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Easy Sudoku for 6/March/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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06/Mar/13 9:18 AM
I'd off to hunt a vacuum cleaner, but I'd rather hunt a goshawk!
06/Mar/13 9:19 AM
It's a grimace Sacky. (That one is too.) Sigh.
06/Mar/13 9:45 AM
I should have put a after the 'sigh,' Sacky.
06/Mar/13 11:29 AM
Hi Sacky,
I know JUST how you feel about housework. If there is anything else needs doing viz mowing the ''lawn'' or other major garden task, it will get priority. I always come up with the excuse - It can be done after the sun goes down. And by then all energy has been used up and the job gets More...
06/Mar/13 12:15 PM
Hi Ykm, you're my kind of gal. I have got about 1/2 way through house work - but still have the vaccying and bathroom to do! I'm definitely an outside person.
06/Mar/13 12:24 PM
Just got sidetracked (again) and have discovered the Lady in the Snow apples are ripe. The green rosellas have been attacking them for awhile and I noticed the first grey Currawong this morning. Photo ops and fruit damage about to begin!
06/Mar/13 12:27 PM
I was having trouble posting this morning, trying again.
06/Mar/13 12:36 PM
You got it this tie Amelia
06/Mar/13 12:38 PM
At last and 'Good Afternoon' hopefully my day will improve from here on .
06/Mar/13 12:41 PM
2:07 Good morning one and all!

Went for a walk this morning instead of waiting until later in the day as it's still a bit too warm then, although I still do it.
06/Mar/13 1:07 PM
I've been trying to 'spring' clean my house and clean out some old clothes. Just got a machine load in now as I didn't want to take them to a second-hand shop unless they were freshly cleaned.
06/Mar/13 1:09 PM
Fair enough, Anne. I'm trying to reduce the clutter, after basic housework, so it is a very slow process! I am half way through the vacuuming and have managed to water the pumpkins since I was last here.
06/Mar/13 1:20 PM
It sure is a slow process, Sacky. Well, for me anyway. Just cleaned the bathroom and then will get back to the clothes sorting. I've never been one to have an over abundance of clothes but I'm also not one to throw or give them away either, so they just mount up.
06/Mar/13 1:36 PM
I give them away twice a year, when I sort through seasonal needs. Hubby is really good at sorting and organising stuff, but its hard to pin him down. Unlike me, he hates being side tracked.
06/Mar/13 1:48 PM
It's hot and dry here. We're heading towards 32 today and its not really going to change much before next Tuesday at the earliest. Have you ad any rain, Anne, that you can send our way?
06/Mar/13 1:50 PM
Sacky, we've got a bit to spare in Queensland so I'd love to send you some. I think it's rained every day since the Australia day long weekend.
06/Mar/13 2:09 PM
Rain, what's that??? A very slight drizzle if you could call it that, and that's about all. And not that very often, either. Most people around here have let their lawns go rather than waste a lot of water, me included, but I do hand water my plants every couple of days.
06/Mar/13 2:12 PM
Yeah. That's amazing, Victoria. You've got it too wet and I can't remember a hotter and drier year here. We can't sell our cattle, because everyone else are selling theirs. This has dropped the prices so much that its almost giving the cattle away. You won't see lower prices in the supermarkets though.
06/Mar/13 2:16 PM
06/Mar/13 2:18 PM
We are feeding our cattle hay at the moment. Normally they wouldn't eat it this time of the year, but they are hungry! Anne, I am using a lot of water on the garden, because we have made a large investment in plants and we can't afford to lose them! It's a no win situation and costing heaps to keep them alive.
06/Mar/13 2:20 PM
The lawns get none! Now to move the water and tackle the bathroom.
Good afternoon Jim, you sneaked in there for the century!
06/Mar/13 2:22 PM
Afternoon all. Sue, do you have a book nook?
Oh I see it is HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Aux57.
We used to have a chat now and then many many moons ago.
06/Mar/13 2:24 PM
Well must go wash out my hair now.
Put a nice new colour in it called Rosewood Violet.
06/Mar/13 2:28 PM
Awake again. Don't have to work tonight so that'll do sleep-wise. I'm delaying putting the washing out here. No particular reason, just can find more fun things to do. It's lovely outside - I will get out there eventually!
06/Mar/13 2:56 PM
Does anyone know how long before photos would show up on this site once you have submitted them?
06/Mar/13 2:57 PM
VV yes I have had a Nook Tablet for almost 2 years. I really love it not only do I read but I have a few games. Another good thing is if there is internet I can go on line. When I travel I only take it not a computer. I bought the daughter one for Christmas, she loves hers also.
06/Mar/13 2:58 PM
VV, I had a photo on the jigsaws show up today that I submitted in January of 2010
06/Mar/13 3:00 PM
Good night all.
06/Mar/13 3:05 PM
I still have over 100 pictures that have never been shown, I submitted in 2010. Usually pictures to Easy take longer as more are submitted to it.
06/Mar/13 3:11 PM
I had a few photos come up last year, that I put on last year, but I haven't had any come up for ages.
06/Mar/13 3:13 PM
Day 2 of distruction finished, the bath has been completely gutted. Tomorrow starts the rebuild with new plumbing being put in.
06/Mar/13 3:17 PM
Early morning tomorrow.
06/Mar/13 3:18 PM
60th wedding anniversary surprise.

06/Mar/13 3:35 PM
Oh dear do not think I will bother submitting any pics then lol
06/Mar/13 3:47 PM
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06/Mar/13 3:47 PM
Oh Sue, very interesting about your book nook.
I was thinking the old fashioned type of book nook, like an alcove lol
06/Mar/13 3:48 PM
Sue, so like a kindle reader then??
06/Mar/13 3:48 PM
I don't have any electronic device to read books. Just the old fashioned way here. Like in bed before lights out lol
06/Mar/13 3:49 PM
Then I borrow to many books from the library and have to renew them as I do not get around to reading them all :(
06/Mar/13 3:49 PM
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