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Easy Sudoku for 6/February/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning
06/Feb/08 12:00 AM
Good day Broni and all you sudoku players. Gonna snow here today.
06/Feb/08 12:01 AM
Good morning all! Hello June! Raining and chlly here, it should be snow! Hope everyone has a great day!
06/Feb/08 12:02 AM
Good morning Denny!
06/Feb/08 12:02 AM
Good Morning June, Denny and Stella
06/Feb/08 12:06 AM
1:51 Good evening all. How peaceful, but did he/she wake up crying for it's tea in the middle of the night.
06/Feb/08 12:10 AM
Hi Stella and June and Broni, I wonder what that baby was eating

Look at my widget if you have time. Gath added that feature to our home page.
06/Feb/08 12:11 AM
I hope you all have a great day/night where ever you may be in this wonderful world of ours.
06/Feb/08 12:11 AM
Well Broni, Its about time you posted!
to SM status!
06/Feb/08 12:12 AM
Good Morning June, Denny, Stella and Broni and everyone else around the world!

This is a precious picture!

We have a very foggy morning here today. It rained over the night and melted a lot of our snow, but I think more is on the way.

Have a great day/evening where ever you are.
06/Feb/08 12:12 AM
Gudday all
06/Feb/08 12:13 AM
Good morning Denny, Stella, Broni and Anne.

Babies are always lovely when they are asleep!

Sue/OK ans Kate/Sydney have certainly dominated the photos today on the other pages.
06/Feb/08 12:13 AM
Hi Anne,

Does anyone know what a Cane Toad is?
06/Feb/08 12:14 AM
Angie, Debby and Ray you all surfaced while I was posting so I extend my greeting to you as well.
06/Feb/08 12:15 AM
Denny, you know $loody well what it is, dare you to come to our get together here in Brissy!
06/Feb/08 12:18 AM
Finished the puzzle just in time to head upstairs to my morning duty! It is supposed to be almost 80 in this part of Texas today - late spring weather. Yuck. And muggy.
06/Feb/08 12:22 AM
Yes Denny. Cane toads are dirty, brown-green toads that live in sugar cane paddocks. They are exceeding big and ugly and make noisy loud croaks. They are found on North Queensland roads, and if you run over one it makes a lous 'POP' and goes quite flat.
06/Feb/08 12:26 AM
Evening all - 1.37 - who's a little angel?
06/Feb/08 12:26 AM
06/Feb/08 12:27 AM
Baby-food must be very boring
06/Feb/08 12:28 AM
We ran over a few the other night, Rayray. They popped alright. Hideous creatures - and not even native to Australia.
06/Feb/08 12:30 AM
Er, I'm talking about cane toads - not babies - you realise.
06/Feb/08 12:31 AM
June - Thank you, and I extend mine to you also!
Have a great evening.
06/Feb/08 12:31 AM
I made it on the first page...good morning all. Nice to see you and now you're off to bed while my day is just beginning. See you in the morning and have a good
06/Feb/08 12:31 AM
LOL CynB !!
06/Feb/08 12:33 AM
Where did they come from, CynB? I mean the cane toads not babies - the latter are brought by storks
06/Feb/08 12:34 AM
Thanks RayRay, sound like some of the roadkill we get around here. I'm going to finish my coffee and relax
06/Feb/08 12:36 AM
Hello Denny, did you ever see the video clip of Baz, the cane toad. It is brilliant!
06/Feb/08 12:36 AM
Rayray - Introduced into Australia from Hawaii to combat the cane beetle in our canefields in N, Qld. Over the years they have spread from the canefields across Qld and despite the efforts of the other states to keep them out, they spread further afield every year. I can remember them in Brissie even when I was a child in the 50's.
06/Feb/08 12:42 AM
Foe those who would not harm an animal no matter how ugly and useless they are - do not read on -
when we were kids and even later when my children were kids in the 70's, we used to go on toad hunts at dusk in summer (led by the boys in our group). We'd usually get a large haul and they would More...
06/Feb/08 12:48 AM
"foe" = "for"
06/Feb/08 12:49 AM
06/Feb/08 12:58 AM
2:30 Hi to all. What a sweet little one in the photograph.

Thought for the Day:

There is no personal charm so great as the charm of a cheerful temperament.
06/Feb/08 1:01 AM
Night all - time for bed for me.
06/Feb/08 1:09 AM
Good night CynB!
06/Feb/08 1:11 AM
When will we ever learn that importing a "fix" for a problem usually creates a worse problem! (I hate to say "I toad you so", but I will) HEHEHEHEHEHE
06/Feb/08 1:17 AM
Good night, Aussie friends - and Good morning fellow countrymen/women!
06/Feb/08 1:19 AM
We had big lightening storm last night. That's unusual here in the middle of winter.
Today is "Fat Tuesday" or Mardi Gras on this side of the world. I celebrate by eating lemon Paczki and wearing dozens of beads all day. Would love to get them "the old fashioned way" in New Orleans sometime but this will have to do for now in Michigan!
06/Feb/08 1:20 AM
We shall celebrate Shrove Tuesday tonight with pancakes with fresh lemon juice and sugar
06/Feb/08 1:25 AM
This is my new smiley courtesy of Susan
06/Feb/08 1:26 AM
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