada Go!
06/Jan/15 7:37 AM
Morning all, I have taken one giant step into the modern tech world. I have bought an Apple iMac and I can now send a doc to be printed fom my iPad . Yippee !
06/Jan/15 9:32 AM
Happy Birthday Tricia,enjoy your two day celebration. 🎂
06/Jan/15 9:34 AM
, y'all (well, almost evening here). I'll post the Rebus answers and winners tomorrow... was wayyyyyy slammed at work getting back to a routing after sporadic work weeks over the Christmas break.
06/Jan/15 9:38 AM
Roofers are here, and it sounds like they're knocking off for the night - I'm ready for a break in the knocking around. (Thank goodness I'm out of the house for a good bit of the day!) This was from the hail storm over Memorial Day 2014. We learned from the hail storm 14 years ago to take our time choosing roofers and schedule when the rush dies down. They may even be finished by Wednesday.
06/Jan/15 9:43 AM
Sue/Hal, do you normally have to pay for air for your tyres in the US?

My local service station always cleans my windows and ask if they can check my oil, water and tyres......all as part of the service at no cost to me.
06/Jan/15 9:51 AM
Holy cow, Peter! We haven't had service station attendants that would do that, for 40 years! (or offer to pump the gas, either!)

06/Jan/15 11:07 AM
Had those guys in Hawaii 15 years ago. You had a choice of driving in to full service bays or fill only.
06/Jan/15 11:22 AM
Just cost you a tip on top of fuel price.
06/Jan/15 11:22 AM
Peter, the last servo in Canberra that did all that was in Farrer, but I believe it closed.
06/Jan/15 11:24 AM
Good morning one and all!
Taking a guess at today's photo, it's very much like the Pilbara in the n/w of West. Oz where my daughter lives.
06/Jan/15 11:30 AM
Most states are self-serve, but Oregon has attendants and doesn't want you to pump your own gas. They don't automatically do all the other stuff unless you request it.
06/Jan/15 11:30 AM
I still don't/can't serve petrol myself. We have two service stations in town who still offer customer service, although they don't bother to wash windscreens anymore, or offer to check the tyres, oil, etc. I go to one of them and they are mostly served by young people.
06/Jan/15 11:33 AM
I gathered what Hal was talking about was the exorbitant price motorists pay to have their tire sensor codes diagnosed. Silverguy has a malfunctioning one, but has researched how to reset it without going to the dealer. Nothing is wrong with his tires - they're new.
06/Jan/15 11:43 AM
Still living' in the dark ages, are ya, Peter?
As /Lone said, we haven't had 'service' stations in years. A couple of states still require attendants to pump petrol, but it's really a thing of the past.
As for the air, many stations have air pumps that are available for customers. More...
06/Jan/15 11:44 AM
New Jersey also has attendants. Pumping gas was one of the first things I learned how to do because (1) it was cheaper and (2) I figured Daddy's not always going to be in the car with me!
06/Jan/15 11:44 AM
My newer sedan has the pressure sensors, my pick-up doesn't. But I've owned the pump for a long time. And I still use it on both.
06/Jan/15 11:50 AM
I thought that was the main reason women got married, S-Gal.

OK, OK! I'm kidding.
06/Jan/15 11:57 AM
Sounds like a great reason to me, HalT.
And I want one of those stations that Peter is dreaming about, too.
A simple little task, but I really dislike doing it.
06/Jan/15 12:10 PM
No dream, Karen. They fill your tank for you and when my car is to be serviced (by them) they come to my house and pick it up and deliver it back again when they are done. It is only a small servo but rarely seen without a car in the driveway.
06/Jan/15 2:04 PM
I want one of those here.
Though I do have a technique that generally works. Whenever I need gas, I take Man on a trip to town. When other services are needed, I call out, 'There is something wrong with my car.' If I do not get a response in a timely manner, I will throw in, 'You know your girls are in that vehicle.' And whatever needs to be done is done.
06/Jan/15 2:26 PM
If Sue's tire place is like mine, they do all services without charge if you bought the tires there.
06/Jan/15 3:13 PM
Our local servo has full driveway service and the cheapest petrol prices in the north of the state.
06/Jan/15 5:25 PM

Check out Anne's recent photos of France and her Antarctic trip..........Fabulous!

Well done Anne, your photos are great.
06/Jan/15 5:26 PM
Hat and sticky in the house but lovely outside, except for the mossies!
06/Jan/15 9:27 PM
Do the mossies wear hats, June?
06/Jan/15 9:35 PM
Hi Anne. Fabulous pics on your page. Antarctica would have been magic! Thanks for sharing them.
06/Jan/15 9:54 PM
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