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Easy Sudoku for 6/March/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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...man could be that dumb!
Hi sweet rascal nice to see you posting again hope your daughter and yourself are doing well.
Just checked the chatroom and they are al there
giving out about me ..and this is not me. But I am fair game for the fame. Me and my awful dog and kids...the wife left ages ago. who could blame her. Baz are we an item or what!!!
Billy from perth just keep the heat over your way as we have had enough this summer, but understand you are only getting your beach weather now.
whoever is hogging all the rain please send it this way!
3:46 - a little slow for a Monday. Hope everyone had a great weekend!
OMG a soul mate. Lets kneel and pray Puppy. I usually puke in the morning n get it over with ...when St.kathie from FL comes on savin the world. I think they will suspect that this is not Baz n Baz is a bit set in his ways..an old geeser. are u young puppy..n lookin for luv. You've come to the rite (oh! right) place!! \i am all yours
Hey! It was fun here once. I never posted but I enjoyed. Now it is Hilarious (watch spelling) you just confuse people.
can i ask how do you put the #'s on the right side of KAKURO

Pretty easy puzzle.

Representing T.O (the best city in the world)

Toronto Maple Leafs Rule!!!!!!!

I need some help! Son #2 is doing an assignment on the Italian impact on the Australian identity and combed the internet looking to find out any suburbs dominated by Italians. He couldn't find any, but I'm sure that someone on this site can tell me. If there are any Italian festivals held, I'd love the names of them too.
hey all you sudoku lovers leave me a comment i love ta hear from yall'
dude Susan you are in way over your head with this Italian stuff i have no idea what you are talking bout....
Who are all these people today?
God knows Susan. I think I will leave until they all go away!
how the heck are yall able to solve these puzzles so quickly??!! i just started getting addicted a few days ago and my fastest was 9 min 41 seconds!! the first time i played it...took me 24 min and some change :(
Hi everyone! to the person who is afraid to leave their name! lot of us orginal players are still here, we just rather talk in the chatroom as it is easier. So do not give Kathy a hard time, you should get to know her, she is a lovely person. And how many Bazzes can a Baz bear??
You dont get rid of me that easy..goin 2 bed now..bored

Welcome Sadie and May. A few more voices from Boston will liven things up here. Try the chatroom.
U r not such a wizz kid boyoooooo. I know more about the internet than u..n u couldnt gtr rid of me . Spelling there should give u a hint...but BB I will be gone in the Morn
re: Toilet issue! I was complaining to my dad (architect) about the fact that women had to wait in line at theatres. he said that architects/ engineers had to provide the same number of facilities to males and females in the toilets.
Did you know that i never knew that WA's weather affected More...
Hi Susan/Ingham
Try this site. Had a brief glance maybe helpful G
Web-and-Flow WebQuest: What does it mean to be Australian?In what ways do Italians share their culture with the residents of Ingham? Australian Italian Festival; This is a site about two successful Aussies of ...
www.beenleigss.qld.edu.au/ webquest/actualquest/actualquest.htm - 39k - Cached - Similar pages
guess who gath looser
I meant google it. Cheers G
Ooh wow, Baz, you talked to me. I thought I must have been one of the boring ones that you referred to. You made my day. Just for you, here's a joke. I think you'll like this one - abbreviated version. Man and woman comtemplating marriage discussed their feelings about things like money, children More...
But how can we b sure xx
3.46 - Angry Ant - same time
Susan, Consider your day wrecked!
Leave Kathie alone. She needs us or we wooden b here. Its the spellin ..thats how you know its not me or it is me
Thanks G - Geoff? Gath? I can't get into that site, only the school's home page. I do know about Ingham's Australian Italian Festival since I live in Ingham - it's more city info. I need. Your help of course is appreciated, and I will keep trying to get in.
4:00 Neat, That's neat. Pic is pleasant to the eye I must say.
Sorry Susan wasn't signed in before; hope info helps no 2.
Onto 'medium'
Thanks for nothing Baz. Now you've made me cry.
oh stop it Gath I am more clever than u Nightie night now. Workin it out is easy. gals..cos there are no guys..Except K from Fl and Ed from n Marie from and poor ould Yvette
Bye Bye you will miss me. Gath xx and tks. for all the fun 2nite. U are so sad to be spendin time delitin me cos I will g back 2 morrow
We have an Italian festival in Seattle every year at the Seattle Center. I think it is around September. There is also 'little Italy' in New York (Manhattan). Suburbs that are mostly Italian, hmmm. My husband went to school in Massapequa, New York and it was mostly Italians and Jews. They even nicknamed it 'Matzoh-Pizza'!
Billy From Perth; glad you liked it. . . I think it will sink in as they get older.
All I gota do is google it!!!! :ove Baz
to Susan from Ingham - you sure are privileged receiving a comment from Baz (whether the real one or pretender). I made three comments to him the other day & got totally ignored directly, only answered through his comments to other people. You must be a chosen one!
Thanks Suzanne, I always love to learn new things, but I should have been clearer in that the assignment is only about Italians in Australia only. My apologies!
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