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Easy Sudoku for 6/November/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Chilly and damp at 7am in Dalals.
06/Nov/15 12:00 AM
06/Nov/15 12:06 AM

Seems the chill has got to Wolfs fingers!!
06/Nov/15 12:35 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
06/Nov/15 12:36 AM

Not the best weather here!! Lots of thunder and lightening I can see from the office window and by the look of the road its pouring rain too.
06/Nov/15 12:40 AM
Good mean to you all from beautiful Portland, Oregon.
06/Nov/15 1:00 AM
I believe I mentioned that I had an appointment with an allergist in September. That was cancelled because of the floods we had here.
It was rescheduled for next week. (Nov 10 at 1:30 PM)
06/Nov/15 1:07 AM
I said that yesterday.
06/Nov/15 1:09 AM
06/Nov/15 1:09 AM
After several days of glorious Fall weather, we have cool, drizzly, and foggy this morning. Of course we do....I washed my car yesterday.
06/Nov/15 1:34 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: Practice makes perfect. (paperback, reptile, arduous, catnap, temperate (our self-admitted nitpicker, lonewoof, noticed the syllable discrepancy), interior, Cardiff, entourage, magnetic, aspect)

Because the weather is turning cooler, winners Joyce, Judy, More...
06/Nov/15 1:47 AM
I think they wrote that on a plate.
06/Nov/15 1:52 AM
I'm not looking at Kathy's answers because I'm still working on it.
06/Nov/15 1:53 AM
This style of teaser is to use the clues given to find two words that rhyme and fit the description. For example, 'a weird ape' would be 'a funky monkey,' or 'a wealthy Halloween gal' would be 'a rich witch.'

1. More than Nine Guys ?
2. Authentic Sea Mammal ?
3. Unsteady Ice Game ?
4. Container For The Sun ?
5. Canoe Letter ?

Answers to my ‘’rhyming’’ inbox please.
06/Nov/15 1:59 AM
Happy Thursday!
49 deg F, but sunny (and I'm comfy inside!)
06/Nov/15 2:46 AM
Good morning to all! No speaka da anglish.
06/Nov/15 2:46 AM
Well, here we are in November, and our high temperature today will be 20 C.! Unbelievable, but GREAT!
06/Nov/15 2:47 AM
Well, auto corrupt changed 'maen' to 'mean'. At least it wasn't vulgar.
06/Nov/15 3:46 AM
Auto corrupt is a good word for it ...
06/Nov/15 3:48 AM
and it did it to itself.
06/Nov/15 3:48 AM
06/Nov/15 3:48 AM
06/Nov/15 3:49 AM
from beautiful OK
06/Nov/15 5:03 AM
Thought I might as well get into the mood even thought Turkey day is 3 weeks away.
06/Nov/15 5:07 AM
Morning all, I just read it as Entry then saw the caption so had another look.😱
06/Nov/15 5:54 AM
Good morning.
06/Nov/15 6:33 AM
Grey morning today.
06/Nov/15 6:34 AM
Probably some more rain yesterday.
06/Nov/15 6:35 AM
More rain TODAY, like yesterday.
06/Nov/15 6:36 AM
a huge storm just came through, there might be more just heard the thunder.
06/Nov/15 6:37 AM
Perfect day for a nap
06/Nov/15 6:38 AM
It's good for the plants, but a pain in the butt for getting around in. I was quite damp yesterday what with little dashes to the car from a shop, and a big walk to my appointment, with umbrella. Appointment went well, another tick on recovery card.
06/Nov/15 6:39 AM
Hello Sue.
06/Nov/15 6:39 AM
Hi, CP have been doing some cleaning and found a mint tin from DC that a friend bought me. Brings back wonderful memories.
06/Nov/15 6:39 AM
That's a photo I took during our visit to Singapore a hundred years ago (well 2003 at least). It was in a pewter factory.
06/Nov/15 6:56 AM

Thanks for telling us it's your pic, Ian...and the location, etc. I always like it better when it's from a friend.
06/Nov/15 7:30 AM
Good Morning All!
06/Nov/15 7:53 AM
Good morning everyone. We're hoping for rain today, but the weatherman says thunderstorms as well. I hope it's during daylight hours, so that I don't have to sit up with scared pooch!
06/Nov/15 8:10 AM
Enjoy your day folks. The BOTP is waiting for any brave enough to take!
06/Nov/15 8:11 AM
There are photos in my gallery if you's like to know what Sue and CP are referring to. It was a fun time!
06/Nov/15 8:35 AM
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