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Easy Sudoku for 6/December/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates, it seems the site balked at changeover.
Now here's today's medical daffynition:
Anally - Occurring yearly

...and here's today's factoid:
Gail Borden, inventor of condensed milk, also coined the phrase ''Remember the Alamo''.
06/Dec/12 12:02 AM
Will need today!
Clear sky & sunny!
06/Dec/12 12:03 AM

Yes Kayo it did that to me yesterday as well.
06/Dec/12 12:09 AM
Kayo - Family legend says that Bordon's advertizing campaign using 'Elsie, the Cow' was named in honor one of my relatives. (And no - it doesn't mean my relative was a 'cow'! It was a favorite person or name thing.)
06/Dec/12 12:16 AM
Is it an old picture or was someone playing with the color?
06/Dec/12 12:17 AM
G'night folks.
06/Dec/12 12:17 AM
Hard to say, Serena, but since it looks like it has a date stamp on the bottom corner...
Then again - We've taken photos of old photos.
06/Dec/12 12:26 AM
Cool factoid, Kayo!...and added facts, Shiela!
Good Maen all!
06/Dec/12 12:26 AM
Fast puzzle! ('Fast' for me, anyway!)
06/Dec/12 12:31 AM
Hi all.
06/Dec/12 12:31 AM
Gail Bordon was a guy, by the way.
06/Dec/12 12:34 AM
06/Dec/12 12:35 AM
Hmmm Queen Anne isn't around. . .
This one's for you, Anne!
06/Dec/12 12:36 AM
Serena took Vici's number and Vici takes mine and I take Anne's. Wonder who'll take Keith's???
06/Dec/12 12:37 AM
Thank you Mr Cee for your wishes on my birthday on my page. Its been long time since I interacted on this site. Time flies but i still see familiar names and thats like home-coming. Good maEn to everyone.
06/Dec/12 12:37 AM
Going out for a run now. See you later!
06/Dec/12 12:37 AM
Kieth is around. He might take his own.
06/Dec/12 12:38 AM
Thought I'd take a CP, too . Oh well.
06/Dec/12 12:38 AM
shosho,see what you can get away with on your birthday.

06/Dec/12 12:41 AM
Looks to me like a modern picture that has been antiqued. Also, the ute looks too skinny, like it's a rectangular picture that wasn't squared, so got squished sideways.
06/Dec/12 12:41 AM
Wow. What a jump.
06/Dec/12 12:42 AM
06/Dec/12 12:42 AM
Serena guessed it.
Jaspal. It has been a long time. Nice to see you give us a visit.
06/Dec/12 12:45 AM
Good job, Keith!
06/Dec/12 12:45 AM
Waiting for kids to come in early for help!
06/Dec/12 12:46 AM
I must have driven everybody off! I tutored and drove to my second school, and there is still nobody here?!
06/Dec/12 1:53 AM
Keith grabbed his number and ran, shosho just went running, and Serena got bored I guess.
Where is Karen?
06/Dec/12 1:54 AM
One more for a CP and I need to get ready for my Algebra 2 class. tata
06/Dec/12 1:54 AM
I didn't get bored. The children got needy.
06/Dec/12 2:05 AM
Good morning people of the world.
06/Dec/12 2:12 AM
Bathtub Party Day
Walter Disney's Birthday
06/Dec/12 2:14 AM
Since, having my little darlings, I thought, everyday was a bathtub party.
06/Dec/12 2:15 AM

Firstly.....Of course I noticed the faux pas you made with your ''kelpie'' answer yesterday, Hal. I was just way too kind to point it out. I figured you'd probably gone a tad over your beer limit.
06/Dec/12 2:15 AM

According to the American Beverage Association, the number of aluminum cans recycled in the US each year could provide enough aluminum to rebuild the country's entire commercial airline fleet — twice. I think I have provided enough cans for at least one of those planes!

06/Dec/12 2:17 AM
And I am here, around my normal time. 9 AM, take a break. Sesame Street is on, which gives me almost 45 minutes of no demands. But as I was typing that statement, the Demander comes running in and says her baby is crying. I am guessing that is my fault.
06/Dec/12 2:17 AM
Me, too, Daplap.
06/Dec/12 2:18 AM
I miss having Sesame Strret too fall back on. It was a guaranteed break in the day.
06/Dec/12 2:20 AM
Strret = Street
06/Dec/12 2:20 AM
Karen, I'm giving you time to take care of the 'crying' baby so you can have bottom and top. Just not sure how much time I'll give you.
06/Dec/12 2:22 AM
Secondly....The answers to yesterday's poozle: 1. staircase 2. suitcase 3. cold case 4. basket case

Speaking of suitcases....winners, Keith, Captain J, Greg, Peter (who added ''headcases'', but gave no names), Serena, and Aileen (who is still ''mulling'' over #4, but TRIED!) are invited to More...
06/Dec/12 2:22 AM
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