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Easy Sudoku for 6/February/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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My worst thoughts will never happen because of my love for Barbara. I will acknowledge if single who knows. Thinking and doing are often not related. Kathy you are like an open book with a heart on every page, I can not wait to meet you. I guess John Travolta is not the only angel on earth. Barb is More...
Kathy & nan, this a.m. my husband woke up to me grabbing at him (not in a $exual way) during a very realistic dream. one of my students (been with me 3 years; would be 4 but spent one in another school in a Behavior Disorder class) was biting my (bra)and i was trying to grab his hair to pull him away from me (in my dream)...
Kathy/nan, cont'd: in REAL life, this past week he damaged his special Lang. Arts notebook (Spalding lessons). I brought his and 3 other students' books to my (terrific) principal so he could see what could have/should have been. Sitting talking to my student about being smart and capable, and spending effort in doing work rather than NOT doing work, my student leans toward the principal....
...and says, 'you keep saying i'm so smart. well, if i'm so smart, why do i have to learn anything?' then, 'i know what you want. You want me to do my work......well, you don't always get what you want!' this is a 4th grader. I serve on the school building level committee for our whole K-12 school, troubleshooting with students, teachers and parents...
To Deb from Brisbane,
Fernlands is just a housing estate at Ferny Hills -not too far from you. The house we were partying at nearly backs on to the Warner tavern. The party was made up of striking Train crew -even though they were back at work. Lots of laughs and a few drinks. A good time had by all.
Half time at the Super Bowl - time to check in here. Norma, what a scary dream - your poor husband must have had quite a wake up! I admire you for teaching the difficult students you must deal with on a daily basis. Have you always taught special needs children?
Barb And I are overwhelmed by all the loving thoughts and concerns from Kathy, Eden, bluey, Norma, Deb, Gloria, mwproto, Karen, Shepard, Mary, Suzy, Susan, Dave, and anyone I misssed or had such thoughts but did not comment. I must admit it is hard to be depressed watching The Rolling Stones, especialy Keith Richards.
...(a think tank of different areas of expertise) coming up with ideas to modify, accommodate, or design study techniques so students can succeed. I have truly tried everything i know, and everything that has been recommended by others. i'm spent, exhausted, and ashamed that i just can't get this one.
To Ed: have you prayed for this person that you describe as evil? It is a concept that can be hard to come to terms with, praying for blessings upon someone that causes you pain, but, for someone to be able to cause so much hurt, they must have some issues that are so deep that they have caused More...
Kathy, i taught at a special school in the early 80s for 'trainable' mentally handicapped, then taught 3 wonderful years with preschool handicapped. Resigned to stay home with John Brent,4 and Melani newborn for a year. Found I loved teaching more than realized, went back. Taught K-12 resource (abc's one lesson, advanced math next--interesting!) As the school grew, we
2.51 - Angry Ant....where are you today??? You're usually on before me.
To Norma: Thankyou for your comment i usually leave my beliefs out of online forums/chat. Religion and politics cause too many fights.
I will keep you and Barbara in my thoughts and I hope your troubles will all be resolved soon ♥♥
Wow Norma, he is a smart cookie. Too bad he isn't getting the right guidance at home. I'm guessing the parents are no help because he's either extremely smart or he's heard some of this stuff there. If I were you I would think about the kids you have helped (and I'm sure there are many of them), More...
The only thing left is to ensure he doesn't ruin other kids chances of getting the education they want and need.
were able to get 2 more Sp.Ed. teachers/classes, and i am now with the K thru 5th grade. I do love it, I just get overwhelmed at the responsibility being these children's main source of most of their Language Arts and math instruction. I have 2 wonderful aides with me in my classroom, both with More...
Dear Ed, I am no angel, believe me. I try to be a good person, but I have many failings. It is very hard for anyone to see someone they love suffering & not be able to make them feel better. My husband went through a severe depression after his father committed suicide four years ago. It was a More...
You must be an amazing person to care so much for him!
My 4 month old son loves to play with the keyboard this is what he typed: Szwet 6gw ur r t 5t n n nh b yy gb t gr bfgvb g6tb u7i kg gb tbgv t b n hu 78 bc cbfb v g 7y n65 6 bb nn 6 7yg rf wb trf b cf b 5gt cv e
I think loosely translated it says i am tired i want to go to bed.
2:31 - on fire. Here I am Ree P! On to medium.
Suzy, thanks, it's true. Y'know what haunts me when i want to give up on him? the story of the shepherd that left the 99 to save the 1. it truly haunts me.
Norma, how many children do you usually have in your classes? Your background & accomplishments are amazing to me. Suzy offers good advice about trying to focus on your many successes, not this rare failure to help one particular child. Don't be too hard on yourself. Thank God for wonderful people like you who have the patience & desire to work with the most difficult students.
suzy---not true about me being amazing.......i type slowly when i'm emotional
what is true is not letting him interfere with the OTHERS' education.
you know what i am? I am a child who was picked on at school, reared by the most wonderful gentle example-setting father i've ever known of, and an alchoholic mother who beat her children. School was my haven, and it still is.
To Eden - very cute comment by your 4 month old!! Bet he is a cutie. Oh how I love babies! Does he have grandmas who live nearby & get to come cuddle him? Give him a kiss for me. Hope he has sweet dreams!
To Kathy: He is beautiful, if boys can be beautiful. He is placid, laid back and very happy. even when he has a sore tummy he finds a way to laugh through his tears. one Grandma is 20 minutes away the other an hour. i have posted a picture of him on the site but as yet have not seen it. And he must have sweet dreams because i watch him sometimes and he smiles during his sleep....
Hey, while i was 'drama-mama-ing' Pittsburg took the lead!. I had to walk away to reset my buttons. My glass is half full again (proverbial glass/NOT half empty)
Is the liam in the picture archives lisa's liam who just had a birthday?
Go Seahawks!! WE WERE ROBBED with that first Steelers TD. What a joke. Steelers are gonna choke in the last quarter.
You are an earth angel, they are not perfect just close.
If we were able we would love to meet you, I belive you would be able to help me have the faith to do as you suggest. I know the hater suffers more than the hated. Barb and I have always wished him well. If I More...
Hi everyone

How is all haven't been on here for a while
That dog is so cute. 4.13
Good maEn to everyone. 4th quarter, the Seahawks are 4 points behind. 11 minutes remaining...
Norma & Kathy,
What a source of inspiration both of you are. I am not this way to this degree often, when I got up this morning for some reason I felt crushed, helpless and overwhelmed. Your love is powerful.
Lisa's Liam was born in October so he's less than 4 months old. If you go to the easy photo gallery Gath has written a comment on his photo. I think it says 'Liam makes his debut'
To Ed: I think i would need more help becoming a better person. I am not even asked to sing up the front at church anymore. No longer a youth pastor either. I guess i am lucky that Grace abounds however good, bad or inbetween you are.
Thankyou, I should have read more carefully
Good joke anyhow.
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