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Easy Sudoku for 6/October/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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06/Oct/09 9:41 AM
Thank you mariane and Ian, I hadn't noticed such a thing. I guess you have to know this site quite well. Gen.
06/Oct/09 9:44 AM
jez you gave me a fright then.
06/Oct/09 9:44 AM

Who did? Why?

06/Oct/09 9:49 AM

In a group of only 23 people there’s a 50-50 chance that two of them will have the same birthday. If the group is 75, it's almost 100% (~99.9%) probability.

What does that say about the membership here?

Should there really be a dozen birthdays here every day, among the couple of thousand members?

Uh oh...

06/Oct/09 9:58 AM
1.47 (1-9) Well if that's Mini's puppy, I hate to see Maxi's!
06/Oct/09 9:58 AM
That would be an awful lot of singing for Shosho each day!
06/Oct/09 9:59 AM
Ian, I see you share my interest in probability!
06/Oct/09 10:07 AM
Am off to school - yes it is holidays! See you all or some of you, later!
06/Oct/09 10:08 AM

That's probably true, Mariane.

06/Oct/09 10:11 AM
Interesting Ian. Over the years I have had 6 friends who share my birthday. 2 of them were the same year. Anyone else had that experience?
06/Oct/09 10:14 AM

"Interesting Ian"....

Yes, I'd like to think so...

06/Oct/09 10:33 AM
I have had a flu shot for several years and have never had a bad reaction. It says you can get "sick" for a day or so but luckily has never happened to me.
06/Oct/09 11:37 AM
Twas at school with a girl whose birthday was on the same day and year.
and I was born on my mum's cousin's 45th birthday.
our Best Man( at our wedding) birthday is the same day, different year.
A girlfriend's sister is on the same day, different year...
06/Oct/09 12:13 PM
Fiona, I am about to start the third book in the Twilight series. I've been reading other books since I finished the second.
Judy, I now own the latest Outlander book. I'm keeping it for my holidays next month (or when I finish Twilight parts 3 & 4).
06/Oct/09 12:16 PM
2 U
2 U
dear Jaz & Col
2 U

It was lovely to see you both on site again. I hope you both have a wonderful year but please don't wait so long to visit again.
06/Oct/09 12:19 PM
I had never met another person who shared my birth date, regardless of year.... until I joined this site. Even the list of well known celebrities is VERY short that have an August 15th birthday. Most commonly known are Eve from So Oregon, Ben Affleck, Julia Child, and Napolean Bonaparte.
06/Oct/09 12:21 PM
Vicki, I'm about halfway through the book ... and really don't want to do anything else but read it! It's different ... but very good ... ye ken?
06/Oct/09 12:57 PM
I had a very weird experience in college involving the birthday situation. Twice, my tuition payment was credited to another girl with a birthday the exact same day and year as mine. Why? We ALSO had the same first and last names! We finally met ... and it took all of my restraint not to tell her to pay her own @#$%^&*!~ tuition!
06/Oct/09 1:05 PM
Judy, the closest I came to that was being pregnant with my firstborn. My doctor (a family practitioner, not an obstetrician) had another pregnant patient who shared my name.

did this book have pictures...?
06/Oct/09 1:53 PM
Judy, I'm looking forward to reading it but feel I must finish Twilight and return the books to my niece. I'm not sure I like the Twilight series. I think Bella is a very whingey, whiney young lady and if I was Edward I'd have just bitten her to shut her up. Am I just too old to More...
06/Oct/09 1:57 PM
GannieMo, Re: inner peace... Loved it!

06/Oct/09 2:08 PM
My sister was born four years, to the day, after me.
06/Oct/09 2:22 PM
My boss' son was born on his birthday.
06/Oct/09 2:33 PM
Hello all that are around,this site is the only place I've found someone that shares my birthday and that was someones son. Its been a lovely relaxing day took my Mum shopping then had lunch with D1 after a quick visit to D2 at work.
06/Oct/09 3:25 PM
Same thing happened to hubby, Angie. We rocked up to a clinic he is attending, and when they were checking the particulars nothing matched up!!! I am his next of kin and my name wasn't mentioned, nor were our contact details the same. Turns out there is a guy, much younger than hubby, with exactly More...
06/Oct/09 3:47 PM
to you,
to you,
dear Col!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !

06/Oct/09 4:43 PM
to you,
to you,
dear Jaz!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !

06/Oct/09 4:44 PM
Oh Tami, I'm on day two with the sore throat and runny nose! I was well all year until I got my flu shot!!!
06/Oct/09 4:45 PM
Good afternoon all.
Until recently I had never met anyone who shared my birthday (16/1) until a new neighbour moved in next door in 2007, he is only 36 though. However I have 4 friends and 1 cousin who were born on either the day before or the day after me.
06/Oct/09 5:12 PM

Well, I guess this is one way to get to 2.22

06/Oct/09 7:34 PM
Both my mum and husband shared august 3rd his mother's was 7 days earlier, my fathers was 13th his fathers 14th, my sons MinL is also that week.
Enough fir that 15 days I think.
06/Oct/09 7:40 PM
when's your birthday interesting, sensitive, new-age guy?! I wonder which star sign that corresponds to?
06/Oct/09 7:45 PM
We then move to the end of November
27th Grand daughter and a niece
Dec 1st oldest friend 93 this year hubby's best mate
7th brother
8th Daughter in laws sister
9th my sister
10th cousin
17th daughter in law, brother in law, my late grandmother

Are we mysteriously drawn More...
06/Oct/09 7:46 PM
Shosho I've been having flu shots for years now and never a sniff all winter - once with full blown flu was enough for me. I'm sure your sniffles are just a coincidence.
06/Oct/09 7:46 PM
my friend's first child and third child both share the same birth date. maybe the fact that the second was born on Hallowe'en had something to do with it.
06/Oct/09 7:48 PM
Hi Fiona, is the rain with you yet? We are getting some spotting and very cloudy.
Is this, I ask myself, because the roofers are not now arriving until 19th
There are more door and window units going in today
it is like living in a wind tunnel
06/Oct/09 7:51 PM
1:46, hi all.
06/Oct/09 7:52 PM
I was about to ask how much progress had been made Mo! It was a beautiful morning here but it's starting to cloud over. Could hardly sleep for the heat last night - this is one hot October so far.
06/Oct/09 7:54 PM
The windows are the good happening today. We had received a message yesterday to confirm the delivery of the new kitchen today, ready for the fitters who are booked for Thursday. Sure as sure the truck arrived shortly after 09.00 - and what did they deliver - the work tops. Nothing else. After More...
06/Oct/09 7:56 PM
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