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Easy Sudoku for 6/November/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Kathy, They live in Durango, which is 'only' 360 miles away, but it is through the mountains. It usually takes us about 6 hours to get there. There is some hinting that they may move here to be closer to the grandparents in the future, but Sean just started his job and I think he wants to stay with it a while.
Hey Kathy, On my way to bed but just wanted to say hi! To all who are new here, hope you enjoy as much as we. Kathy, You are one sweet lady and put me to shame...due to Kathy's reminders I'm able to congratulate the new grannie to be(Sarah-Beth) and the anniversary of Bazz and wife...hope all More...
We are holiday in Tasmania in January and plan to travel from Wynyard to Zeehan. There are two options, via West Coast Explorer or via Rosebery. Have heard one road is quite rough, especially with a caravan. Has anyone driven on it lately who can let us know? Thanks
To Cheryl, Obviously I cant answer your question from Florida! But I google earthed for Tasmania and couldn't find it...do you figure why? Where is it? (OK I am ignorant) I did get Quaker's Hill tho! Looks nice.
Thanks about my home town. Tasmania is the little island at the bottom right of Australia that kind of looks like an apple/love heart. It should come up on google earth. The Tassie's hate it when they are forgotten.
hi carol/Punta Gorda go to yahoo image search..and look for tasmania..
its wonderful..if i can get your addy i shall send the page to you right now
Cheryl - Thanks! Have a good trip!
4:07 good mAen ALL. This 'bubba' looks like he is having too much fun.
Andre, I received this'quiz' on the number of times per week that I think of eating chocolates and all I could think of was Sudoku Parties ( I think I must be losing it)
My M.I.L. was out in her garden at the retirement village yesterday afternoon watering her pot plants. She was bent over when a small parrot (peachface) landed on her back. Obviously is was clawing her trying to get a better grip and she couldn’t reach back to brush it away. She ran over to one More...
I never time myself. Being timed for something makes me nervous and takes all the fun away. I'm not that fast, because I have a mild case of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). When I fill in a square, I often validate that it is correct about 2 to 4 times before moving on.

None of that More...
My m-i-l story isn't quite as funny. She recently fell and cracked a vertebra in her neck. Many of you know she has Alzheimer's, and the neck brace she has to wear is absolutely about to do her in. I just got back from four days in Dallas with my wife, who is taking care of her in the hospital. They are having a really tough go of it.
To ap: Thanks for the offer. I typed in Tasmania, Autralia and got it beautifully. Needed the Australia. I guess that is the site of the Sydney-Hobart Race. Tasmania looks gorgeous...esp that big lake in the middle! I wanna go! Love your humor, ap, and congrats on your son's successful presentation. My son is in Boston - loves it.
jamie, that does sound like a rough patch you're having there. Your family will be in my prayers.
Jamie, that sounds tough. I remember the days when we had to constantly explain to my Uncle why a certain treatment was necessary. Exhausting.
VERY exhausting - Jeanie has to tell her about every 5 minutes she is awake that she has a broken neck and that the doctor says she has to keep the brace on.
Congrats, SARAH on the great news. Exciting.
I am off to bed - long day tomorrow getting six-weeks grades ready.
I'm trying to find a half reasonable excuse to fly across Australia on Saturday.
CP from Canberra - please look out for my neice and her baby son Taylor Joseph who was born yesterday. I think she is in your hospital. He now makes my 14th great neice/nephew. 10 girls and 4 boys now.
Go for it!! Ted S, and meet all us sandgropers
Congratulations Sarah-Beth on your great news. I bet July can't come quick enough for you.
Tricia, don't know about everyone else but I don't use possibilities. I time from when I first see the puzzle to completion.
2:22... pretty good for a Monday. Sorry Baz, have to disagree with you there. I prefer Bono over Bob Geldof.
another comments re: archives. The Vegemite discussion brought out that lots Sudokers (?!?!) are transplants to/from AU. Seems that many of us have ties between various continents . . . A nice central place to meet,
Robin from Michigan, you describe a difficult situation. Since you have seniority and especially if you have a good relationship with your supervisor, you should make your supervisor aware so the behavior can be documented, and so your supervisor is aware the problems caused are not your fault. I don't think you should try to face this alone.
It's 1:48 the morning the Hounds woke me up to go out. They are very frisky because of the weather this morning. In three more hours it will be time to go to the gym before work. Monday is gonna be a good day. Can anyone submit a picture and what is the name and address?
Robin from Michigan
I am with Keith on this one if you can go to a supervisor, discuss the situation and have it all documented would be the best way to protect yourself and your job. Surely after 7 years you will be supported by the hierachy of the business rather than a newbie to the job.
Good luck, hope it all goes well for you and the new one gets her come uppance ....
anyone can submit a picture for the puzzle just see up above the puzzle for the details.
i did it in 5 minuts flat!!!
sorry to hear about the situation you and your wife are in with your MIL's illness and her aging problems.
getting old is such a disaster once health issues arise and especially when alzheimers sets in.
thinking of you both.
Hi, Cheryl. We took the west coast road a few years ago when we were on holidays in Tassie. A lot of it was unsealed with lots of corrugations, so it depends a bit on your caravan whether it would be a sensible trip. It was worth doing, though, and not as touristy as the more travelled places. If More...
I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
Hey everyone - as if you didn't know - it's Cup day tomorrow.

The big question is....who's going to win?
I think I'll put my money on Yeats.
With the severe water restrictions in place locally, people are resorting to all sorts of alternatives to keep their gardens alive. We are not permitted to do any outside watering whatsoever, not even with buckets or watering cans. Lots of people are using their grey water, usually by running it More...
Unfortunately, there is no holiday here in Queensland for 'The Cup'. It's supposed to be the race that stops the nation. I don't think so!! I would love to watch the fashions (especially) and the race but that hasn't happened in I don't know how many years. We have platters to make tomorrow for all More...
Jamie...I feel for you and your wife so much. Alzheimers is such a cruel disease and now to have a physical injury as well is so sad.
Teddy - 'half reasonable excuse'? You'll meet people who can count to 9....also you'd have to fly out on the Friday to make the 9.30am rendezvous Saturday.

Col - welcome back darls!

Hugh - a horse will definitely win I would think.
Deb - no holiday here in Country Victoria either - just Melbourne! hrmph

But we do get a holiday for our own race day - so that's something.
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